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16 February 2017 |

Dear <<First Name>>

The website has been updated with a new article and blog post. Please do not hesitate to express your views which you can do at the bottom of each article and blog post on the website. As far as possible, I will try and respond within a reasonable period to all rational comments when I am contactable.

Opposition to the Fair Chase Guild

BLOG: Opposition to the Fair Chase Guild

I was a teenager when I first came across the phenomenon. My favourite cousin’s husband was doing his internship at Grootte Schuur hospital. I admired him. I thought there was no higher calling than treating the sick and so was aghast to learn about the ugly, unfounded gossip and vicious internal politics that proliferated in the hospital. How could the two be reconciled? Unfortunately, as I have grown older, I have experienced this phenomenon more than once. It often seems to me that the more sincere the aims, the more vicious the criticism. Are we really just a bunch of crayfish pulling down those who have a chance to crawl out of the bucket and escape? ... continue reading

First Buffalo

ARTICLE: First Buffalo

Do you remember your first kiss? I mean a real kiss. Not one of those cheek grazing, lip brushing, air kisses into nothingness and nowhere. Do you remember your first bicycle? Your first motor car? I must confess I have a much clearer memory of my first car than my first kiss. My first kiss came quite unexpectedly at the age of 13 after walking a trim, young, blonde haired girl back from a Friday night bop in Knysna one Christmas vac. I had only met her that afternoon, had danced with her once or twice – you still danced with one person at a time in those days – and, when I dropped her off at her front door, I was suddenly grabbed and properly kissed. To be honest, I was so inexperienced, so taken aback, half embarrassed because I was not sure what to do, how to behave or how to kiss her back, that I can’t pretend I enjoyed the novel experience ... continue reading

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