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Welcome to the September edition of the SEEd e-newsletter. This month’s newsletter will focus on the Sustainable Development Goals which leaders from 193 countries around the world are set to agree upon on the 25th September. Keep reading to find out more.
You you will also find news on sustainable development in the Education sector and sustainable schools, ESD, environment news, sustainability news, jobs, funding and any upcoming events, courses or consultations.

The Sustainable Development Goals Explained
This September marks the introduction of the new Sustainable Development Goals that are set to replace the Millennium Development Goals in January 2016. Find out how they differ from the MDG’s and what’s changed. Read more →
SEEd News and Members News

SEEd News

  • Facilitation Course Update and Reschedule – The SEEd facilitation course has been rescheduled. Can you make the new dates? If so, come along and be inspired! Read more →
  • SEEd’s AGM Meeting - On the 15th of October, SEEd will host its annual AGM meeting in London. All SEEd members are invited to attend. Read more →
  • Refugee Crisis – Evidently the refugee crisis at hand is a challenging and difficult news story that has dominated our headlines since the beginning of the Syrian civil war in 2011. We investigate what can be done to sensitively and honestly educate young people and encourage engagement with the real world issues. Read more →

SEEd Member News

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  • ThinkGlobal – Think Global, in partnership with Project Everyone, have been busy organising ‘The World’s Largest Lesson’ set to take place in classrooms worldwide on the week beginning 28th September. It is based primarily around the Sustainable Development Goals, and provides a wealth of resources to anyone wishing to be involved. Read more →
  • The Hideout House Company – SEEd are pleased to announce that The Hideout House Company are now members of SEEd. They specialise in turning outdoor spaces into truly engaging and educational areas. Read more →
  • NUS – The National Union of Students present shocking evidence that for the fifth year in a row, 80% of students still want their institutions to be doing more on sustainability and 60% want to learn more about sustainability! Read more →
News and Research

Education and Environment News

  • Global Goals campaign seeks to make sustainable development famous - When world leaders gather in New York for the UN general assembly next week, they will commit to a plan to end extreme poverty, tackle inequality and reduce the impact of climate change by 2030. Read more →
  • Vivienne Westwood drives tank to Cameron’s home in fracking protest – Designer drives military vehicle through Witney to Chadlington, Oxfordshire in order to carry out fake ‘chemical attack’. Read more →
  • Life in California’s drought valley: No Water to shower, cook or clean – Bucket showers, no flushing toilets and daily trips to collect bottled water are the reality for many people in East Porterville. Read more →
  • Sleep scientists’ wake-up call for later school starts - Research suggests that the UK education system is at fault for ignoring the importance of the body clock. Scientists claim that the body clock of adolescents runs three hours later than young children and older adults and therefore starting school at 10am is suggested will benefit teenagers. Read more →
  • Bill Gates calls for Manhattan Project-style renewable energy drive – The world’s richest man said he planned to double his own investment in green technologies to nearly£1.3bn. Read more →

Research, Publications and Guidance

  • Universal Sustainable Development Goals, Osborn, Cutter and Ullah. A Comprehensive report of study on the 2015 Sustainable development goals, presenting an understanding of the transformational challenge for developed countries. Read more →
  • Animating the universal aspect of the Sustainable Development Goals, IIED – The IIED have put together a great animation highlighting the universalism of the Sustainable Development Goals. Works well for explaining the goals to both adults and young people alike. Watch video →
  • Seeds of Change, Jen Cullerton Johnson, 2010. This highly celebrated Children’s book, recommended for 5-9 yrs, follows the life of a young Kenyan girl. Wangari is taught to respect nature at a young age and spends her life promoting and facilitating environmentalism and feminism. Not only great for educating young people about different cultures and environmental issues but also provides a source of inspiration for the coming generation. Read more →
School Stories and Events


  • SEEd: Facilitation for Learning for Sustainability and Transformation, 25th-26th Nov 2015 (Part1), January 2016 TBC (Part 2). The SEEd Facilitation Course will take place for in the fantastic location of The Earth Trust in Oxfordshire. This four-day course will focus on the impact of transformational learning and change through group processes for sustainability. Read more →
  • ZSL: Making London Nature Smart, 24th September 2015, Zoological Society of London in Regents Park. Join this one-day symposium to share ideas about how to make London more sustainable. Read more →
  • The Mammal Society: Urban Mammals, 3rd October 2015, Horniman Museum London. A one-day Course giving an introduction to the conservation and importance of those mammals that can be observed in our environment. Read more →
  • Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust: Marine Educator Course, 2nd October 2015, Devon. Do you want to inspire children in their learning through the coastal environment? Read more →
Take Part

Take Part

  • POLLI:NATION – Learning through Landscapes are offering the polli:nation scheme to schools nationwide. If you are up to the challenge you could be eligible to a grant of up to £4000 to help you transform your schools to become a haven for pollinating insects amongst an array of other benefits. Read more →
  • It Is Our World – Calling all budding artists! ItIsOurWorld are currently looking for sustainable art pieces from 4-19yr olds, in order to document the varied views of the world through the eyes of young people. A lot of fun and completely free! Read more →
  • Car Free Day – On September 22nd, become part of a worldwide effort to raise awareness of the damage caused by the use of private vehicles (air pollution, noise, etc.) and to stress the rights of pedestrians and cyclists. Read more →


  • Westminster City Council: Outdoor Education Intern, Closing Date 25th September – An Opportunity to undertake a 12 month internship with Wer City Council & Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The role consists of hosting environmental day visits at Paddington Recreation Ground and Holland Park. Read more →
  • Hill Holt Wood Education Ranger, Closing Date 8th October – Hill Holt Wood, a nationally recognised Environmental Social Enterprise, are looking to appoint a full time education ranger to undertake a vast spectrum of tasks including the education of disadvantaged young people. Read more →
  • Spring School Teachers, Closing date 4th October: Edinburgh Zoo’s successful spring school programme for 5 to 15 year olds will continue in 2016 and we are now recruiting eight teachers to plan and deliver exciting activities based upon the theme ‘Let It Grow’, exploring biodiversity around the world. Read more →
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