De Amaliastraat leeft! is a publication by Initiatives of Change Nederland in which we create awareness about our activities. Do they appeal to you? Come join us at de Amaliastraat, you are very welcome.
Initiatives of Change

De Amaliastraat leeft!

Dear <<Voornaam>>, you are cordially invited to attend:

PEACE is a choice:

'An African Answer' to violence

Imam Muhammad Ashafa and pastor James Wuye of Nigeria are invited to mediate in the worst-affected district of West-Kenya following disputed elections at the end of 2007. This film is about their peace building work in bringing together two ethnic groups, the Kikuyus and Kalenjins (watch the trailer). (read more)

What: Screening and discussion
When: 16 May
Start: 20.00h (doors open from 19.30h)

Will you come?


Do you have an idea for an (English) activitity (at Amaliastraat 10)? Reply to this email or call us at +31 (0)70-364 3591, then we can figure out what needs to be done to get it organised. Thanks!

Festive Season Ending

Date: 20 June
Start: 18.00h

Celebrate life! Join us in remembering the wonderful things in life: IofC, Caux... and that June 21 is midsummer night. Wander in on this wonderful evening
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