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Sunday, September 6
Upcoming Events 
  • Membership Dinner: Wednesday Sept. 9 at 7pm
  • Student Advisor Office Hours: Friday Sept. 11 at 2pm
  • IM Football Practice: Friday Sept. 11 at 3pm
Board Announcements

Hey OYFA! 
A special reminder to pay $10 membership dues to Madelyn (mtl3jx) as soon as you can! Feel free to pay cash, Venmo to @OYFAatUVA, or Check to "Organization of Young Filipino Americans". 

Also, if you would like to purchase any 
OYFA Merchandise, you can fill out this form and if we are in stock we will put the item on hold for you. You may pick up your OYFA swag next Sunday 9/13 from 6:30-9pm in the first lobby of Rice Hall (THINK OF YOUR NEW LITTLES).

As always, OYFA Board is here if you need us. If you ever have questions or idas for events, email us ay 

Much Love,

OYFA Board: Jerome Tirso, Elexa Rallos, Kim Hall, Madelyn Luansing, and Leangelo Acuna


Kumusta OYFAM!


We’re glad to have seen so many of you guys come out to the First General Meeting! For new members, we are especially excited to see you all participate in OYFA’s Culturefest. You’ll meet some of the best ✨choreographers✨ and people through your experience. As well as have the support of the whole organization behind your back to get on that stage and perform.


More information will be sent out regarding Culturefest practices, the first being Sept. 20th! Also look forward to Penny Wars—a co-sponsorship with Membership and Community!

The Cult,


Angel Jomuad || aj4dg

Jane Canteros || jpc5ev


It was awesome meeting new members at the first General Meeting, IHOP and BBQ. If you're FOMOing or just wanna relive the greatest days of your life, check out pics on Historic's FB page. Hit us w/ a like too. 
Also, look fo yo faces in our September slideshow and Derps of the Month. As my friend Shia says, "just do it."
HistoRose (rgm5he) and HistoRich (rcd6ab)


Hey OYFAn’s!!

Big Little Week is slowly approaching, so be sure to sign up to be either a Big or Little!!

Also, here’s a reminder that we will be having our FIRST Membership Dinner this week on Wednesday, September 9th at O’Hill at 7PM! Come out, take a study break, and eat with us!! Can’t wait to see everyone there. #spreadthehypeshareaswipe

And just as a fun bonus, we compiled a list of 100 Things to Do in OYFA. Check it out here in the link below, and see if you can check everything off!

Feel free to contact Jasmin ( or Reyna ( for anything and everything!

-Everybody Loves ReyMin


Hey there OYFA,


Keep your eye out for community updates in the WIOs to come.

Feel free to hit us up with any opportunities, questions, and or compliments.


Your (Community) Care-Chairs,

Misha (mec9eq) & Ariana (ams5en)


First years!


We were so glad to meet so many of you this past week :). As mentioned at the first general meeting, the Scholarship committee is responsible for a Mentor/Mentee program which pairs you with upperclassmen who share your major and/or academic interests! From experience, we can tell you that the Mentor/Mentee program can serve as a great resource throughout your first year!

This year, we are planning on jumpstarting the program with monthly meetings between mentors and mentees. These meetings will have career development workshops, panels, and forums planned just for you! So please sign up!!


Our first Mentor/Mentee Meeting is Wednesday, September 16th in Conference Room 117 in Newcomb at 6 pm!!




Upperclassmen, if you want to jump on this opportunity to be a mentor, it’s never to late! Sign up here to be a mentor:


Email or message us if you have any questions!



Aaron (aaa4aa) & Iain (ime9mp)


 Hello OYFA,

Thank you for coming out and spending time with us this week at IHOP, the Welcome Back BBQ, and the Welcome Back Party! We hope you enjoyed all the events this week and we’re excited to see you all again soon!


Your soci-AL chairs,

Ally and Alex

(alc3va & aez3eb)


Kamusta OYFA!
I t was great seeing all of you - newcomers and old members - during the First General Meeting and at IHOP! We hope to see more of your beautiful faces throughout the year! Please be on the look out for news regarding ISIP events in the near future! Until then!
😘Mucho Mahal 😘,
"Katrence" (kpg2rf, lad2bf)


It's been great meeting all the new members and I hope to 
get to know all of you this year.

Be sure to check out OYFA's website: 
and follow OYFA on Twitter: @OYFAatUVa.

Looking forward to the rest of this year!

Kevin Thumim (Thums) kjt9wr


What's up OYFA!
Hope ya'll had a great weekend! We're sorry for cancelling football practice, but the thunder was too much for us to handle, but don't worry we will be having practice again
on Friday (9/11) at Nameless Field at 3pm !
Our first IM football game is
(9/13) so get hype! Also if you haven't done so yet, check out our Chilling out with OYFA page. If you want to join just ask Kyle or Kanata and we'll add you right in!

-Kyle and Kanata

D7 Representatives 



Thanks for coming out to the First General Body Meeting-it was great to meet all of you there! If you missed the meeting on Thursday, Patricia and I are your District VII (D7) Representatives. District VII (D7)  is a district of FIND (Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue), which encompasses most universities in Virginia and UNCG.


The D7 Executive Board is currently looking for a National Director Proxy. No D7 experience is needed. The National Director Proxy’s position is an understudy to the National Directors (NDs), who act as liaisons between D7 and FIND. They are tasked to provide FIND updates on the goings on in our district as well as supporting the work of the other districts. There are currently three National Director Proxy positions open. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!


Also, GET HYPED for Hoo Am I!  Hoo Am I? is a panel for A/APA members of our community to speak about their experiences on Grounds with regards to racism/micro-aggression, under-representation of A/APA community in areas outside of cultural organizations, and self-segregation of A/APA community from the rest of the university community. It will be held on September 30th, from 7-8.30pm.


Lastly, if you have any gently used clothes, bags, shoes and accessories, donate them to the OYFA Thrift Store. Your donations will be sold in December at Newcomb and all proceeds will go towards FIND D7. If you have any donations, you are more than welcome to email or facebook message Jean (jms2wz) or Patricia (pgg3zg) and we’ll work out a time to pick them up from you.


Let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns!

Much Mahal,

Your D7 Reps

Student Advisors 

We're having a special edition of office hours this Friday, Sept. 11 at 2 PM in Mem Gym! Come join us for a few games of volleyball/soccer/basketball/whatever! As always, if you need any advice about anything at all, feel free to contact us, and we'll be glad to help you out! Hope to see some new faces at office hours this week! :)
- Student Advisors
Marc (mtn9vv) and Jor (jvt2de)
General Announcements

Do you want to plan a large scale international festival and work on your leadership skills? 
Join the CultureFest/Global Expo Planning Committee!
This year, Global Expo and Culturefest will become 1 large International Festival. The event requires a committee of talented and committed individuals to plan, coordinate, and execute! We're looking for a team of amazing students to help run the event.
Click here for more information and to apply!

​Come kick off the year with VSA for our Fall Family Week! ​We'll be having events like Wing Night, Family Bonding, and more for all of our members to bond with each other; we promise it will be lots of fun!! Not in a VSA family? Contact Membership Chairs Quyen and Tiffany and they will sort you into a family :)
Attention:2nd/3rd Year Women
Join the Women's Asian American Leadership Initiative [WAALI]
Apply here by 12PM Fri. Sept.11th
Sessions are Mondays from 7:30-9PM from Sept. 28th to Nov. 16 except for Fall Break. Explore narratives in leadership, gender, sexuality, race, and more in a safe small-group setting. Talk about the issues that affect you and women in the community and find creative ways to create social change!
Make sure to sign up for an interview slot and e-mail your application to

Do you like FREE food? Do you want to learn more about the new Family System and upcoming events like the Stoplight Party? 
Come out to the First General Meeting on September 8th, 7pm at Clark 107. 

Stay updated via KSA Facebook group:

We want you to join, support, change, and better the system!
The role of a Support Officer entails investigating reported Honor offenses, supporting investigated students through the process, advocating for the student or community in hearings, and educating the student body about Honor.
Please attend one of the following information sessions.
Monday, Sept. 7 | 5-6 pm | Ern Commons
Monday, Sept. 7 | 6-7 pm | Trial Room on the 4th floor of Newcomb
Tuesday, Sept. 8 | 5:30-6:30 pm | Trial Room on the 4th floor of Newcomb
Tuesday, Sept. 8 | 7-8 pm | Trial Room on the 4th floor of Newcomb

Stop by the 
Undergraduate Research Fair
 September 7th from 4-6 pm in the Newcomb Ballroom!

So, just as always, the first person to respond correctly to the following questions will be featured as next week's Featured OYFAN. However, anyone else who answers correctly will be entered into a raffle to win some awesome OYFA merch at the next General Meeting! You can find the answers in this WIO as well as OYFA's site
  • What is OYFA's Twitter handle? 
  • When and where is membership dinner going to take place? 
GL 😊
Featured OOFAN

Name: Andrea Valdez

Graduation Year: 2015

Major: Biology and Psychology 

Post Grad Experience: I'm a fresh, new post-grad lol so I'm currently in the transition period where I'm learning to live life after college and be a real adult. I'm currently on my gap year and then hope to go to nursing school and eventually become a Certified Nurse Midwife. Right after graduating I was able to travel to Italy with one of my best friends and fellow OOFAN, Denise Catbay! I also visited Spain and Mexico! For now, I just finished taking my GREs, I'm working a part-time job at an OBGYN's office, I'm taking a couple prerequisite classes at my community college, and I just signed up for weekly guitar lessons because I've always wanted to learn and now finally have some free time for it haha.

Favorite OYFA Memory: OH my so many haha. I would say some of my fondest memories come from two time periods. The first, when I was Membership Chair ('13-'14) and my cochair and I were preparing for new members and Little-Big Sib Week! It was a very hyped time and I loved seeing how excited bigs and littles got when they finally met and bonded! The second time period was during my last Barrio season, when I got to really spend some quality time with my fellow fourth years in long practices, late-night studying, sleep deprivation, and fourth-year shenanigans lol. Shout out to all the Rice Hall peeps, including non-fourth years <3

What do you miss the most about the UVA/C'ville community: OH GOODNESS WHAT DON'T I MISS LOL. I miss everything. I miss the beauty of grounds (especially during Fall), the proximity of your closest friends, and how easy it is to find something new and exciting to do with them. I miss riding the North Line to class (shout out to my Gooch/Dillard peeps), waiting in ridiculous lines for dumplings at the dumpling truck, late-night studying in Rice Hall or Clark Library, and having some alone chill time at Wilsdorf Cafe between classes. I miss just walking around grounds. TAKE IN ALL IN WHILE YOU HAVE IT, PEOPLE. lol.
If there's one piece of advice you could give to first-year you, what would it be:
Don't ever let yourself get disappointed because you didn't get the grade you wanted, the job you applied to, accepted into the club you tried out for, or the attention from the girl/guy you were crushing on lol. College is a time to try, fail, and try again. There will indeed be many times you "fail", however what is more important and what truly speaks about your character is how to recover from those "failures" and try again! You won't always get what you want, and that's ok. No one is perfect, and you're worth giving yourself a second, third, fourth chance (etc).
I've already rambled so much lol but I'd like to say if anyone ever wants advice on Bio/Psych majors, pre-med/pre-nursing, or college/life in general, please do not hesitate to contact me! You can shoot me a message on fb or email (, I'm always willing and eager to help someone out, especially an OYFAn :)

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