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August 30, 2015
Upcoming Events 
  • First General Meeting: Thursday September 3 @7pm 
  • Student Advisor Office Hours: Friday September 4 @2pm
  • Welcome Back Barbecue: Saturday September 5 @12pm
More details below. Keep reading! Hope to see you at all these events :)
Board Announcements

Welcome – and welcome back – to UVA!  For our new members, welcome to the family; you have made a great choice in joining this dynamic organization that promotes the celebration of Filipino culture, charitable events, and networking with the larger University community.  For returning members, you have another awesome year of fun, friends, and free food in store for you!  Be sure to come out to our First General Meeting THIS THURSDAY (Clark 107 @ 7 PM) to find out what OYFA is all about.  As always Board is here to answer any questions, requests, and concerns, so feel free to shoot me an email any time.  I can’t wait to make OYFA’s 28th year the best year with all of you!
Much Love,
Kim Hall (knh9xe)

Vice President

Greetings, OYFAmily! 
My name is Elexa Rallos, I am a third year biology major, and I am your 2015-2016 Vice President. I'm primarily responsible for managing our council and helping out OYFA's council as much as needed! I'm quite excited to meet all of you (if we already have not met) and hope that you guys are ready for a fun year!

-VPepino (epr5fj)

Hey OYFAm!

My name is Madelyn Luansing and I am your Treasurer for the 2015-2016 school year. I am a third year from Alexandria, VA studying Computer Science (#ESchool). I'm in charge of funding all of OYFA’s events as well as selling awesome
OYFA merchandise that you can wear around Grounds. To our returning members, I look forward to sharing another year with you and growing together. To our new members, I can’t wait to meet you and I’m glad you chose to be a part of this family!

$tay fre$h ❤
mad$-money (mtl3jx)

Corresponding Secretary
What's up, guys! My name is Leangelo Acuna and I am a fourth year Biology/Environmental Science major and this year's Corresponding Secretary! I do a lot of the behind the scenes work for events like booking rooms and am also in charge of the Fall Symposium! I can't wait to see all the returning OYFAns and meet all the new ones!

-Leangelo (lba3hv)

Recording Secretary 

My name is Jerome Tirso and I'm a second year that is technically Undecided. I'm your recording secretary which means I'll be putting together and sending out this newsletter every Sunday evening to keep you updated! It's full of all the information you'll ever need, so make sure you absorb all of it. I'm looking forward to seeing you OYFANs and getting to know you babies! 

I love you all,
Jerome (jnt2yf) 
Jerome's Corner
Hey it's me again. This is Jerome's corner. Today we'll be talking about the Top 3 Reasons to Join OYFA!
1. People you can actually call your friends/family
     The people I've met in OYFA are the number one reason I am dedicated to this organization. This is going to sound sappy and lame, but we really make up a family that takes care of one another, has a lot of fun, and eats a lot of food. One thing you might know about me is that I didn't join OYFA until second semester first year. I knew practically no one, and almost immediately, upon arriving at my first OYFA event, I felt included in the family. It's the best. You'll know what that feeling's like soon enough.
2. Networking 
     OYFA is a big organization. You meet a lot of people and end up with connections within UVA as well as with OOFANs (alums). Once you're in OYFA, you can't walk into a building on grounds without knowing at least one person there. And on top of that, you have a whole network of friends that are involved all over grounds. And we all know that connections like that are invaluable. 
3. The opportunity to learn about Filipino culture
     Admittedly, I came to college somewhat out of touch with my Filipino culture. It wasn't really anyone's fault, thats just how it was. You learn a lot about the Filipino culture in OYFA during things like culture shows and other events. But you also learn a lot by meeting people who are either grew up or are from the Philippines. Like for the first time, I was around people that would appropriately respond to me saying "ay nako" when I drop a chicken strip on the floor. And you don't have to be Filipino to pick up on these little things. In my opinion, learning about other cultures is truly interesting, but it doesn't hurt that Filipino culture is very welcoming. 

     Anyways... Please know that I really mean the things that you just read. I'm not just saying it because I feel like I have to or anything like that. But, rest assured, if for some reason those three points didn't vibe with you, OYFA is an org that has something/a place for everyone. I know you'll find that thing/place! 
     These 3 reasons were a result of me polling a few current members and alums. However the commentary was mostly mine. If you want to share ideas with the rest of OYFA via the WIO, keep an eye out for a chance to participate in the next 'Jerome's Corner'. I'll see you at the general meeting. 

I love you all,

Kumusta OYFAmilia!
For those who don't know us, we are Angel and Jane, your current Culture Chairs for OYFA! In order to know us better, here are some fun facts about us:
Angel"I'm a second year Computer Science major who loves watermelOns, napping and cooking animes. And I WILL marry Chris Evans someday."
Jane: "I'm a second year Nursing student and I have an obsession with someday owning a farm. Also, I want a duck to imprint on me and think of me as its mother. LOL."
We are VERY excited to see old and new members come out to all our events. As Culture Chairs, we are in charge of cultural-related events throughout grounds that promote our organization and Filipino heritage. Some of these events include Culturefest and Barrio. HMU, if you like to perform or just have fun with your fellow Oyfans!

Can't wait to see you all (especially all you OYFA bebez),
Culture-Cuties 💟
Angel Jomuad (aj4dg) || Jane Canteros (jpc5ev


This is Richard Dizon and Rose Montgomery and we're 
extremely excited to be your Historic chairs this year! If you see two highly attractive people running around with cameras at some OYFA event, it's probably us! It's our job to maintain the Historic Page on Facebook (which you can find right 
here) by uploading pictures we've taken from every OYFA event across the year. It's our goal this year to have taken at least one profpic worthy picture of everyone, so the more you come out, the more beautiful pictures there'll be of you! We can't wait to meet you all, and we'll see you soon!

HistoRich and HistoRose



Hellooooo, returning and new members!


Our names are Jasmin Nguyen and Reyna Huang. We are both second years, Jasmin is double majoring in Cognitive Psychology and Art with a Concentration in New Media, and Reyna is majoring in Biology (on that Pre-Med track life). As some of you may know, we are this year’s membership chairs. We are pretty much the caretakers of all general members and try to elicit the most amount of hype for events. We want everyone to know that if you ever need a friend, we can always be that friend for you and you can contact us at anytime.
We are EXTREMELY excited for this school year and can’t wait to see everyone at the FIRST GENERAL MEETING on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3RD in CLARK 107 at 7PM and then IHOP afterwards!! We’re even more excited to kick start our BIG/LITTLE SIB WEEK on SEPTEMBER 19TH with FIELD DAY!!! We’re looking forward to a great school year filled with lots of adventures and laughs.

If you have any questions comment or concerns, you can contact Jasmin at and Reyna at
Everybody Loves ReyMin :-)
Jasmin Nguyen and Reyna Huang

Public Relations

Our names are Danielle and Dom, and we're your PR chairs for this year! We PRomote OYFA's events around Grounds and online by designing cool flyers, merchandise, and contests. We're super excited to see you all at the first general meeting!

Double D (Danielle - dd7an and Dom - dho9nt)

Hello OYFAmily!

  We're your Community Chairs (aka your Care-Chairs), Ariana Springer and Misha Capuno! Hope you all had a spectacular summer and are excited for this year!


As Community, we plan community service events to give back to the community and work with our main charity: He Cares Foundation. They provide basic needs to street children in the Metro Manila area of the Philippines. We also encourage the bonds between OYFA, the UVA/Charlottesville community, and Filipino communities.

Looking ahead - mark your calendars for October 30th, we're co-sponsoring with Sports for OYFA's Annual Lakas 5K Mad Glow Run. More info and more events to come!


We're eager to work with everyone and see you all soon!

Your (Community) Care-Chairs

Misha (mec9eq) & Ariana (ams5en)



Welcome Class of 2019! We hope everyone had a great summer! Our names are Aaron Aguhob and Iain Encarnacion, and we are your Scholarship Endowment Chairs for the 2015-2016 term. We are in charge of raising funds for the OYFA Excellence Scholarship that is awarded to a first year applicant! We also run a Mentor/Mentee Program that pairs first years with upperclassmen in their prospective majors.


We hope you enjoy your year with OYFA, whether it’s your first or fourth!


Aaron (aaa4aa) & Iain (ime9mp)


 Hey OYFA,

We just wanted to introduce ourselves as your Social Chairs for the year! Welcome to grounds Class of 2019, and welcome back to all of the upperclassmen!


We hope to see you all at the first general meeting this Thursday. Bring your student IDs to get ½ off at our trip to IHOP right after the meeting. If you need a ride or want to offer one, please sign up here: IHOP Rides.

Also, make sure to come to the Welcome Back BBQ next weekend on Saturday, September 5th @ 12pm, at the 1815 JPA Parking Lot. Check out the Facebook event page for more info. Come for free food, catching up with friends, and meeting some new ones!


If you have any questions, or just want to hang out with just let us know! We can’t wait to see all of you!

Your soci-AL chairs,

Ally and Alex

(alc3va & aez3eb)


Heyy OYFA!
Hope you all had a great summer!! This is Lawrence Moreno Dulay and Kat Goduco, your ISIP (Initiative for Studies in Pilipino) Committee Chairs this year! We focus on advocacy as well as issues and events affecting not only the AAPA community, but also the UVa community as a whole. We have a lot of fun and interesting events planned for you this year, so watch out! See you all soon!
😘Mucho Mahal 😘,
"Katrence" (kpg2rf, lad2bf)


Hey OYFA! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Kevin Thumim and I'm OYFA's webmaster for this year. My main job is to maintain OYFA's website: , so be sure to check it out! I really look forward to meeting and getting to know all of you this upcoming year. Let's make this year a good one!

Kevin (kjt9wr)


What's up OYFA!
It's your sports chairs Kanata and Kyle. For those of you who are new we handle anything sports related within OYFA which includes IM sports, football tournaments, etc. Now on to some announcements. We're glad to tell you that our firs IM sport for the fall semester will be FOOTBALL. The season will get under way in a few weeks, so to make sure we capture that championship trophy we'll be having practice sometime this week so be on the lookout on the OYFA Facebook page.
Also if you haven't already, join the "Chilling out with OYFA" page on Facebook! We use it to get a group of people together to either play tennis or basketball or to just hang out!

- brought to you by 2kSports
Kanata (keo2eb) and Kyle (kl7ds)

D7 Representatives 

Hey OYFA! :)


We hope everyone had an awesome first week of school! We are Jean Salac and Patricia Gallegos and we are so excited to serve you this year on OYFA Council as your FIND District 7 representatives. For those of you who don’t know us, let us introduce ourselves:

I’m Jean Salac (I’m the one being piggybacked) and I’m a second-year Computer Engineering major.

I’m Patricia Gallegos (co-chair carrier extraordinaire) and I’m a second-year Human Biology major.

For those of you who haven’t heard, District VII (D7) is a district of FIND (Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue). It is exactly that, a national network of schools dedicated to promoting awareness of Filipino culture and issues.We have lots of big events planned for this year, and we hope you will all come out to them!


The D7 Executive Board is currently looking for a National Director Proxy. No D7 experience is needed. The National Director Proxy’s position is an understudy to the National Directors (NDs), who act as liaisons between D7 and FIND. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! And come see us at the September General Meeting on September 3rd!


We can’t wait to meet all of you!


Much mahal,

Your D7 Reps

Student Advisors 

Welcome back to Grounds! Marc and I are very excited and honored to serve as your student advisors this school year. As student advisors, our role is to act as a general resource to all members of the group. Feel free to ask us for advice regarding classes, events you're trying to organize, and even other clubs around Grounds that you might be interested in learning more about. We generally schedule weekly office hours on Friday afternoons, so feel free to come hang out and speak to us then. This week, we will be holding office hours on Friday, September 4th 2PM at the Pav. If you can't make office hours or prefer to chat with us another time, don't hesitate to reach out and schedule an appointment with us! We're here for y'all.
Have a great second week and enjoy this photo of us from our first year! 
Student Advisors
Jor (jvt2de) + Marc (mtn9vv)

General Announcements

Interested in becoming more involved in A/APA community? Want to learn more about ASU or other CIOs? Interested in performances by groups such as lion dance? Come to ASU's first fall general meeting on Monday August 31st at 6 PM in the Student Activities Building (SAB).

​Come join the Vietnamese Student Association at our
 First General Meeting 
 Tuesday, September 1st @
​ ​
7:30 in Clark 107! We 
 everyone to 
​meet our officers
​learn about ​our events and 
what we do as an organization!
​ It'll be lots of fun and there will be FREE PIZZA, so don't miss out!​ Y
​also ​
do NOT have to be Vietnamese to join :)

So, just as always, the first person to respond correctly to the following questions will be featured as next week's Featured OYFAN. However, anyone else who answers correctly will be entered into a raffle to win some awesome OYFA merch at the next General Meeting! You can find the answers in this WIO as well as OYFA's site
  • Where are we going to eat after the First General Meeting? 
  • I'm a culture chair that likes farming! Guess hoo (Just send me the name of this person) 
GL 😊
Featured OYFAN

Name: Marc Nepomuceno 

Graduation Year: 2016

Major:  Biology

About: Hi everybody! My name is Marc, a Fourth Year from Virginia Beach, VA. Besides being one of the Student Advisors for OYFA (come to Office Hours this Friday in the Pav at 2!), I am also an advisor for PAFN, a Support Specialist at SHINE Systems & Technologies, and a Biology Greenhouse Research Aide. In my free time, I like to clean my room/apartment/friend's apartment, waste my time watching YouTube videos, or buy things online. 

What do you plan to do post-grad: Well, after taking a semester off from the pre-med life, I'm back to being pre-med lol. So once I graduate, I'll be taking a gap year to take my MCAT, work a little bit, and maybe do a post-bac program before applying to med schools.

Favorite OYFA Memory: My favorite OYFA memory would probably be my first Barrio. Going to all the practices, learning the dances, and just bonding with everybody was always a great time. Also experiencing all of the traditions associated with Barrio for the first time made it more memorable, and seeing months of hard work and practice come together the day of made everything worth it. And in just a few short months, I'll be performing in my last Barrio with the OYFA Class of 2016 omg.  

Advice: For all the underclassmen, especially First Years, and even upperclassmen, my one piece of advice would be to not limit yourself with anything, whether it be with the classes you take, the clubs you join, or the decisions you make. College is a time for growth and self-learning, so take this opportunity to expand your experiences, to make mistakes and learn from them, and to just have a fun time. 

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