Message to members of the APS Division of Materials Physics
Approved by Robert Nemanich, DMP Secretary/Treasurer

DMP members,


This email announces the application process for the Ovshinsky Student Travel Awards for the APS March Meeting 2016.


Apply before November 23, 2015 for the APS March Meeting 2016.
Students should apply online.


The Division of Materials Physics Ovshinsky Student Travel Awards have been established to assist the career of student researchers. The awards are named after Stanley and Iris Ovshinsky, who had a very strong interest and commitment to scientific education. The awards have been endowed by the Ovshinsky family, their colleagues at Energy Conversion Devices (ECD) companies and their numerous friends from many social, intellectual and business relationships.


We anticipate that there will be ten $500 Travel Awards and ten $150 Honorable Mention recognitions each year to enable students to participate in the APS March Meeting sessions, which are sponsored by the Division of Materials Physics. The selection will be based on merit and the committee will consist of members of the Executive Committee of the Division of Materials Physics.


Best regards,

Robert Nemanich
DMP Secretary/Treasurer