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MIT to neutralize 17 percent of carbon emissions through purchase of solar energy

via MIT News

Partnership of three local organizations could set a sustainability example for others to follow.

New record for fusion

via MIT News

Alcator C-Mod tokamak nuclear fusion reactor sets world record on final day of operation.


3 Questions: Maria Zuber on stepping up MIT’s response to climate change

via MIT News

MIT’s vice president for research discusses the challenges ahead for MIT and the world.

Why have solar energy costs fallen?

via MIT News

MIT team awarded U.S. Department of Energy grant to investigate cost reductions in solar energy systems.


MIT launches new venture for world-changing entrepreneurs

via MIT News

The Engine will provide funding, space, and expertise—powering a network of innovation networks.

More MIT Energy News

New kind of supercapacitor made without carbon

via MIT News

Energy storage device could deliver more power than current versions of this technology.

Engaging industry in addressing climate change

via MIT News

At Climate Week conference, MIT Joint Program lays out the 2 degree Celsius challenge for oil and gas producers.

ExxonMobil joins MIT Energy Initiative’s low-carbon technology R&D program

via MIT Energy Initiative

Low-Carbon Energy Centers are engaging across industries and sectors in advancing climate solutions.

Benoit Forget: Unraveling complexities of nuclear reactors

via MIT News

By making detailed simulations of reactor cores, the MIT engineer is helping to advance new designs.

Electric motors find new roles in robots, ships, cars, and microgrids

via MIT News

James Kirtley discusses the transition from gas to electric motors and the impact these motors have had on modern technologies.

Tata Center Symposium seeks collaboration for a better world

via MIT News

Researchers, distinguished guests, and members of the MIT community convene to discuss how to translate innovative research into entrepreneurial impact in the developing world.

With new model, buildings may “sense” internal damage

via MIT News

System predicts how MIT’s tallest structure responds to vibrations, may help monitor stress over time.

Water vapor sets some oxides aflutter

via MIT News

Newly discovered phenomenon could affect materials in batteries and water-splitting devices.

Gregory Stephanopoulos receives Samson Prize for Innovation in Alternative Fuels

via MIT News

Metabolic engineering pioneer recognized for his work in the engineering of microbes for biofuels production.

In the Media

MIT & Boston Medical Center are building a 650-Acre, 60-megawatt solar farm

via BostInno

BostInno reporter Olivia Vanni writes that MIT, Boston Medical Center and Post Office Square Redevelopment Corp. have formed an alliance to purchase energy from a new solar power installation. “The amount of yearly clean energy generated from the project is 146 gigawatt-hours, which could lead to a reduction of 119,500 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions,” writes Vanni.

MIT president on turning innovative research into real results

via CBS News

President L. Rafael Reif appeared on CBS This Morning to discuss innovation and research for a better world with Charlie Rose and Margaret Brennan. “At MIT, and places like MIT, you can actually see the future,” said Reif.


Bosch Information Session and Recruiting Event

November 15: Interested in transformative technologies? Care about the environment and energy problems? Looking for a career that could take you all over the world? Come learn about working for a global company on technologies for future cars, industrial machines, battery technologies, smart grid, other forms of energy conversion and storage, and much more. Bosch representatives will provide information on paid internships around the US, transformative energy technologies, and other areas of student interest. Lunch provided! Learn more and RSVP.

MITEI Seminar with Harvard's Bill Hogan

November 9: Talk details to come! Join MITEI for a seminar talk delivered by the Harvard Kennedy School's Raymond Plank Professor of Global Energy Policy Bill Hogan. Save the date and RSVP.

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