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October 25, 2015
Upcoming Events 
  • Membership Dinner: Monday October 26, 6pm
  • HaloHaloween: Wednesday October 27, 7-10pm
  • Date Auction: Thursday October 28, 8-10pm
  • IM Basketball Game: Thursday October 28
  • Student Advisor Office Hours: Friday October 30
  • Trick or Treating on the Lawn: Friday October 30 4-6pm
Board Announcements

Vice President


On November 8th at 10AM, OYFA will be holding its interim elections where we elect interim board and council positions that were installed after our regular election period. Please join us for this event as we need half of our constituents (paid members) to begin the elections.

In addition to the interim positions we are already electing, we also have two occupancies that are open. The position of (1) Community Chair and (2) D7 Representative are currently open for anyone to run for. All are welcome to run for these positions, no experience is required, and first years are welcome to run as well.

If you are interested in either the position of Community Chair or D7 Representative or have questions about the interim procedure, please contact me (Elexa Rallos) at

Thanks guys, I hope you will consider attending interim elections or running for the two positions I listed above. Have a great week!



Hey OYFAm!
Come out to Halo-Haloween, this Wednesday from 7:00-10:00PM at Lambeth Commons! Enjoy a horror movie and some halo-halo, which is a famous Filioino dessert. 
Check out the Favebook event at:
See you all there!
Kat & Lawrence (kpg2rf & lad2bf)

It is with a heavy heart that we tell you that football season is officially over. We would like to thank all of the players for coming and giving their all every game. We would also like to thank our supporters for coming out and cheering us on!
In lighter news, basketball season is still going on and we have our next game coming up this Thursday (10/29)! Even if you don't play, it's fun to come out and cheer on your favorite OYFAns!
Also, if you haven’t joined our “Chilling Out with OYFA” page just contact one of us and we’ll add you right in!
- 2KSports Kanata (keo2eb) and Kyle (kl7ds)


Hey OYFAm!


Thanks for partying with us at FOURPLAY: the Culturefest Afterparty!


Don’t forget that This Thursday is DATE AUCTION!!!!! Get excited to see our very own Christopher Liu and Stephanie Ham strut their stuff and get sold off to the highest bidder! Date Auction will be at Maury 209 from 8:00pm-10:00pm. It’s all for charity! So come out and support these beautiful creatures!!!


Date Auctionees.PNG


As always, if you have any suggestions for social events, or just want to chill, hit us up!


Your soci-AL chairs,

Alex & Ally

(aez3eb & alc3va)


Hello OYFA!

We still need lots of CANDY for Trick or Treating on the Lawn this Friday (4-6pm on the Lawn in front of Old Cabell)! Lots of kids will be here for this huge UVA Tradition. The family who brings the most candy (by weight) will get a prize from Community (and more bragging rights)!! Just give your candy to any of your family heads or Ariana & Misha sometime this week. You could also win a prize for BEST costume!
So stop by our table on the Law to help pass out candy and show off your costume!!
Your (Community) Care-Chairs
Misha (mec9eq) & Ariana (ams5en)


Thank you all for coming out to Filipino Food Night and to our October Mentor/Mentee Meeting! 
Do you have questions about what classes to take or what professors to choose, or what to do when you get waitlisted? Or do you have any questions for our 4th years in general? Then come to our 4th Year Panel on November 8th! JUST IN TIME FOR COURSE REGISTRATION :D
Fourth years, if you are interested in being a panelist, sign up here:

Scholarship opportunities:
DUE THIS FRIDAY (Oct 30): Virginia Asian Foundation Scholarship

Aaron (aaa4aa) & Iain (ime9mp)


 What's going on, OYFAm?!
We are SO incredibly proud of all the performers this past weekend for Culturefest. Anyways, now that Culturefest is done with, it's time to prep for OYFA ASSASSINS!! We'll be releasing the form next week, so be on the look out.

Also, we will be having MEMBERSHIP DINNER TOMORROWMONDAY NIGHT AT 6PM IN OHILL. Join us because we'll be discussing Culturefest shenanigans from the weekend ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

Everybody Loves ReyMin
(Reyna: rlh3xt | Jasmin: jvn7ju)



Thank you so much to everyone who helped Culture over the past month of practices, stress, and craziness! OYFA's performance was successful because of all of you (General Membs, Babies, Dancers, Board, Council, Over, Past Cultures) and just we appreciate you all so much! Culturefest season is now over! However, please look forward to our next big event ~Barrio :3 If you feel like reminiscing, please watch the video below. Who knows how many times I've already seen it 🔥
The Cult,
Angel (aj4dg) & Jane (jpc5ev)


Hey everyone!

Did you happen to miss out on seeing the babies' ~electrifying~ performance at Culturefest alongside OYFA's president and Recording Secretary? Babies, did you want to see what your performance looked like from the audience's perspective? Upperclassmen, feeling reminiscent from your Culturefest years ago? WELL LOOK NO FURTHER.
You can find the video from this year's Culturefest right here! You can also see the performances from the second year class, third year class, and fourth year class on our YouTube channel here!

Additionally, thanks so much to everyone who came out to Filipino Food Night last Thursday! We hope you enjoyed the performances and the food, especially if it was your first time ever having Filipino food!


HistoRich and HistoRose


Attention OYFA!

Wasn't CultureFest so hype? Wanna know what's going to be just as lit? D7 OLYMPICS November 7th at VCU! Come out and help us win that trophy!
Have an awesome week, OYFA!

Much mahal,
-D7 Rep
General Announcements
1st & 2nd Years
Apply for Asian Pacific American Leadership Training Institute (APALTI)
Apply by Oct. 28 at 11:59PM 
Sign up here for interview slots today to secure your ideal time slot. 

Come to KSEA & SASE's Peer Review Resume Workshop at 7pm on Tuesday, October 27 at Thornton D221! The upperclassmen and graduate students will review underclassmen's resumes and cover letters and give specific feedback on how to tailor your resumes/cover letters according to your desired path after graduation! This workshop will prepare your resume/cover letter just in time for the fall job and internship fair! There will be campus cookies!!!

So, just as always, the first person to respond correctly to the following questions will be featured as next week's Featured OYFAN. However, anyone else who answers correctly will be entered into a raffle to win some awesome OYFA merch at the next General Meeting! You can find the answers in this WIO as well as OYFA's site
  • Have you ever had Halo Halo before? Did you love it or nah? When/where can you get some more/ try it for the first time?! 
  • Where will Date Auction be held? 

GL 😊
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