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Study: Low-emissions vehicles are less expensive overall

via MIT News

Detailed look at 125 U.S. auto models finds those emitting less carbon are the least expensive to drive.

MIT, Québec research institutions launch initiative to analyze low-carbon energy policy options

via MIT News

Focusing on New England/Québec Region, Québec premier and MIT vice president for research speak at Boston signing ceremony; Hydro-Québec CEO pledges funding.

MIT and French research institutions collaborate on climate-conscious materials

via MIT News

MultiScale Material Science for Energy and Environment research partnership could reduce the carbon footprint of materials such as concrete.

More MIT Energy News

Energy orientation introduces freshmen to low-carbon technologies on campus and in the region

via MITEI Office of Communications

Student participants in MITEI's program bonded with their energy-interested peers while visiting facilities for energy research, testing, and power generation.

In batteries, a metal reveals its dual personality

via MIT News

Branchlike deposits grow on lithium electrode surfaces in two ways, one much more damaging.

Calculating the financial risks of renewable energy

via MIT News

Financial-modeling software for sustainable-infrastructure projects could boost investment in sector.

New applications for ultracapacitors

via MIT News

Startup’s energy-storage devices find uses in drilling operations, aerospace applications, electric vehicles.

How data can help change the world

via MIT News

At IDSS celebration, speakers explore how data can be brought to bear on global challenges.

Designing safe, cheap batteries for grid level storage

via MIT News

Summer Scholar Victoria Yao experiments with water-based, flow-driven battery concept in Brushett Lab.

In the Media

MIT is harnessing bright sparks to transform clean energy

via CNBC

The MIT Energy Initiative's energy education and research efforts are the focus of a new CNBC series on sustainable energy. In the segment, MITEI Director of Education Antje Danielson describes how the Initiative has created “an energy education ecosystem."

An App to Help Save Emissions (and Maybe Money) When Buying a Car

via The New York Times

MIT researchers have found that low-emissions vehicles are the least expensive to drive. Based on their findings, the researchers developed an app that helps consumers evaluate a car’s carbon impact, reports John Schwartz for the New York Times

Unchartered Waters: A tour of the U.S.'s First Wind Farm

via WGBH

MITEI Director of Research Francis O'Sullivan discusses the potential of offshore wind energy in New England with WGBH's Stephanie Leydon on "Greater Boston."

It May Not Cost You More To Drive Home In A Climate-Friendly Car

via NPR

Writing for NPR, Rae Ellen Bichell covers new research at MIT that visualizes the carbon footprint and cost of the most popular 125 vehicles in the U.S.

MIT Utility of the Future Study Nears Completion

via The Energy Times

Martin Rosenberg discusses MITEI's Utility of the Future study with its executive director, Raanan Miller. The study is nearing completion and "will point the way to engineer an ever more efficient, sustainable, and resilient grid."

Electricity distribution networks: Changing regulatory approaches

via Nature Energy

In Nature Energy, Carlo Cambini covers MIT Energy Initiative research that "combines different state of the art regulatory tools" for integrating distributed energy resources.

Power anywhere

via Traffic Technology International

In a broader piece on the role of batteries in integrating clean energy into U.S. transportation infrastructure, David W. Smith consults MITEI's Apurba Sakti on the issues presented by variable renewable energy.

Why a Price on Carbon Alone Isn’t the Golden Ticket

via The Wall Street Journal

Mark Muro's analysis of carbon pricing cites MITEI research on how the "binding constraints" of politics sets carbon prices lower than their true "social cost."

Mass. poised to join Calif. among clean energy elite

via ClimateWire

MITEI Director of Research Francis O'Sullivan credits a "very innovative set of young and eager people who are looking to deliver change" in Daniel Cusick's discussion of Massachusetts' emergence as one of the top U.S. states in clean energy.

Upcoming Events

MIT Energy Night

October 14: Energy Night celebrates and showcases the best of MIT energy innovation and entrepreneurship! The event features 60+ posters from a variety of labs at MIT, including the Device Research Lab, Center for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems, and Reacting Gas Dynamics Group. The event also showcases energy startups like Ambri, CalWave, and Solstice Initiative. A live demonstration by the MIT Hyperloop Team and other model exhibitions will give visitors images of future energy technologies. 1,200 people from MIT and the broader energy community are expected to electrify the event! Learn more and RSVP.

Microgrid & DER Controller Symposium

February 16: This event is hosted by MassCEC. Space is limited; register early. Microgrid & DER Controller Symposium will bring together Microgrid & DER controller vendors, microgrid developers, energy infrastructure decision makers, utility engineers, and state and national energy leaders to introduce the latest developments, demonstrate functionality, and foster connections. 

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