Message to members of the APS Division of Materials Physics
Approved by Robert Nemanich, DMP Secretary/Treasurer

Dear DMP Membership,

This email is a reminder of the request nominations for invited speakers for DMP Focus Topics for the APS March Meeting 2017 (New Orleans, Louisiana, March 13 - 17, 2017).

A Focus Topic generally consists of a series of sessions, each of which is typically seeded with one invited talk, the remainder of the session being composed of contributed presentations.

Deadline: August 29, 2016

Submit a Nomination

For the March Meeting 2017, DMP is the lead organization unit on 19 different focus topics and co-sponsoring unit for an additional 15.

This nomination site is only for the 19 focus topics in which DMP is the lead organization. See list below.

In suggesting speakers please keep in mind that speakers who gave an invited talk at the previous March Meeting are ineligible.

The DMP program is coordinated by DMP chair-elect, Dan Dessau, with help from the entire DMP executive committee. Your nomination will go to the organizers of the selected Focus Topic and will aid the organizers in their selection of invited speakers.


Dan Dessau
University of Colorado, Boulder
DMP Chair-elect


DMP-led Focus Topics

7.1.1: Dielectric and Ferroic Oxides [Same as 11.1.1]
Organizers: Guangyong Xu (Brookhaven National Laboratory), Eric Cockayne (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

7.1.2: Topological Materials: Synthesis and Characterization
Organizers: Liang Fu (MIT), Judy Cha (Yale), Madhab Neupane (University of Central Florida)

7.1.3: Dirac and Weyl semimetals: prediction, synthesis, characterization and new phenomena (same as 12.1.10)
Organizers: Filip Ronning (Los Alamos Nat’l Lab), Ni Ni (UCLA)

7.1.5: Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Halide Perovskites [Same as 12.1.11]
Organizers: Feliciano Giustino (Oxford), Oana Jurchescu (Wake Forest University)

8.1.2: Dopants and Defects in Semiconductors
Organizers: Paul Koenraad (Eindhoven University of Technology), Joel Varley (Lawrence Livermore National laboratory)

9.1.1: Fe-based Superconductors
Organizers: Rafael Fernandes (University of Minnesota), Chris Homes (Brookhaven National Laboratory), Chris Stock (University of Edinburgh)

9.1.2: Topological Superconductivity
Organizers: Daniel Loss (University of Basel), Chris Palmstrom (UC Santa Barbara)

12.1.1: 2D Materials: Synthesis, Defects, Structure and Properties
Organizers: Tony Heinz (Stanford University), Nathan Guisinger (Argonne National Labs), Qing Hua Wang (Arizona State University)

12.1.2: 2D Materials: Semiconductors [Same as 8.1.7]
Organizers: Roland Kawakami (Ohio State University), Kin Fai Mak (Penn State University), Feng Liu (University of Utah)

12.1.3: Devices from 2D Materials: Function, Fabrication and Characterization
Organizers: Xiaobo Yin (U. Colorado) Xiaobo.Yin@Colorado.EDU, Ye Yu (Peking University)

12.1.4: 2D Materials: Metals, Superconductors, and Correlated Materials
Organizers: Abhay Pasupathy (Columbia U), Cory Dean (Columbia U), Ben Hunt (Carnegie Mellon)

12.1.5: Carbon Nanotubes and Related Materials: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications
Organizers: Chongwu Zhou (University of Southern California), George Tulevski (IBM)

12.1.6: Van der Waals Bonding in Advanced Materials
Organizers: Valentino Cooper (Oak Ridge National Lab), Leeor Kronik (Weizmann Institute)

12.1.7: Computational Materials Discovery
Organizers: Richard Hennig (University of Florida), Vladan Stevanovic (Colorado School of Mines), Artem Oganov (Stonybrook), Gus Hart (BYU)

13.1.1: Nanostructures and Metamaterials
Organizers: Jacob Khurgin (Johns Hopkins University), Andrea Alù (University of Texas, Austin)

13.1.3: Electron, Exciton, and Phonon Transport in Nanostructures
Organizers: Maria Chan (Argonne National Laboratory), Richard Schaller (Argonne National Laboratory), Jonathan A. Malen (Carnegie Mellon University)

13.1.4: Complex Oxide Interfaces and Heterostructures
Organizers: Anderson Janotti (Uinversity of Delaware), Anand Bhattacharya (Argonne National Labs), Ryan Comes (PNNL)

13.1.5: Thermoelectric Materials and Novel Thermoelectric Phenomena [Same as 21.1.1 ]
Organizers: George Nolas (Univ. Southern Florida) and Stefano Curtarolo (Duke Univ.)

14.1.2: Surface Science of Organic Molecular Solids, Films, and Nanostructures
Organizers: Ted Einstein (University of Maryland), Kristen Burson (Hamilton College), Brad Conrad (Appalachian State), Pengpeng Zhang (Michigan State)