It’s beginning to look a lot like …

That week in November when everything gets really intense and stressful!

Are you with me <<First Name>>?

Or are you a super smooth festive operator?

It can be a challenge to enjoy all the stuff when there’s still all the stuff to do. I don’t help myself by feeling the need to do everything for everyone. I mean, surely I can be in three places at once and have baked 72 mince pies for all three festive fayres I feel I should be helping at this weekend, on top of the day job and mothering.

And no … I haven’t sorted the advent calendars out yet either. I’m not sure I even know where they are (back of garage).

So in honour of the pre Christmas season I’m sharing a super chilled out vibe with you. It’s my 3 Pilates exercises for calm on my (being revamped) YouTube channel. So give yourself 10 minutes, switch on and tune out of the day with me.

Today’s class

If you’ve got a little longer and prefer a live teach, I’m teaching today at 1.30pm. Drop-ins welcome along with returners!

See you later


3 Pilates breathing exercises for calm