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Issue 11, 23 February 2016

A monthly reader featuring all things Offline First, covering theory, technology and user experience for new offline use cases. We also want to invite you to help us cover a comprehensive scope of this quickly growing field. You can by submitting articles, cases or other news giving insight into the developments regarding Offline First.


Last week Nolan Lawson, PouchDB core developer, gave a talk on Web Workers at BrooklynJS and introduced some Web Worker unification theories about multi-threaded JavaScript in the browser and app performance. 
Nolan Lawson, 02/18/2016
SpeakerdeckWeb Worker
Web Powered SMS Inbox with Service Worker: Push Notifications. Both Chrome and Firefox now support push notifications via Service Workers and this post addresses adding a feature to the SMS application to send push notifications whenever the connected Twilio number receives an incoming message.
Twilio Blog, 02/18/2016
How ToService Worker
The various concerns when talking about mobile devices. Hoodie contributor Robert Katzki speaks in depth to some common concerns that ultimately lead to what Offline First is all about.
Robert Katzki, 02/18/2016
PostWeb WorkersMobile
The Opera Dev Team has created a list of Progressive Web Apps. Add yours now because this list is pretty cool!  
Opera, 02/18/2016
ListProgressive Web Apps
Offline Wikipedia Demo. Jake Archibald (of Google Chrome fame) has created a very Offline First demo of Wikipedia (as mentioned in his recent post on The future of loading CSS) which even includes some entertaining content examples. 
Jake Archibald, 02/17/2016
Demo Offline First
PouchDB adds async/await examples to their official documentation. Updates to their documentation include examples of promises, callbacks, and async functions, among others.
PouchDB API Reference Guide, 02/16/2016
The Anatomy of a Frame, or how how Chrome gets from vsync to pixels. Very worth the detailed read through of processes “about parts of the pixel pipeline, and what fires when and why,” including some helpful diagrams (that are also available for download).
Paul Lewis, 02/15/2016
Step by step guideChrome
The Web Worker spec ( for the HTML Living Standard was recently amended to include support for ES6 modules. 
Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG), 02/15/2016
Using Web Workers to make React faster. ReactJS is faster when Virtual DOM reconciliations are done on a Web Worker thread (includes a demo).
Parashuram Narasimhan, 02/09/2016
BlogWeb Worker
Contributing to an Inclusive Open-Source Community. The Hoodie Open Source project got a shout out for inclusivity efforts in this article written by contributor Gem Barrett. 
The Open Technology Institute, 02/04/2016
ArticleHoodie Offline First
Open Service Worker Questions. Includes an update after a response from Jake Archibald.
Anselm Hannemann, 02/04/2016
BlogService Worker
Hoodie aims to be one of open source's most diverse and inclusive communities. Written by Hoodie contributor Gem Barrett, this article mentions Hoodie’s efforts to be inclusive through intentional communication. A must read for anyone participating in Open Source., 02/04/2016
ArticleHoodieOffline First
Service Worker notes from Adactio.
Jeremy Keith, 02/04/2016
BlogService Worker
Making A Service Worker: A Case Study. Everything you ever wanted to know about service workers and more (quite a lot more).
Smashing Magazine, 02/01/2016
Case StudyService Worker


“Why mobile first is outdated”
Intercom via Medium, 01/29/2016
A faster, more stable Chrome on iOS
Chromium Blog, 01/27/2016
Blog Browser SupportChrome
Create a really, really simple offline page using Service Workers. 
Dean Hume, 01/25/2016
How ToService Worker
The Service Worker Cookbook
Mozilla, Available since Dec 2015
How ToService WorkerProgressive Web Apps
The first step to a successful offline-first application architecture is a database layer that handles synchronisation in the face of unreliable networks. Apache CouchDB and its family of peers, like PouchDB and Couchbase Mobile, are exactly what you need.

If you rely on CouchDB for your business, we will make sure everything goes well. Get professional support from Neighbourhoodie Software today!


O’Reilly Fluent Conference in San Francisco (CA), US: Bradley Holt – “Offline-First Apps with PouchDB”
O'Reilly Fluent Conference: Mar 8-10, 2016
ConferenceSan Francisco
Web Performance NY in New York (NY), US: Gleb Bahmutov and Nolan Lawson will talk about Service Workers and Web WorkersTaking advantage of ServiceWorker and WebWorkers for faster boot up times”
Web Performance NY: Mar 16, 2016
MeetupNew York
EmberConf 2016 in Portland (OR), US: John Kleinschmidt – Using Service Workers in Ember
EmberConf 2016: Mar 28-30, 2016
Render Conference in Oxford, UK: Ola Gasidlo – I’m offline, cool! What now? 
Render Conference: Apr 21-22, 2016
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Slack channelContribute
This reader was compiled and edited by contributors to and is kindly supported by Neighbourhoodie Software. Further reading, space for research and discussion can be found in the Offline First repo on GitHub.

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