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May 3, 2015
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Table of Contents 
I. Board Announcements
II. Scholarship
III. Culture
IV. Membership
V. Webmaster
VII. Community
IX. Sports
X. Social
XI. Find
XII. Trivia
XIII. Featured OYFAN
XIV. Message from the Recording Secretary

I. Board

Thank you all for such an awesome year full of events and memories. A special thanks goes out to all the Fourth Years and their contributions to OYFA and UVA. We will miss you but we are excited to see the work you will do in your next stage in life. We look forward to your visits next year. Study hard for the remainder of your exams and take care of yourselves. See you all back here next year OYFAm!

Much love, 

II. Scholarship



Hopefully finals have been going well! If you still have exams this week and need somewhere to study, sign up for one the rooms we’ve booked here!


Next semester, Scholarship will be jumpstarting our Mentor/Mentee Program and we’ll need your help!!! The mentor/mentee program pairs upperclassmen with the incoming first years to help give them academic/career advice. If you are interested in becoming a mentor for the upcoming school year, please fill out this form:


FOURTH YEARS! Congratulations! But this doesn’t mean the end! Scholarship hopes to expand the Mentor/Mentee program for better inclusion of our alumni network! If you are interested in becoming an alumni mentor, or are interested in participating in some of our alumni related activities planned for the upcoming year, please fill out this form:


Also, fourth years SHARE YOUR WISDOM!! Please fill out this classy advice form to share any advice that you wish you could have known during your time here!


Enjoy your summer!!!


Aaron (aaa4aa) & Iain (ime9mp)

III. Culture

Kumusta OYFAmilia!


We just want to wish you guys good luck on your remaining exams this week! You guys got this! Finish strong! Ryan Gosling has a few words of encouragement for you guys:

Your loving Culture-Cuties,
Jelly  <3  
Jane Canteros (jpc5ev) & Angely Jomuad (aj4dg)

IV. Membership


We hope your finals are going well! And to those of you who finished, congrats, we're all jealous of you! Yayyyyyy! Anyways, it's been a great month and a half serving as your membership chairs. We can't wait until next year! 
See you l8r,
Everybody Loves ReyMin ❤
[ Jasmin: jvn7ju | Reyna: rlh3xt ]
P. S. We're going to miss you, Fourth Years! It's been real for the past year. Love you all, come visit us!!

V. Webmaster

Hey OYFA! Hope you guys are doing well on your exams! Keep an eye out for website updates that will come over the summer. I'm looking forward to serving as your webmaster next year!

Kevin Thumim (kjt9wr)

Kamusta OYFA!!!!
Y'all are wonderful and beautiful people; don't forget that! To all the fourth years, we wish you the best of luck with all your future endeavors.#don'tleave To the rest of OYFA, see you all next semester! H.A.G.S!!! #untilwemeetagain
Keep it real,
"Katrence" (kpg2rf, lad2bf)
P.S. Good luck with the remainder of finals!!!! Beach week is soon!!! 
VII. Community
Dearest Oyfa,
Alas, this is our last blurb of the semester. We hope ya'll have a spectacular break. Look out for our future events!!
Too-da-loo Fourth years :):):)
Your Community Care-Chairs,
Ariana (ams5en) & Misha (mec9eq)


Good luck to whoever has a final coming up! You'll crush it! Go you!
Have a memorable summer, PRiends. Remember these wise words: treat yo self.

See you all in August!
Double D (Danielle -dd7an and Dom -dho9nt)

IX. Sports

Hey OYFA! 

We know everyone’s busy with finals, but we appreciate the turnout for the Manny Pacquiao verse Floyd Mayweather fight! Mayweather didn’t deserve that win. We also love how so many people came through for the End of the Year Picnic! It was awesome seeing everyone there and we have the girls to thank for participating and putting and a show as well as the guys for cheering them on. The Powderpuff game was hype! The Red team won, but we all know if the game was allowed to go on for longer, there was a good chance the Blue team could have come back. 

We hope you OYFAns had a great break from finals this weekend and wish you the best of luck for all your finals this coming week. We hope to see your faces again for Beach Week! We look forward to being your Sports Chairs for the upcoming year.



2K-Sports (Kanata Omori & Kyle Liu)

X. Social

Maraming Salamat OYFA,


We hope that you enjoyed spending time with your OYFAm at the picnic and we would like to thank you for a great year! We’re going to miss all you fourth years who will be leaving us, but we can’t wait to see what life has in store for all of you. No matter where life takes you, we know you guys are only a phone call or Facebook message away.

Good luck with finals and have a great summer! See you all again in August!


Your soci-AL chairs,


Ally and Alex

(alc3va & aez3eb)


Your D7 Rep here (for the last time this year QQ) to bring you news from our district!
This last Saturday was FASA at V Tech's Culture Night (not pictured because we were ushered out literally as their last modern ended). It was absolutely bomb and it was great to have OYFA representing UVa there!
In upcoming events news, D7 E-board Elections are coming up this month, Saturday, May 30th at George Mason University. OYFA has the right to participate in the Q&A and deliberation portions of the elections, so please turn out to decide next year's E-board! Also, if you're thinking about potentially running for D7 E-board, I will be putting up a facebook event page with the description of the positions soon! Get hyped!
Last thing is to say have a great summer OYFA and stay awesome!
D7 rep out.
-Patricia "Pica" Gallegos (pgg3zg)
XII. Trivia

Be the first person to answer these questions correctly to be the Featured OYFAN in the next WIO. Keep in mind, if you win this week, you will be the first featured OYFAN next semester. That's hype. If you don't respond first, your name will still be added to the raffle for free OYFA merch at the next general meeting! 
  • What are you going to miss the most about OYFA over this next summer/forever? 
  • I was one of February's Members of the Month and I like to stand on furniture.        Hoo am I?
It is impossible to get the first question wrong, just share with me pl0x. And for the second question, guess who that phrase could be describing! 

May the odds be ever in ya favor 
XIII. Featured OYFAN
Name: Nicole Winfree
Graduation Year: 2015 (12 days!)
Major: Foreign Affairs (Religious Studies Minor)
Favorite OYFA Memory: End of the Year Picnic 2013 - that was the second official event that Danielle and I had as social and after the chaotic and stressful Barrio Afterparty, it was nice to have an event that ran (relatively) smoothly. It was also one of the first things that Danielle and I truly planned on our own and so we took a lot of pride in the event. (Hope everyone who went had fun!)
If a genie granted you 3 wishes, what would they be?
  1.      For unlimited popsicles
  2.      To never lose my voice again (it's been a rough year)
  3.      To relive my fourth year without the stress of academics so I can truly enjoy my last moments here
Last words to OYFA:
OYFA is an absolutely amazing organization that I am so so glad that I joined. I know that my college experience would not have been the same without all of you crazy, loud, inspiring, and loving people. But UVA is so much more than OYFA and I encourage each and every one of you to find your place at UVA outside of OYFA as well. Try things you never thought you would be interested in because you may end up falling in love with them. Even if you try something and it doesn't work out, you would have learned something new about yourself along the way. Don't let OYFA be the only thing that defines your college experience because there is so much more out there for you to discover. Take a chance because you only get four years to screw around before you have to get serious about life and four years is a lot shorter than it seems. And if you ever need someone to talk to or want random advice on things, I'm always willing to listen <3
A Message from the Recording Secretary 
Dear OYFA,

If you haven't realized by now, this is the last WIO for this semester. I'm honestly quite sad that this year is ending. My first year is over. The fourth years are leaving. How sad. Que triste. It's been such a great year; so many memories. Ughaa I don't want it to end :c
I hope you all have a nice summer doing whatever you doin. I'll be in NOVA with zero plans, so come thru. I look forward to starting up again in the fall when we're all together again. I'm gonna miss you guys a lot especially the fourth years. Ok I cry now

I love you all & I'll see you soon,
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