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April 19, 2015
Table of Contents 
I. Board Announcements
II. Jerome's Corner
III. Culture
IV. Membership
V. Social
VI. Sports
VII. D7 Representatives
VIII. Scholarship
IX. Historic
XI. Community
XII. Webmaster
XIII. Student Advisors
XIV. General Announcements 
XV. Trivia
XVI. Featured OOFAN
I. Board Announcements

Hello OYFA,
As some of you may know, there is still a vacancy for one of the D7 Representative positions. If you are interested, please contact our Vice President, Elexa Rallos (epr5fj) to schedule an interview or for any further questions. 

Much love,
II. Jerome's Corner

You wanted it back and so here it is! 
If you want to participate in future WIO's, please make a time machine so we can get to the future ty. Or just keep an eye out for Selena a Google form on OYFA's Facebook page. 

I love you all,
Jerome (jnt2yf)
III. Culture

Kumust OYFAmilia!


We would like to thank everyone who participated  in International Night and EscAPAde! As your Culture-Cuties our goal is to spread the word about  our flawless organization through cultural events so thanks for coming out OYFAns! We are also thankful for all of those who have taking the Post Barrio Survey! If you have not fill it out yet here is the link:


    Just to let you guys know there are more events to come! We are very excited for ASU’s CelebrASIAN! So here’s more about it! Check it out!

    When?  April 26th (Sunday) 3-5 pm

    Where? Amphitheater

    What are we doing?

  • We will be performing! Yay! Werk. (We will let you more about it soon)
  • We will have a booth so everyone can come chill and have an OYFAmazing time!



Your loving Culture-Cuties,

    Jelly  <3  

Jane Canteros (jpc5ev) & Angely Jomuad (aj4dg)

IV. Membership

Hey OYFA!!


We love the great turnout we've been having for our membership dinners- keep it up and come out to our membership this upcoming week on Tuesday, 4/21 at 6pm at Newcomb. It's going to be the special A/APAHM dinner that night and some of our very own OYFAns will be serving food! Ayyyy #spreadthehypeshareaswipe #getservedbyyocouncilnboard


Also, with End of the Year picnic coming up on May 3rd, we need your help to make superlatives for everyone- please fill out this form:


Of course you don't have to fill out a superlative for each member- just do as many as you can! Ty Ty :)

Everybody Loves ReyMin
[Jasmin (jvn7ju) and Reyna (rlh3xt)]


V. Social




Our next event will be the End of the Year Picnic on Sunday, May 3rd at Booker T. Washington Park from 11am-3pm

There will be free food, football, friends, and photos!

Please fill out this form regarding free food: Food form.


And please sign up for rides here: Rides


Much Mahal from your soci-AL chairs,

Ally and Alex

(alc3va & aez3eb)

VI. Sports

Its your sports chairs here. Don't forget the End-of-the-Year picnic is going to be on May 3rd! We are most likely going to include a powderpuff football game but still need a few more girls to sign up! Also, the day before the picnic (a.k.a. May 2nd) we are going to be having a watch party for the Pacquaio- Mayweather fight at Wash 2! Be on the look out for our Facebook event page. Speaking of Facebook, if you want to hang out with your favorite OYFAns join the "Chillin with OYFA" page.
- 2KSports
Kanata (keo2eb) and Kyle (kl7ds)
VII. D7 Representative
Oh hai der OYFA,
Your D7 rep here to bring you news from our district!
FACT@VCU’s Culture Night was this last Saturday and was a huge success! Thanks to Madelyn, we had representation (tanks Madz :3)!

If y’all are still interested in going to D7 Culture Nights, V Tech Culture Night is on May 2nd. Sign up for rides on this doc (click through the tabs):
That’s all. D7 Rep out.
-Patricia “Pica” Gallegos (pgg3zg)

VIII. Scholarship

¡Hola OYFA!


Thank you all for coming out to support the He Cares Foundation and the Scholarship Fund at the VMAs!! And thank you to all of the performers and people who submitted videos!


Congrats to the winners of best performance and best video:

Muchas gracias,


Aaron (aaa4aa) y Iain (ime9mp)
IX. Historic

Awesome job to everyone at VMAs! Pictures will be up soon on the Historic Facebook pageIn the mean time, enjoy this photo of a musical iguana.

Ain't nuthin' but a g-thang,
HistoRose (rgm5he) and HistoRich (rcd6ab)




I would like to thank all those who came out to last week's Immigration Debate, which was hosted by both OYFA and LSA. 
Here are some photos of just a couple of those in attendance:
Credits to Historic for the photos. Thank you to Richard and Rose for documenting the event!
If you have any comments regarding the event or any thoughts on how to improve events like these in the future, definitely let me know! You may shoot me an email (kpg2rf) or send me a message on Facebook. I'd love to know what you think!
I hope you enjoyed all the OYFA events over the past week, and have a great week ahead!
Much Love,
Kat Goduco (kpg2rf)💕
XI. Community

Yooooo Oyfa,

Thanks to everyone who was able to come out to the VMAs!!!!! Be on the lookout for future Community events :)
Your Community Care-Chairs,
Ariana (ams5en) & Misha (mec9eq)
XII. Webmaster

Hey OYFA! The website has finished moving to a new server hosted by StudCo. You can find the website here: . We may or may not keep the old URL, but in the meantime use the link above.

Kevin Thumim (kjt9wr)


XIII. Student Advisors 

Come join us for our LAST OFFICE HOURS of the school year this Friday on the Lawn at 1PM!  Historic will be taking pictures for our annual Student Advisor Photo Shoot on the Lawn! Here are the albums from that past two years: 2013 and 2014. This will be a fun time to just relax with everybody before finals start, so make sure to come out!
As always, if you have any question/concerns/need advise, we're here for you!
-Student Advisors
Marc (mtn9vv) and Jor (jvt2de)

XIV. General Announcements
Mark your calendar's for VSA's bi-Annual Fundraiser, Phofest! It will be on Friday, April 24th from 5-8PM at TJ Memorial Churchwith rides provided from Bonnycastle Circle at 4:45.  All proceeds will go towards our Collective Philanthropy Project, Foodaid.Compassion. Come enjoy some delicious Pho, summer rolls, iced coffee, fried bananas and more, all while supporting an amazing cause. Attend and invite your friends to the Facebook Event here!

The UVA LGBTQ Center and ASU At Uva present: lgbtQ&Asian!

As part of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM), this student panel will illuminate the unique experiences of LGBTQ Asian Americans. Come hear stories of how your peers have navigated identity, family, and life at UVA, followed by audience Q&A!
Do you like Sorah Yang? 
Do you like dancing? 
If you said yes to ether of those questions, you need to be at this workshop! Youtube star and dancer Sorah is flying in from California to share some of her flyest moves for all levels from beginner to expert.
Sisters of Sigma Psi Zeta will be at the Chem Building bus stop to help attendees take the bus to North Grounds Rec Center, MP2.
Facebook event
XV. Trivia

So, just as always, the first person to respond correctly to the following questions will be featured as one of the Featured OYFANS. However, anyone else who answers correctly will be entered into a raffle to win some awesome OYFA merch at the next General Meeting. You can find the answers in this WIO as well as OYFA's site
  1. What event is Sports hosting on April 2nd? 
  2. What time are you going to the Lawn on Friday for the Student Advisor's photo shoot?
  3. Webmaster Question: How many articles are there in OYFA's constitution? (excluding the by-law articles) 
GL 😊
XVI. Featured OOFAN
Name: Rj Capucao
Graduation Year: 2014
Degree: BA in History with also a Pre-Health Track
About: I’m an INFJ, and I consider my superpowers to be my will-power and empathy. I’m awkward incarnate with many quirks. I apparently act like a ten-year old and look like a junior in high school—when I shave. I have never ridden a roller coaster due to my dire fear of heights. I excel at sorcery and the arcane arts and hope to revitalize the Mongolian Horde.
What did you do post-grad: I’ve been on my gap year soul-searching, crossing things off the bucket list, and fulfilling prereqs for grad school—formerly physician assistant school. Recently, I changed my mind months ago to pursue a PhD in Nursing History after much contemplation, and I plan on applying for accelerated BSN and MSN programs and heading back to school next year. I also work full time for a company, Paradigm Inc., doing office work. If you’re graduating this year, I’m probz touching your diploma before you haha.
Favorite OYFA Memory: Being someone profoundly stuck in the past, there are so many memories, I can’t really choose. I can say though that these memories were possible from some of my best and genuine friends: my best friend Alex, 4th Year Harem, Chinese Family, BURMA, A&A, Rose, and DABs. Thanks for all the nostalgia! <#
Advice: Don’t stress yourself about your major or the future and your potential mid-life crisis. Everything works itself out in the end. The goal of life is to be content and love yourself: do you (unless you’re a pedo, then pls don’t’). If you can do that, everything else will come easy. Enjoy the time you have now, but always try your best in all your endeavors. Struggles are your worst and best friends, but you always come out a more wholesome person: “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” Feel free to hit me up for advice and what-nots; I’m always willing to lend an ear!


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