Miksang Institute Newsletter
Volume 24: January, 2016

Dear Friends of the Miksang Institute,

All of us at the Institute send our best wishes for a wonderful 2016!

Opening the Good Eye PDF now available

We are pleased to announce the release of a beautiful PDF version of Opening the Good Eye available only at
The PDF can be viewed anytime on your computer and you can also put it on your IPad for viewing anywhere you are. Michael has added some new images. You can also buy both the PDF and the Print Book for a discounted bundle price.


2016 Miksang Summer Institute

Our 2016 Miksang Summer Institute begins in June this year, and will cover the first three courses of the curriculum, and, for those of you who have been waiting for Space and Cutting Loose, we will be offering these two workshops this year as well.

*All 5 levels of the Miksang Institute have been confirmed!*

* There is a discounted price of $395 for students who would like to do a refresh of any workshop they have taken before! Send us an e-mail if you would like to return to any of the workshops.

* The Best Western Plus is offering a discounted price for participants.

* There are also economical housing options available locally through friends of the Institute and Airbnb.  

* For the first time, there will be a two-day tutorial before the Summer Institute for people who need some personal training in how to use their camera and editing software with confidence. Subjects to be covered will be the best camera settings for your camera, point of focus, depth of field, and exposure. On the second day we will go through how to transfer your images to a USB stick and edit them on your laptop. Mac users only, please. The cost per participant is $200. Maximum number is five. To register, please email us at:

Miksang in Kyoto, Japan
We have a 10 day intensive of the first three courses in the Miksang Training curriculum in  Kyoto, Japan in May, and we still have a few places open for students from outside Japan.

                                                                    Photo © John Einarsen

Other Upcoming Miksang Workshops:

Opening the Good Eye with Fiona Wiseman

Edmonton, Alberta, April 28 - May 1st

Opening the Good Eye with April Siegfried
Asheville, North Caroline  April 21 - 24

Opening the Good Eye with Michael Wood and Julie DuBose
Royal Roads University. Victoria British Columbia. Oct. 19 - 23

Christmas Day Walks with Michael Wood by Fiona Wiseman

Michael’s Christmas Day walks in Toronto are legendary to anyone who knows him. He published a book a few years ago that chronicled the first three years of his perceptions on these walks – ‘A Walk on the Wild Side’...
Read More>>


Miksang Workshops in Germany with Hiltrud Enders (in German)

For all other Miksang News and Updates, visit

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