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Newsletter No. 21
February 2015

The Helpdesk is Back!

It’s a new year and it’s a new start to the China IPR SME Helpdesk! We are busy organising training events across Europe and China for the year, creating new guides and learning materials, as well as podcasts with tips and tricks for EU SMEs.

This Newsletter includes info on the library of resources that are available to access for free, to help your business in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao. Click on our content below to read more about our case study on EU SME Vogmask, as well as our free resources and services that can help your business in the region.

In China:
13.03 – Bencham Seminar Series – R&D - BJ
19-20.03 – MICAM Trade Fair - SH
26.03 – CIPPE trade fair - BJ
27.03 – Strategy for Protecting Designs in China - BJ
9.04 - Strategy for Protecting Designs in China – SH
10.04 – Serious Game Session for Arnhem Business School – BJ

In Europe:

25.03 - Markets in India and China: Opportunities and Challenges - Romania

How to Find an IP Agent
How to Search for Basic Chinese Company Information
IP for the ICT Industry

Utility Models in China

Blog post:
Alibaba - who is responsible for keeping out the counterfeits?

The IPR Landscape in China
Helpdesk Case Study - How to work with the China IPR SME Helpdesk

SME in the spotlight:

For many foreign SMEs that produce consumer goods e-commerce is the best way in to the Chinese market, offering a B2C channel that is relatively cheap and easy to setup and maintain. Naturally, trading on the web comes with risks, but just a few key steps are necessary to ensure a basic safe strategy. In this ‘SME in the Spotlight’ post an anti-pollution mask producer shares their experiences of doing business in China….

Vogmask is a popular anti-pollution mask product available in China, using an innovative microfiber filtration fabric. Christopher Dobbing founded Vogmask China in 2013. Originally an education consultant, he found that most students he worked with mentioned air pollution as major challenge for China in the next 10 years, and that many of them had breathing illnesses or carried an inhaler with them. While searching for a good quality mask that he could recommend to students, Christopher got in touch with Vogmask USA. Vogmask UK and Vogmask China were founded shortly after.

Continue reading the story on our blog.

Click on our infographic for a snapshot of the general IPR landscape in China with tips on how to prevent infringement, as well as China IP myth busters.

Tip of the month:

Trade fairs are an excellent opportunity for a business to showcase their new products and scout out business partners for manufacturing, promotion, and distribution.

Unfortunately, in China these exhibitions are common prowling ground for infringers  so it is utmost importance to ensure all intellectual property precautions are undertaken.In order to protect your trade mark, steps should be taken before the trade fair to ensure maximum protection. 

Preventative registration is essential to any IPR strategy and strongly recommended before you participate in a trade fair and display your products. Furthermore, it is advisable to register a Chinese version of a foreign trade mark as the registration in roman characters does not automatically protect the trade mark against the use or registration of the same or similar trade mark written in Chinese.

If you want to register your trade mark in China, the first step is to select a trade mark agent. A list qualified trade mark agents can be found on the China Trade Mark Office (CTMO) official website. This is advisable for all companies, particularly new entrants to the Chinese market and mandatory for foreigners without residence or place of business in China.
If you have an enquiry regarding protecting your IP in China, click on the button. Your enquiry is treated with the strictest confidence and will be answered within three working days. You can also call the Helpdesk on:
 +86 (10) 8527 6922

What kind of reply can I get?
We will provide you with all the knowledge about IPR in China that you have requested and that we find relevant to your situation. We cannot undertake specific research or investigations with regards to your case. We cannot recommend specific service providers like law firms or agents. We do not provide legal services.
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