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What is the difference between Milk kefir and yogurt?

I get asked this a lot in the workshops I run.  Both Yogurt and milk kefir are great foods to consume but the big difference comes from the fact that yogurt is “left turning” and Kefir is “right turning” 
This means that kefir, once inside you lives and grows a colony of good bacteria and can become so strong and dominant that even antibiotics cannot kill all of it.  Yogurt is food for the bacteria and will only last around 24 hours.
For the human body, only the right-turning is natural and physiologically correct. Left-turning is a foreign substance for the human organism. It does not contain the necessary enzymes for proper utilization by the body.

Milk Kefir is known to have a great many health benefits
If cared for properly milk kefir grains can last a lifetime and longer
Other advantages of kefir over yogurt
  • You can use raw or un-homogenized milk with more beneficial bacteria vitamins and minerals. 
  • For yogurt you need to preheat the milk killing off a lot of the good stuff.
  • The milk kefir cultures can live for ever if you look after them and saving you a fortune.
  • Most yogurt cultures need to be re-purchased making it more expensive.
  • Smaller curds in kefir mean that is far more digestible for most people.
  • Most of the lactose has been eaten during fermentation (only 1% or less of sugar in kefir but 4% in yogurt) too meaning even those with lactose intolerance can often tolerate kefir.
  • Kefir grains do not have to be activated they are ready for action straight away. They grow naturally from lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, casein and a fibrous carbohydrate gum called kefiran. All they need is milk to get them working hard.
  • Milk Kefir is far higher in Probiotics than yogurt. Milk kefir can contain anywhere between 30 -60 beneficial strain of bacteria.  Yogurt has around 3 – 7. 
  • Kefir can prevent illness and heal many diseases. Kefir helps to re-establishes a healthy intestinal flora.  This is why it is so useful in helping many gastrointestinal disorders. It also acts as natural antibiotic.  Studies have shown that the whey in kefir can neutralize most pathogenic bacteria within days.  Studies have also shown that is can be of great help when dealing with eczema, psoriasis, gout, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, Chron’s, IBS and can really help with bot constipation and diarrhoea.  It also aids weight loss by detoxing the body
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Click here to watch our video on how to make milk kefir
Why second fermenting milk kefir?
Some people do not enjoy the sour taste of milk kefir so doing a second ferment remove some of the sourness while also supercharging the nutrient value of your kefir especially increasing the B vitamins.  You can use just about any fruit but I enjoy adding orange or lemon peel or vanilla pods. Frozen berries or small mango pieces are also delicious.  You can also go the savoury route and second ferment with garlic, Mint, or chives
After adding your flavouring to your fermented kefir leave it for a further 12 – 24 hours on your benchtop depending how warm your kitchen is.  Fish out the peel then keep in the fridge and consume within 7 days. Delicious!
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