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Each month before the Newsletter is written (not always but usually) the idea of what will be written about shows up. Last month, shortly after the December Newsletter went out, the idea "The Observer is the Observed" appeared. It had seemed that this had already been written about in a prior Newsletter. However, what was discovered is that it came from reading J. Krishnamurti's book titled "Total Freedom," back in 2012 and is just now re-appering in consciousness. Sometimes things take a bit of time to get in because there truly is none ... time is a great illusion; just like you are.

You might find you read these Newsletters now and not fully grasp what is being shared but like a flower, the seed gets planted and then watered and the sun shines on it, a stem grows and before you know it pedals are appearing ... this is what can come from what one does not understand (do you really understand a seed ... how about the seed that you once were in your mother and father can you understand that?). The reverse is the same as well ... Awareness comes and pulls the pedals back in, the stem goes back into the ground and the seed gets removed and what is left is what has always been there ... Aware of all of it (the same happens with the body).

When one comes from the space of Awareness or when one places the attention on what is Aware of all things, then the obviousness of the Observer being the Observed is revealed ... it's True and simple ... it needs no further discussion. However, when the Observed thinks it is the Observer then it becomes convoluted and quite complicated. This was seen throughout the month. In Stillness, when the attention is placed on that which is Still ... everything that shows up is perfect ... it doesn't matter if what shows up is mean, angry, beautiful, ugly, nice, sweet, painful, pleasurable, exciting or boring, wanted or unwanted, whatever shows up (either seemingly inside or outside oneself) is perfect ... there is nothing in one to fight against anything that is appearing ... the appearance itself is everything.

It is not an effort but it is a type of discipline to continue to place the attention on that which does not move, over that which does; especially when observing that which is moving. In Mediation, it is only a shift from one's thoughts to Awareness and even that can be quite challenging, until one has made it natural to do so. This becomes natural through the discipline or repetition of placing the attention there. If one has begun to do this, then they can bring it into the world of Movement. At first you may wish to close your eyes, to Stop and close your eyes and center yourself in that which is Still. 

Stillness always is and therefore is always there to focus or place the attention on. It only takes an instant, less than, to place the attention on Stillness. Then when the eyes open you will see from that Space ... from that Still Vast Space. It may only be an momentary blip that you see in this way, but each time that this is repeated makes it more natural and eventually it will be unnatural to come from movement. It will be as unnatural as trying to be on TV, while sitting in a recliner watching it (not a great example because there is no one in the recliner, but it will do for now).

You will know when you are coming from the aspect of being an "Individual," when you think you can figure it out. When you are standing talking with someone and trying to convince yourself that they are you.

From Awareness there is nothing that is not it and at the same time ... nothing is it (paradox). When this happens, it would be helpful again, if able, to close the eyes and Stop ... just for an instant, place the attention on what doesn't move ... Stillness. Then open the eyes again. You will not always remember to do this, however, it will happen more and more frequently as you do. It is like hitting refresh on the computer when a page freezes, except you are hitting the Stop on the movement within yourself to become Aware of what moves.

Why would one do this?
Do it and See!

For those that need reasons ... one is less and less affected by the reactions of what you call yourself and others. One will not be struggling to change what you think of as yourself or anyone else. One will smile more and find situations that one once found frustrating or serious as silly and funny. One will lose the look of concern and it will be replaced with the look of wonder and awe.

These are just a few things that begin to naturally change as one shifts from the Observer is the Observed to simple Awareness.
Happy Same Year that it ever is! :o)
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