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Climate change, "tough tech" startups, and the future of energy intelligence

The theme of MITEI's Annual Research Conference this year was “Energy Intelligence.” Panelists discussed applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to energy challenges; the best strategies for helping energy startups thrive, and more. We sat down with MITEI Director Robert Armstrong following the event to discuss takeaways.


Indonesian company INALUM collaborates with MIT Energy Initiative as a member to advance low-carbon energy technologies


INALUM will support research through MITEI’s Low-Carbon Energy Center for Materials in Energy and Extreme Environments.

Charting the Earth's future for the 21st century

Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change

A new MIT report from the Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change highlights challenges and opportunities for conserving natural resources and stabilizing the climate.

Why we can’t reverse climate change with ‘negative emissions’ technologies

The Conversation

MITEI Senior Research Engineer Howard Herzog explores the newest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in an article for The Conversation. The report urges the world to take “drastic steps” to prevent catastrophic climate change and encourages various new technologies to do so.

Alt-Shift: As alternatives to alternatives, RNG and fuel cell tech markets come clearer, closer

BioFuels Digest

In an article for BioFuels Digest, Jim Lane explains different up-and-coming energy technologies, including negative carbon emissions. 

Related listening: "Negative carbon emissions: Getting to gigatonne scale."

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In formulating climate policy, I believe we cannot count on the future use of [negative emissions technologies] to compensate for our failure to do enough mitigation today.

Howard Herzog, senior research engineer at MITEI

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NEWMolecular approaches to solar energy conversion

Northwestern University's Michael Wasielewski presented at MITEI October 3 about more efficient methods for capturing solar photons for use in carrying out energy-demanding reactions. 


CLASSICChanging lives with clean energy

In 2016, CNBC featured MITEI's energy education and research efforts in a series on sustainable energy. The video features Director of Education Antje Danielson, as well as several student researchers, discussing the robust program at MIT.



Critical Questions Live: Is it up to business to save the planet?

Thursday, November 1

Hosted by the MIT Sloan Management Review. How much can we expect business to lead on sustainability? What should be a company’s biggest priority: Serving its shareholders, providing jobs, or addressing the health of our planet? Often, these goals are at odds. The MIT Sloan School of Management will bring together two leading voices in the sustainability debate to wrestle with the issues in what is sure be a lively conversation. MIT’s Yossi Sheffi and sustainability expert and author Andrew Winston will debate and discuss the role of for-profits in supporting—and investing in—sustainability goals.

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