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Good evening. It’s Tuesday, September 14th, and we’re shining a light on blindspots from across the political spectrum.

We’re looking at murder rates of environmental activists, the security risks of accepting Afghan refugees, tax evasion by the 1%, the use of social media by LAPD, and how different outlets are covering a report that a U.S. drone strike in Kabul may have mistakenly targeted a U.S. aid worker.

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Record number of environmental activists murdered
Global Witness says 227 environmental activists were killed last year. More than half occurred in just three countries: Colombia, Mexico and the Philippines. Indigenous communities, which make up only about 5% of the world's population, bore the brunt of the violence. In some places, protest has been stigmatized or criminalized, the group says.
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Distribution of 16 sources
Left 44% Center 50% 6
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Entire police department resigns in Missouri
An entire Missouri police department, including the police chief and his officers, resigned leaving the city of Kimberling without immediate authority. Citing problems like an inadequate pay rate and not having the right tools to do the job, the department has local leaders struggling to find replacements. Some of the Kimberling City Police Officers left to join the Branson West Police Department.
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Distribution of 14 sources
7 14% Right 79%
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The top 1 percent are evading $163 billion a year in taxes, the Treasury finds
The wealthiest 1% of US taxpayers are responsible for an estimated $163bn in unpaid tax each year. The Biden administration proposes closing the tax gap by empowering the Internal Revenue Service to more aggressively pursue unpaid taxes. Republicans in Congress and lobbyists for business are united in opposition to the proposal to beef up tax enforcement.
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Distribution of 26 sources
Left 58% Center 30% 12%

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44 Afghan evacuees flagged by US as possible security threats
The Department of Homeland Security flagged 44 Afghan evacuees as potential national security risks during the past two weeks. The lists show 13 Afghans remain in U.S. Customs and Border Protection custody awaiting additional screening and review procedures. The Biden administration said this week it expects to resettle 95,000 Afghans in the United States.
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Distribution of 11 sources
9 18% Right 73%
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LAPD directed to monitor social media information of every civilian they interview
LAPD officers are instructed to record a civilian’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media accounts, alongside basic biographical information. An internal memo further shows that the police chief, Michel Moore, told employees that it was critical to collect the data for use in “investigations, arrests, and prosecutions”
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Left 82% 9 9

Poll of the Week
Should local police be encouraged to monitor the social media of people they stop and interview?
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Lawmakers pass bill to make California the 1st state to outlaw ‘stealthing,’ or nonconsensual condom removal
Legislators sent Gov. Gavin Newsom a bill on Tuesday adding the act to the state’s civil definition of sexual battery. It makes it illegal to remove the condom without obtaining verbal consent. The bill would amend the civil code so that a victim could sue the perpetrator for damages.
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Distribution of 12 sources
Left 58% Center 34% 8

Highlighting discrepancies between the reporting on stories across different news outlets.

This week's story

Report: Evidence suggests car hit by U.S. drone strike in Kabul wasn’t carrying bombs

What do the different news outlets focus on when reporting on this story?

The Independent • LEFT
Man killed by US drone strike in Kabul may have been aid worker targeted in error
The Guardian • LEFT
US drone strike mistakenly targeted Afghan aid worker, investigation finds
New York Times • LEFT
Times Investigation: In U.S. Drone Strike, Evidence Suggests No ISIS Bomb
The Daily Wire • RIGHT
BREAKING: Target In Kabul Drone Strike Was Aid Worker, No Ties To ISIS Or Secondary Explosion, NYT Reports
The Blaze • RIGHT
Drone strike ordered by Biden's Pentagon mistakenly targeted innocent aid worker, killing 10 Afghan civilians, including 7 children: report
New York Post • RIGHT
Biden droned the wrong guy, innocent aid worker killed in Kabul strike: NYT

Poll of the Week
Should the U.S. continue drone strikes in Afghanistan?
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Poll Results from Last Week
Should Facebook take action to discourage misinformation on their site?
Should local governments use cash payments as an incentive to reduce gun violence?

The weekly blindspot report from Ground News puts a spotlight on news that publications from one side of the political spectrum or the other had little to no reporting on.

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