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Spring Issue: Energy Futures

MITEI Office of Communications

Cutting emissions from concrete, COP21 next steps, sustainable cities and more in the Spring 2016 issue of Energy Futures.


Leading and transforming the global energy sector to address climate change

MITEI Office of Communications

C3E 2016 symposium convenes international women leaders on climate, energy, and diversity.


Mapping coal’s decline and renewables' rise

MITEI Office of Communications

CoalMap online tool shows what policy regulations and technological advancements can do for the cost-competitiveness of solar and wind energy.


Storage technologies for renewable energy can pay off

MIT News Office

Systems that bank energy can add value to solar and wind projects.


Winds of change?

MIT News Office

Study: China could go big on wind power — if it adjusts its grid operations.

More MIT Energy News

MIT 2016 energy grads launch careers in research, engineering, and analysis

MITEI Office of Communications

Upon commencement, MITEI honors its Class of 2016 undergraduate and graduate energy students.

Making India's waste streams sustainable

Tata Center for Technology and Design

MIT researchers are developing a decision-support tool to help cities in India sustainably manage the societal and environmental impacts of their waste.

A smart water grid for the Indus Basin

MIT News Office

Architect and MIT Professor James Wescoat promotes institutional capacity-building to manage a critical resource.

Researchers discover new way to turn electricity into light, using graphene

MIT News Office

By slowing down light to a speed slower than flowing electrons, researchers create a kind of optical “sonic boom.”

Making cities smarter

MIT News Office

MIT researchers are creating tools that synthesize and collect data so that urban planners can vastly improve the quality of urban life.

Researchers find a way to extend life and improve performance of fuel cell electrodes

MIT News Office

Surface treatment greatly reduces degradation of catalyst material.

In the Media

MIT sets targets for energy storage to aid renewables

via ClimateWire

Study proposes energy storage technology could be used to sell additional electricity on the grid during times of peak price.

This is how China can live up to its huge wind energy potential

via The Washington Post

The success of wind power in China could depend on a plan to increase Chinese coal plants' flexibility.

Does California shutdown mean the end of nuclear power? Not so fast.

via The Christian Science Monitor

The debate around the closing of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in San Luis Obispo County, Calif., signals a broader conversation around power sources that could be crucial to the nation's energy future.

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