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February 14, 2016
Upcoming Events
  • Tuesday: Historic Session @7pm
  • Tuesday: Intercourse @8pm
  • Saturday: Student Advisor Board Election Prep @6:30pm
  • Sunday: Board Elections @2pm
Board Announcements


Hello OYFAm!

We have ONE week until OYFA Board Elections.  It's not too late to nominate anyone you feel would be appropriate for the position, including yourself. Nominations will be accepted until 11:59 PM on February 20th. If you would like to drop your nomination or switch positions, you have until 1:59 PM on February 21st. Board Elections will be on February 21st at 2 PM in the Student Activities Building.Keep in mind that you must be a due paying member to participate in running or voting in elections. Direct all questions, comments, or concerns to the me at!


Current Nominations are as follows:


Madelyn Luansing

Vice President

Jane Canteros

Alex Zarzuela


Mary Alojado

Kyle Liu

Jerome Tirso

Corresponding Secretary

Patricia Gallegos

Kanata Omori

Recording Secretary

Maddie Budreau

Chris Fassoth

Alexus Ferguson

Alexa Gavino

Lawrence Han

Christine Lê

Joseph Malasa

Kyle Neuner

Catherine Phan

Oliver Viyar

Amy Zhang

In addition to this, we HIGHLY recommend that you speak to people that are presently in the position and were in the position previously. You can find this information by going to and looking under Officers > Position Archive.

Lots of Love,



❤Hey OYFA❤,
To celebrate this lovers' day, here are some articles worth loving:

Love is Worldwide9 Ways Love is Celebrate Around the World
Even though Valentine's Day is mainly an American holiday designated to celebrate love and affection, love celebrated everyday throughout the world. Checkout the link above to learn about how other cultures celebrate love, affection, intimacy, and friendship <3
First comes Love, Then Comes Marriage: 15 Unique Wedding Customs from Around the World and 15 Filipino Wedding Traditions You Won't Believe
As the saying goes, "First comes love, then comes marriage." Click on the first article to learn about unique wedding customs of familiar cultures. Check out the second article for some interesting traditions and beliefs regarding a Filipino marriage.
Love is a Mystery: What is Love?
Sometimes, love is a confusing facet of our lives. It can really be difficult for us to even understand what it means to love or to be loved. Watch the video to get an answer to the age-old-question of "What is Love?"

Mahal na mahal namin sa iyong lahat,😘 
ISIP (lad2bf, az2pj)



It's been a while since our last WIO appearance, but we hope you didn't miss us too much! If you have, come see us on Tuesday 7pm at our first event of the spring semester, 
THE HISTORIC SESSION. We'll be talking about cool people in *~POP CULTURE~* in the Philippines ranging from actors to dancers to talk show hosts and we'll be having a ~*special surprise*~ for the people in attendance tomorrow, so be sure to come out!

As always, continue checking out the 
Historic page following any OYFA events to see the awesome picture's we've taken. See you all soon!

HistoRich and HistoRose


What's up OYFA!

Thanks again for everyone who came out and played/supported in Winter Classic, we hope you all had a lot of fun! Shoutout to our men's team that made it to the semis and congratulations to our corec team for getting second place!! Here are our updates:
IM Sports: 1. Basketball - Wednesday (2/17), AFC, 
10 PM
                  2. Volleyball - Thursday (2/18), MEM, 10 PM
                  3. Please be there 15 minutes early. Or we get DQ'd. 
Sign up for our Relay for Life team >>>
       - Support the fight against cancer!
- 2KSports


Hello OYFA!

Thanks to everyone who braved the cold and came out to Winter Classic!  Mad props to Sports for organizing the event and to all of our fellow D7 schools for attending and competing.  Tech will be hosting Winter Classic next year, and its never too early to start GETTING HYPE.  

We will be organizing trips to visit other D7 schools for their culture shows!  Look out for sigh-up sheets from now to around Bario time.  Cars and drivers are especially needed.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting,
Patricia and Brian  


Kumusta Oyfamilia!

Thank you all for attending your practices despite your busy schedules. That said, MegaModern and First Year Modern are still open for sign-ups. National anthem and Skit are also looking for more people. Please sign-up on the link below:

The Cult,
Angel & Jane
aj4dg || jpc5ev


Hey OYFA! The website is back up! If you are planning to run for a board position, be sure to consult the Constitution for information about each position, the election process, etc. 
Best of Luck!
Kevin (kjt9wr)

Student Advisors


This week after the Historic Session, we're hosting Intercourse in Clark 108. Intercourse is essentially a large group discussion that gives us the opportunity to talk about issues relevant to our experience as Asian American college students at UVa. This year's Intercourse will focus on ways to branch out into UVa's vast social scene while still keeping our ties with cultural organizations. This is a great place to share your experiences for others to learn from, so we hope to see you there!

Then join us this Saturday at 6:30 PM location TBD for a special Board election prep Office Hours! If you're running for Board and you want some last minute advice/tips/tricks, come ask us questions! We have a lot of wisdom that we'd like to pass on to you. Also, if you can't make it on Saturday, feel free to contact us to make an appointment. 

Ok, that's all lol

-Student Advisors
Marc (mtn9vv) and Jor (jvt2de)

General Announcements 

The Vietnamese Student Association is proud to present its annual cultural showcase, 
TẾT SHOW 2016: The Fault in Our Starfruit! This year, we present to you a light-hearted comedy of the Story of Bao and the Starfruit tree. Follow Bao's story from rags to riches as he learns about the rewards of compassion. Come and explore the Vietnamese culture through this wonderful skit interwoven with traditional dances, musical acts, and other cultural performances! The show is Saturday, February 20th at 2PM in Burley Middle School.

We invite you to come celebrate and divulge in VSA@UVA’s culture with us! This will be a show you won’t want to miss! There will be AWESOME raffles prizes and after the show there will be a free Vietnamese catered meal that we hope you will join us for!

Each year, the Class Trustees bestow three awards upon graduating students who have contributed significantly to the University. These awards will be presented at 
Valedictory Exercises on Friday, May 20 at 3:00pm on the Lawn during this year's Finals Weekend. We hope that you will consider nominating a deserving fourth or fifth year who embodies the qualities of any of these three Class Awards. Online nomination forms can be found on our website on the Class of 2016 awards page

So, just as always, the first person to respond correctly to the following questions will be featured as next week's Featured OYFAN. However, anyone else who answers correctly will be entered into a raffle to win some awesome OYFA merch at the next General Meeting! You can find the answers in this WIO as well as OYFA's site
  • Where will Historic Session and Intercourse be held?
  • What's something you learned from ISIP's blurb? 

GL 😊
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