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November 22, 2015
Upcoming Events 
  • Barrio Workshop: Monday Nov. 23 7pm
Jerome's Corner
 Guess what? I'm thankful for you (yes you!) for reading this newsletter. Wherever you're going and with whomever you're spending it, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving or, if anything, a nice break from all the great work you've been doing. And before you know it, you'll be back together with your OYFAm, hopefully 15 lbs heavier with a ridiculously unnecessary amount of new clothes, yes? 

I love you all,

Hey OYFAmilia!
We hope that everyone has an awesome time at break next week. That being said, before you leave, please stop by for our BARRIO WORKSHOP this Monday at Runk Green Room, 7pm! Don't miss out on the opportunity to act, dance, avoid getting hit by sticks, and more! Looking forward to seeing all of you 💟
Also, the opportunity to sign up for modern dances for Barrio has been extended, so keep signing up. The link is on the post pinned on the OYFA FB page ✨
The Cult,
Angel Jomuad & Jane Canteros
(aj4dg & jpc5ev)


Hey OYFA!! 

We hope y'all are all in a good food coma from Thanksgiving Potluck today! Celebrating our favorite holidays with the OYFAm is our favorite thing to do, so make sure you make it out to our next event, Secret Santa, on December 5th at 8:00PM in Runk Green Room!! Make sure to sign up to get a secret santa before this Tuesdayat midnight too with this link: 
Also no membership this dinner this week since everyone will be going home for break, but we'll see you guys the first Monday back for sure! 
-Everybody Loves ReyMin
Reyna (rlh3xt) & Jasmin (jvn7ju) 

Thanks so much to those who already signed up/donated for Holiday Sharing! As you go home for break this week, please try to bring donations back to Cville! Donations are due December 2nd. Have a wonderful break!

Your Community Care-Chairs,
Misha (mec9eq) & Celine (cln9ds)



Thank you to all the first years who came to our Fireside Chat, we hope you all had fun and are excited to apply for the scholarship next semester! 
Next week is the last week before finals season begins! But don't worry! Scholarship has rooms in Clark booked just for you!
Check this spreadsheet for which rooms are available for you all to study in: 
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put your name down if you will be using a room, not just so we can account for space but also to give other people a chance to use the room if no one is currently using it!
NOTE: if a room DOES NOT have any names down by the time our reservation starts, we will be cancelling our reservation to allow other people to use the rooms for finals since it's only fair!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Aaron (aaa4aa) & Iain (ime9mp)

 Hey OYFA, 
To those of you who came out to the 1st & 4th year mixer, we hope you enjoyed it! We will be planning more events like that in the future, so look out for those!
Here's the Ski Trip interest form, please fill it out so we can send out the binding signup form with approximate prices! 
As always, if you have any suggestions for social events, or just want to chill, hit us up!
Your soci-AL chairs,
 Alex & Ally 
(aez3eb & alc3va)


Thanks to those of you who were able to attend the Safespace Training. We hope you guys had a great educational experience and were able to learn a lot about the LGBTQ Community. Let's keep showing them our support! 
On another note, we hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving break!!! Rest up, eat a lot, enjoy family company, and don't forget to shop 'til you drop during Black Friday! We hope y'all have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!
ISIP (lad2bf, az2pj)


What's up OYFA!
If ya’ll don’t know, we have set up a Relay for Life team for OYFA! Relay for Life is an amazing event held every year to help fight the battle against cancer and to celebrate those who have survived their battle. We’ll be having fundraisers throughout the year to help donate to the American Cancer Society. Join our team here: . Feel free to donate! Every penny donated helps! You also get a super dope gif from us when you sign up!
- 2KSports

D7 Representatives 

Hello OYFA!

First of all, thanks to our delegates who attended FIND Dialogue this past weekend.  We had a fantastic time traveling, meeting new people, and talking about our hertitage.  Also, huge props to our drivers Alex Zarzuela and Cory Einsmann for making the trip up to UCONN possible.

Congrats to the Kalinga family for bringing the most OYFA Thrift Store donations to Potluck!  Thrift Store will be held December 2rd. 11.30-3.30PM in the Newcomb Kaleidoscope Room.  We are still collecting donations, and it would be awesome if you raided your closets for donations over Thanksgiving!

Much Mahal!

-D7 Reps


So, just as always, the first person to respond correctly to the following questions will be featured as next week's Featured OYFAN. However, anyone else who answers correctly will be entered into a raffle to win some awesome OYFA merch at the next General Meeting! You can find the answers in this WIO as well as OYFA's site
  • Tell me anything about Barrio Workshop
  • What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? 

GL 😊
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