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APS March Meeting 2015

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This email is a reminder of the abstract submission deadline for the APS March Meeting 2015 and to call your attention to the sorting categories of the Focus Topics Sponsored or Co-Sponsored by the DMP.

Abstract submission deadline: 5:00 p.m. EST, Friday, November 14, 2014. Meeting information and abstract submission »

DMP Focus Topics

3.1.1 Cooperative Phenomena in Plasticity
Co-organizers: Stephanos Papanikolau (Yale University), Dennis Dimiduk (Wright-Patterson Air Force Base), Robert Maass (Institute for Materials Physics, Göttigen)

6.1.3 Strongly Spin-Orbit Coupled Materials (DMP/DAMOP)
Co-organizers: Gang Cao (University of Kentucky), Warren Pickett (University of California, Davis), Hidenori Takagi (University Tokyo and MPI Stuttgart)

7.1.1 Dielectric and Ferroic Oxides (DMP/DCOMP/DCMP)
Co-organizers: Massimiliano Stengel (Institut de Ciencia de Materials de Barcelona), Sang-Wook Cheong (Rutgers University), Venkatraman Gopalan (Penn State University) 

7.1.2 Topological Materials: Synthesis and Characterization (DMP/DCMP)
Co-organizers: Nitin Samarth (Penn State University), Vidya Madhavan (Boston College), Joel Moore (UC Berkeley)

8.1.2  Dopants and Defects in Semiconductors (DMP/FIAP)
Co-organizers: Len Brillson (Ohio State University), Shengbai Zhang (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

9.1.1 Fe-based Superconductors (DMP/DCOMP/DCMP)
Co-organizers: Peter Hirschfeld (University of Florida), Qiang Li (Brookhaven National Laboratory), Greg Stewart (University of Florida)

9.1.2 Search for New Superconductors (DMP/DCMP)
Co-organizers:  Kyle Shen (Cornell University), Pengcheng Dai  (Rice University)

9.1.3 Engineering Vortex Matter (DMP/DCMP)
Co-organizers: David Larbalestier (Florida State University), Wai-Kwong Kwok (Argonne National Laboratory)

9.1.4 Superconductivity in the two-dimensional limit
Co-organizers: Hanno Weitering (University of Tennessee, Knoxville), Ken Shih (University of Texas), Paul Snidjers (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

12.1.1 Graphene: Synthesis, Defects, Structure, and Properties (DMP/DCMP)
Co-organizers: Phillip N. First (Georgia Institute of Technology), Joshua Robinson (Penn State University)

12.1.2   Two-Dimensional Materials and Devices Beyond Graphene: Focus on Semiconductors (DMP/DCMP)
Co-organizers: Jie Shan (Penn State), Bernhard Urbaszek (Toulouse), Yong P. Chen (Purdue University)

12.1.3a Graphene Devices: Function, Fabrication, and Characterization (DMP/DCMP)
Co-organizers: Xu Du (Stony Brook), Kirill Bolotin, (Vanderbilt), Vincent Meunier (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

12.1.3b Two-Dimensional Materials and Devices Beyond Graphene: Focus on Metals, Superconductors, and Correlated Materials (DMP/DCMP)
Co-organizers: David Cobden (University of Wisconsin), Wenjuan Zhu (University of Illinois)

12.1.4 Carbon Nanotubes and Related Materials: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications (DMP/DCMP)
Co-organizers: Zhihong Chen (Purdue University), Andrew Rinzler (University of Florida)

12.1.5  Van der Waals Bonding in Advanced Materials (DMP/DCMP)
Co-organizers: Noa Marom (Tulane), John Dobson (Griffith University)

12.1.6 Computational Discovery and Design of Novel Materials (DMP/DCOMP/DCMP)
Co-organizers: James Rondinelli (Drexel University), Chris Pickard (University College London)

13.1.1 Nanostructures and Metamaterials (DMP/DCMP)
Co-organizers: Andrea Alu (University of Texas, Austin), Oded Rabin (University of Maryland), Rashid Zia (Brown University)

13.1.2 Engineering Phase Transitions in Strongly Correlated Oxides (DMP/DCMP)
Co-organizers: Emil Bozin (Brookhaven National Laboratory), Stephen Wilson (Boston College)

13.1.3  Electron, Ion, and Exciton Transport in Nanostructures (DMP/DCMP)
Co-organizers: Alexander Govorov (Ohio University), Gary Wiederrecht (Argonne National Laboratory)

13.1.4 Complex Oxide Interfaces and Heterostructures (DMP/DCMP)
Co-organizers: Rossitza Pentcheva (Universität Duisburg-Essen), Bharat Jalan (University of Minnesota)

13.1.6 Thermoelectric Phenomena, Materials, Devices, and Applications (DMP/GERA/FIAP/DCOMP/DCMP)
Co-organizers: Jihui Yang (University of Wisconsin), Qiang Li (Brookhaven National Laboratory), James Salvador (General Motors R&D Center), Ryoji Funahashi (AIST, Japan)

13.1.7 Mesoscopic Materials and Devices (DMP)
Co-organizers: Doug Natelson (Rice University), Dan Dahlberg (University of Minnesota)

DMP Co-Sponsored Focus Topics

01.1.8 Organic Electronics and Photonics (DPOLY/DMP)
10.1.1 Magnetic Nanostructures: Materials and Phenomena (GMAG/DMP)
10.1.2 Emergent Properties in Bulk Complex Oxides (GMAG/DMP)
10.1.3 Magnetic Oxide Thin Films and Heterostructures (GMAG/DMP)
10.1.4 Spin Transport & Magnetization Dynamics in Metal Based Systems (GMAG/DMP/FIAP)
10.1.5 Spin Dependent Phenomena in Semiconductors (GMAG/DMP/FIAP)
10.1.6 Frustrated and Low Dimensional Magnetism (GMAG/DMP)
10.1.7 Spin-Dependent Physics in Carbon-Based Materials (GMAG/DMP)
10.1.8 Low-Dimensional and Molecular Magnetism (GMAG/DMP)
16.1.5 Materials in Extremes: Bridging Simulation and Experiment (DCOMP/DMP)
16.1.6 Simulations of Matter at Extreme Conditions (DCOMP/GSCCM/DMP)
16.1.7 Non-Adiabatic Dynamics in Irradiated Materials (DCOMP/DMP)
16.1.11 Materials for Electrochemical Energy Storage (GERA/DMP/FIAP/DCOMP)

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