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MIT Energy Initiative welcomes GE as new member and participant in Low-Carbon Energy Centers

via MITEI Office of Communications

GE’s membership marks continued progress on goals of MIT’s Plan for Action on Climate Change to engage industry in solving global challenges.

Can today’s EVs make a dent in climate change?

via MIT News

Electric vehicles can meet drivers’ needs enough to replace 90 percent of vehicles now on the road.

Read the research paper in Nature Energy.


Study reveals new physics of how fluids flow in porous media

via MIT News

Key flow mechanisms, crucial to carbon sequestration and fuel-cell operation, have been visualized.

Read the research paper in PNAS.


New solar cell is more efficient, costs less than its counterparts

via MIT News

Exposed in step-like formation, layers of new photovoltaic cell harvest more of sun’s energy. 

Read the research paper in Journal of Applied Physics.

More MIT Energy News

MIT develops self-shading windows

via MIT News

New system can rapidly switch glass from transparent to dark — and keep it that way without power.

Read the research paper in Chem.

Research by MIT undergrad helps crack chemical mystery

via MIT News

Study finds enzyme “cannibalizes” itself to perform an essential reaction.

Read the research paper in PNAS.

Sponge creates steam using ambient sunlight

via MIT News

Bubble-wrapped structure requires no mirrors or lenses to focus the sun’s heat.

Read the research paper in Nature Energy.

New method developed for producing some metals

via MIT News

Using electricity rather than heat can reduce both energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Read the research paper in Nature Communications.

Microbial engineering technique could reduce contamination in biofermentation plants

via MIT News

Approach could lower cost and eliminate need for antibiotics during biofuel production. 

Read the research paper in Science Magazine.

Doubling battery power of consumer electronics

via MIT News

New lithium metal batteries could make smartphones, drones, and electric cars last twice as long.

In the Media

GE joins MIT energy initiative, donates $7.5 million

via The Boston Globe

The money will help pay for the initiative's work on solar power, the electric grid, industrial batteries, and carbon sequestration.


CNBC features MITEI’s energy education and research

via CNBC

The MIT Energy Initiative’s energy education and research efforts are the focus of a new CNBC series on sustainable energy. Go to 4:50 in the video for the MIT portion of the segment, or watch the entire segment to see other international sustainable energy efforts.


Their time has come

via The Economist

A new type of electrical cell developed at MIT may replace the lithium-ion battery design. The improvement is especially important, reports The Economist, as auto companies look to advance electric vehicles.

Upcoming Events

New Vistas in Electrochemical Energy Storage

September 7: Professor Linda Nazar of the University of Waterloo discusses design and strategy for future energy storage technologies, and the eventual move from the Lithium-ion battery into the realm of electrochemical energy storage systems. Learn more and RSVP.

Grand Challenges in Science for a Clean Energy Future

September 9: Dr. Cherry Murray, of the Dept. of Energy, will deliver a talk in the Kirsch Auditorium at the 2016 Hoyt C. Hottel Lecture, organized by the Department of Chemical Engineering. Learn more and RSVP.

MIT Energy Night

October 14: Energy Night celebrates and showcases the best of MIT energy innovation and entrepreneurship! Learn more and RSVP.

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