Wednesday, November 30, 2022 Edition

Dear Friends and Neighbors

 I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know that I did. My kids came home from college, and I couldn’t stop hugging them! And we got to celebrate together with family. I’m still stuffed from all the good food!

With the turkey behind us, the holiday season is officially here, and it’s time to shop local! Our holiday lights and snowflakes are expected to be installed this week, and it’s beginning to feel festive here in New Castle!

In this season of giving, I revel in the enjoyment of finding the perfect gift for friends and family. While it’s convenient to shop at large online retailers, there is something special about discovering a one-of-a-kind gift on the shelf of a local retailer. Not only are you sure to avoid duplicate gifts, but you are also providing business support and local income to a neighbor. This year, I urge you to visit and shop at New Castle’s many unique stores and restaurants. You are sure to find multiple treasures that are truly the perfect gifts.

This year, I encourage you to commit to making your holiday purchases from a local business. Even if you cannot shop in person, consider purchasing gift cards, ordering from local merchants online, or utilizing pick-up/curbside options.

There are several holiday events that will take you right past the front doors of local businesses, so you can be festive while shopping small and supporting our local merchants.

The Great Holiday Train Show is back at the New Castle Historical Society. This family friendly event will be open until January 8th on Saturdays and Sundays. This has become a beloved holiday tradition featuring vintage train sets, one dating back 100 years, running throughout the festively decorated rooms of the Horace Greeley House for the holidays.

This Saturday, the Chappaqua hamlet will host our Holiday Stroll event beginning at 2PM. Meet Santa, sip on hot chocolate, watch live ice sculpting, hear carolers, watch the annual tree lighting, and, of course, get your holiday shopping in!

While I love hot chocolate, I also love wine during the holidays! Join me at Wine Around Town on December 9th from 5-8PM.

Santa is busy, so hopefully you were able to pre-register to join Santa at our first ever Breakfast with Santa on December 17th from 9am to 11am at the New Castle Community Center. All who are attending MUST have registered. We are also collecting unwrapped toys for Toys for Tots.

If you missed the breakfast registration, don’t worry – Santa will be coming to your neighborhood on December 17th beginning at 4:30PM with our 3rd Annual Holiday Parade. Links to the route can be found HERE.

Don’t miss our Holiday Bonfire on December 18th beginning at 4:45PM on the Recreation Field. There will be a magic show, hot chocolate, holiday music, crafts, and a giant bonfire! Do some shopping before you go!

And let’s not forget our Grand Chanukah Celebration and giant Menorah lighting at the Community Center on December 20th beginning at 4:15PM (inside) and 5:30PM (outside). There will be crafts for the kids, an outdoor LED juggling show, music, donuts, and, of course, the menorah lighting.

After all that shopping, bring the family to a show at the Chappaqua Performing Arts Center.  The Winter Wonderland – Very Merry Holiday Show will be held on December 10th at 11AM, and the Interactive Elf Movie (complete with a snowball fight and hot chocolate) will be held on December 18th at 3PM. Visit for tickets.

Remember, New Castle, when you shop - shop early, shop small, and shop local.

I wish you and your family a wonderful, healthy, and supremely happy Holiday Season!

As always, please feel free to reach out to me at

My Very Best,

The Town of New Castle would like to wish:


The Town of New Castle would like to wish:

Happy 7th birthday to SKYE STEVEN!

Happy birthday to BRITTANY PHILLIPS!

Happy 90th birthday to SYLVIA BALBO!

Happy 8th birthday to TAYLOR POST!

Happy birthday to CHARLIE GRISHMAN!

Look for the community’s best wishes to you all on the electronic sign across from the train station! We love the sense of community (and the smiles) that this brings!

If you have a community shout-out (birthdays or otherwise), please send an email to We make our Community Corner announcements at each of our public meetings. And you can see your name in lights!

The 11/29/22 Town Board Meeting Recap

Last night, the Town Board held three public hearings.
First, we held a public hearing to discuss the preliminary 2023 TOWN BUDGET. Once again, our extraordinary Comptroller Rob Deary has kept us under the tax cap, as we continue to provide essential services to residents. The 2023 tentative budget proposes a 2.38% increase in total appropriations over last year ($1,074,800), with a 3.52% increase in the levy ($802,632). This is a lesser increase than was contained in the 2022 budget. The 2023 preliminary budget once again challenged us to create a fiscally responsible roadmap which reflects anticipated revenue streams and expenditures in a post-pandemic economy.  Although the uncertainty of what the future holds is a constant in the creation of every annual budget, planning for the future in a post-pandemic economy is unchartered territory. We believe that the 2023 preliminary budget acknowledges the potential volatility of the financial indicators, including the threat of inflation in the upcoming year, and that it responsibly projects revenues, controls spending and limits expenditures while maintaining critical services for residents.  A copy of the 2023 Preliminary Budget can be found HERE, and a copy of the PowerPoint from last night’s meeting is available HERE.
Following public comment, the Board unanimously voted to close the public hearing and leave it open for written comments until noon on Friday, December 9th.
Next, we held a public hearing in connection with the establishment of an OPEN SPACE RESERVE FUND, which would be used for the purpose of acquiring real property for the acquisition, improvement, and preservation of open space for passive recreation and conservation purposes. This fund is not being funded through additional taxation. Rather, excess general fund monies could be transferred each year into this proposed open space reserve fund, to be earmarked for open space acquisitions. There were no public comments. The Board unanimously voted to close the public hearing and leave it open for written comments until noon on Friday, December 2nd.
And finally, we held a public hearing regarding amendments to our UNIFORM BUILDING CODE, most of which are required changes in light of recent legislation at the State level. There were no public comments. The Board unanimously voted to close the public hearing and leave it open for written comments until noon on Friday, December 2nd.
Want to See for Yourself?

For more information on the meeting, I urge you to watch the recording of the Town Board meetng HERE.
Our next Town Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 6th.

Call Me ... Maybe
We haven’t forgotten about the issue of cell service reception here in town. We are still awaiting the final Northern Westchester Wireless Master Plan report.  This deliverable was delayed due to the recent hurricane in Florida (home of CityScape – the agency conducting the Plan). We have been assured that they now are fully operational and reconnected, and they will have the document to us soon. I expect this to be a Board priority in the new year.

Façade Improvement Grants Still Available

On Tuesday September 8, 2020, the New Castle Town Board approved a Façade Improvement Grant Program – an incentive program to encourage property owners and businesses to improve the exterior appearance of their buildings and storefronts. The program provides direct financial incentives in the form of a 50% matching grant to eligible applicants. The purpose of the program is to create a positive visual impact, stimulate economic activity, and complement the Town’s infrastructure and streetscape improvements in the Chappaqua hamlet.  Better aesthetics have been shown to increase property values, improve the marketability of space within buildings, and draw businesses and residents to the area.  This program remains open for applications until September 8, 2023!

To finance this program the Town has tapped into the $1.5 million payment from Summit Greenfield which was earmarked for programs to mitigate the impacts of Chappaqua Crossing. Previous expenditures have included funding for the Town Hall playground and basketball court, hiring consultants to analyze the feasibility of building the ChapLine (a mixed use path between the hamlet and Chappaqua Crossing), among other projects. The Town Board is committed to working with property owners and merchants to encourage and support our local businesses!

Click here for more information:

Join Us in Thanking Councilman Hildenbrand
December 13th will mark Councilman Christian Hildenbrand’s last New Castle Town Board meeting. Please join us for a reception at Town Hall at 5PM that evening to thank Chris for his invaluable service and contributions to New Castle.


2023 Parking Applications are Due


The new parking year beings December 15, 2022 and will run through December 14, 2023.

For information and renewal visit:


New Castle Police Department
Toys For Tots Collection

Exclusive Preview Screening 

"In A Different Key"

Sunday, December 4th at 2PM

Holocaust & Human Rights Committee 

Follow the Holocaust & Human Rights Committee on Social Media:

Help Wanted!

Mission Statement

The Town of New Castle strives to identify sustainable policies, practices and procedures that promote equal access to civic involvement opportunities to all its citizens regardless of race, gender, or other protected class, thereby creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive systems of community governance. All qualified and interested residents are strongly encouraged to apply.  

LBGTQIA+ Committee 

The Town of New Castle is looking for volunteers to serve on its LBGTQIA+ Committee.  The Committee shall establish channels for outreach and inclusion for members of our community who identify as LBGTQIA+ and their allies, including providing information and resources.  

If interested please complete the Committee Application at the link HERE.

Environmental Review Board

The Environmental Review Board (ERB) is governed by Chapter 137 “Wetlands” of the Town Code of New Castle. The ERB is the primary approving authority for applications submitted in connection with the Town’s wetlands regulations.

Members are expected to be familiar with the regulatory thresholds and requirements of the Town ordinances relating to environmental protection, including steep slopes, trees, and especially wetlands and wetland buffers. They are also encouraged to develop skill in reading blueprints, maps, and draft plans, as well as the basic science underlying environmental evaluation.

Meetings are held the third Monday of every month.

If you are interested in serving on this board please complete the Board  Application at the link HERE.

COVID Update

  • 11/29/2022: 3,944 Countywide, 59 New Castle
  • 11/22/2022: 3,272 Countywide, 38 New Castle
  • 11/16/2022: 3,311 Countywide, 40 New Castle
  • 11/9/2022: 3,413 Countywide, 52 New Castle
  • 11/1/2022: 3,120 Countywide, 48 New Castle
  • 10/25/2022: 3,044 Countywide, 48 New Castle
  • 10/18/2022: 3,042 Countywide, 38 New Castle
  • 10/11/2022: 3,090 Countywide, 38 New Castle
  • 10/06/2022: 3,089 Countywide, 48 New Castle
  • 09/29/2022: 3,482 Countywide, 63 New Castle
  • 09/22/2022: 3,531 Countywide, 60 New Castle
  • 09/20/2022: 3,334 Countywide, 54 New Castle
  • 09/14/2022: 2,840 Countywide, 46 New Castle
  • 09/08/2022: 2,755 Countywide, 41 New Castle
  • 08/30/2022: 3,205 Countywide, 35 New Castle
  • 08/21/2022: 3,674 Countywide, 61 New Castle
  • 08/16/2022: 4,104 Countywide, 67 New Castle
  • 08/11/2022: 4,694 Countywide, 67 New Castle
  • 08/09/2022: 4,957 Countywide, 82 New Castle
  • 08/02/2022: 5,285 Countywide, 107 New Castle
  • 07/26/2022: 5,555 Countywide, 99 New Castle
  • 07/19/2022: 6,007 Countywide, 103 New Castle
  • 07/12/2022: 5,618 Countywide,  98 New Castle
  • 07/5/2022:  5,054 Countywide,  83 New Castle
  • 06/28/2022: 4,667 Countywide,  90 New Castle
  • 06/22/2022: 4,519 Countywide,  94 New Castle
  • 06/15/2022: 5,015 Countywide,  89 New Castle
  • 06/07/2022: 5,629 Countywide, 101 New Castle
  • 05/31/2022: 6,698 Countywide, 172 New Castle
  • 05/24/2022: 8,093 Countywide, 247 New Castle
  • 05/18/2022: 8,304 Countywide, 282 New Castle
  • 05/10/2022: 6,944 Countywide, 248 New Castle
  • 05/03/2022: 5,411 Countywide, 160 New Castle
  • 04/26/2022: 4,683 Countywide, 127 New Castle
  • 04/20/2022: 4,834 Countywide, 126 New Castle
  • 04/13/2022: 4,074 Countywide, 106 New Castle
  • 04/05/2022: 2,751 Countywide, 87 New Castle
  • 03/30/2022: 2,279 Countywide, 66 New Castle
  • 03/24/2022: 1,875 Countywide, 39 New Castle
  • 03/22/2022: 1,696 Countywide, 38 New Castle
  • 03/17/2022: 1,550 Countywide, 38 New Castle
  • 03/15/2022: 1,516 Countywide, 43 New Castle
  • 03/11/2022: 1,463 Countywide, 47 New Castle
  • 03/08/2022: 1,469 Countywide, 48 New Castle
  • 03/03/2022: 1,337 Countywide, 46 New Castle
  • 03/01/2022: 1,559 Countywide, 46 New Castle
  • 02/24/2022: 1,784 Countywide; 45 New Castle
  • 02/17/2022: 2,600 Countywide; 50 New Castle
  • 02/15/2022: 2,837 Countywide, 58 New Castle
  • 02/10/2022: 3,797 Countywide, 69 New Castle
  • 02/08/2022 4,614 Countywide, 86 New Castle
  • 02/03/2022: 6,982 Countywide, 135 New Castle
  • 02/01/2022: 8,779 Countywide, 174 New Castle
  • 01/26/2022:16,093 Countywide; 276 New Castle
  • 01/24/2022: 20,176 Countywide, 324 New Castle
  • 01/19/2022: 34,213, Countywide, 491 New Castle
  • 01/18/2022: 37,378, Countywide, 513 New Castle
  • 01/12/2022: 48,574, Countywide, 659 New Castle
  • 01/05/2022: 43,469, Countywide, 563 New Castle
  • 01/03/2022: 38,802, Countywide, 538 New Castle

The Westchester County Covid-19 Dashboard can be viewed HERE


Get Vaccinated!

COVID vaccines are now widely available at pharmacies, clinics, Federally Qualified Health Centers and other locations across the state. Visit Vaccine Finder  or the NY State vaccine appointment website or call 833-NYS-4-VAX.

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