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February 21, 2016
Upcoming Events
  • Monday: Membership Dinner at 6pm
  • Wednesday: IM Basketball at 10pm
  • Thursday: IM Volleyball at 10:15pm
  • Sunday: Kamayan at 12pm
Board Announcements


Hello OYFAm!
Thank you for everyone who came out to OYFA elections today.  I wanted to formally introduce and congratulate the Executive Board for the 2016-2017 school year.  

President: Madelyn Luansing
Vice President: Alex Zarzuela
Corresponding Secretary: Kanata Omori
Recording Secretary: Christine Le

We currently have one vacancy for the Treasurer position.  Because of this, we have included an anonymous 
nomination form.  Please nominate individuals that you believe have the desire to be a part of board and excel in this spot.  Nominations will be accepted until Sunday February 28th at 11:59 PM.

If you are interested in applying for this position or have any questions about the process, please email me at or anyone else on board.




Welcome back to ISIP's corner! As per usual, here are some interesting tidbits and articles about the Philippines and other relevant topics.

The Process/The SystemElectoral System: Philippines
With so much politics going on these days and many elections underway, it's time that we learn something about the election process. Read about the electoral system of the Philippines; how does that compare to our electoral system? What about other society's electoral system?
Bet You Didn't Know: Who are the Philippines' Top Presidential Candidates?
Speaking of elections, did you know that the United States and OYFA aren't the only ones holding elections? Just as OYFA saw the election of a new President, so will the Philippines. On May 9, the Philippines will hold elections to appoint a new person into the presidency. Read the article to see who the candidates are and what they stand for. Who do these candidates remind you of with regards to the U.S. election; is there a Filipino Trump?
Is it Apple or Apl? Allan Pineda Lindo
February celebrates Black History Month. In honor of that, we have link's website. is an American rapper of Filipino and African-American descent. As a person who came from humble beginnings, has started a personal foundation that seeks to give back to the Philippines and to the youth. Learn more about him by checking out the website.
As always, if there are any specific topics you would like us to cover, just holler! Enjoy!

ISIP (lad2bf, az2pj)


Hey OYFAm!

We would like to introduce the Serbisyo award! Meaning “service,” Serbisyo will be based on participation in community events during the Spring 2016 semester, including Challah for Hunger and volunteering/signing up for the Lakas 5K. The Serbisyo award will be awarded to the OYFA family with the highest attendance points overall toward the end of the semester!

Community and ISIP will be cosponsoring Kamayan, meaning “using your hands” or “let’s eat together,” next Sunday, February 28th at Balz-Dolbie around 12PM. We will be cooking Maja Blanca and other Filipino treats for OYFAns and the general public to try! This event will also count towards Serbisyo! 

Come out to cook/watch us cook, try Filipino treats, give back to the community, and/or just chill with us! If you are interested, please sign up on this sheet.   
Thanks everyone!!
Your (Community) Care-Chairs,
Misha (mec9eq) & Celine (cln9ds)



Just a friendly reminder that if any of you go to Sushi King, please turn in your customer receipts to the receptionist desk for their records so that we can get funding back for our Scholarship fund!!! 


If you have any questions about the Sushi King sponsorship, or the scholarship, don't be afraid to reach out to us!

Aaron (aaa4aa) & Iain (ime9mp)


Hello OYFA!

Our first culture show trip is this upcoming weekend on Sunday Feb.  28th!  We will be visiting William and Mary for their show "Katiwala".  We will leave for W&M at 12, and plan to return to UVA later that night. 

Event Page:

Signup here

Good luck with midterms and dance practice yalls :)


What's up OYFA!

Just a reminder that this week will be the last week of the regular season before playoffs start for IMs, so come out and play/support!
IM Sports: 1. Basketball - Wednesday (2/24), AFC, 
10 PM
                  2. Volleyball - Thursday (2/25), MEM, 10 PM
                  3. Please be there 15 minutes early. Or we get DQ'd. 
Sign up for our Relay for Life team >>>
       - Support the fight against cancer!
- 2KSports


Long time, no see, OYFAm!

Hopefully you guys missed us as much as we missed you!
If you did, come join us for MEMBERSHIP DINNER TOMORROW
AT 6:30PM AT NEWCOMB DINING HALL! Hangout with us, please?

Also, if you ever need someone to talk to or want to hangout with someone,
remember we're always here for you guys!! :)

Everybody Loves ReyMin
Jasmin Nguyen (jvn7ju)
Reyna Huang (rlh3xt)


Kumusta OYFAM!

Greetings fam! Thank you for for attending practices! We are forever grateful! March is coming up and that means we are pushing for BETTER ATTENDANCE at Barrio practices. Its crunch time, BARRIO SEASON IS HERE and it’s not going anywhere! With that said, I hope you all have signed up for your desired dances, and if you are interested in signing up for a committee please contact us! We appreciate all the help we can get!

Here’s a small section to keep you guys updated with what we have accomplished and what we hope to accomplish these next couple of weeks:

HOOray for:

  • Finalizing and paying for this year's Barrio Venue! This Year’s Barrio will be at MLK Performing Arts Center!
  • Costumes from the Philippines have arrived!

  • Dance practices are coming along! Special thanks to all the choreographers!

  • Finalized skit roles, and had a successful script reading!

We hope to:

  • Meet with the committees to finalize duties!

  • Post about PR ideas for Barrio!

  • Increase attendance at Barrio Practices

    • 1st years especially! We love you all, come dance with us!

  • Increase sign ups for NATIONAL ANTHEM!

  • Hold a hangout for those willing to help us make(DIY):

    • costumes

    • props

We love you all, and we are so happy that things are coming along!

The Cult,

Angel Jomuad || aj4dg
Jane Canteros || jpc5ev


So, just as always, the first person to respond correctly to the following questions will be featured as next week's Featured OYFAN. However, anyone else who answers correctly will be entered into a raffle to win some awesome OYFA merch at the next General Meeting! 
  • What dances are you in for Barrio?
  • Where will Kamayan be held? 
  • What's something you learned from ISIP's blurb? 
GL 😊
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