Message to members of the APS Division of Materials Physics
Approved by Robert Nemanich, DMP Secretary/Treasurer

Dear DMP Membership,

This email is a reminder of the abstract submission deadline for the APS March Meeting 2016 and to call your attention to the sorting categories of the Focus Topics Sponsored or Co-Sponsored by the DMP.
Abstract submission deadline: 5:00 p.m. EST, Friday, November 6, 2015.

Meeting information and abstract submission.
We hope to see you in Baltimore!

DMP Led Focus Topics;
7.1.1: Dielectric and Ferroic Oxides (DMP/DCOMP/DCMP)
7.1.2: Topological Materials: Synthesis and Characterization (DMP/DCMP)

7.1.4: Strongly spin-orbit coupled oxides/emergent entwinement (DMP)
7.1.5: Organometal Halide Perovskites; Photovoltaics and beyond (DMP) [Same as 12.1.11]
8.1.2: Dopants and Defects in Semiconductors (DMP/FIAP)
9.1.1: Fe-based Superconductors (DMP/DCOMP)
12.1.1: 2D materials: synthesis, defects, structure and properties (DMP)
12.1.2: 2D materials: semiconductors (DMP)
12.1.3: Devices from 2D materials: function, fabrication and characterization (DMP)
12.1.4: 2D materials: metals, superconductors, and correlated materials (DMP)
12.1.5: Carbon Nanotubes and Related Materials: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications (DMP/DCMP)
12.1.6: Van der Waals Bonding in Advanced Materials (DMP) (DCMP)

12.1.7: Computational Discovery and Design of New Materials (DMP/DCOMP/DCMP)
13.1.1: Nanostructures and Metamaterials (DMP/DCMP)
13.1.2: Many-body perturbation theory for electronic excitations in materials (DMP)
13.1.3: Electron, Ion, and Exciton Transport in Nanostructures (DMP/DCMP)
13.1.4: Complex Oxide Interfaces and Heterostructures (DMP/DCMP)
13.1.5: Thermoelectric Phenomena, Materials, Devices, and Applications (DMP/GERA/FIAP/DCOMP/DCMP)
13.1.6: Mesoscopic Materials and Devices (DMP/DCMP)
DMP Co-Sponsored Focus Topics Led by Other APS Units

1.1.8:  Organic Electronics and Photonics (DPOLY/DMP)

10.1.1: Magnetic Nanostructures: materials and phenomena (GMAG/DMP)

10.1.2: Emergent properties in bulk complex oxides (GMAG/DMP)

10.1.3: Magnetic oxide thin films and heterostructures (GMAG/DMP)

10.1.4: Spin transport and magnetization dynamics in metals-based systems (GMAG/DMP/FIAP)

10.1.5: Spin dependent phenomena in semiconductors (GMAG/DMP/FIAP)

10.1.6: Frustrated magnetism (GMAG/DMP)

10.1.7: Spin-orbit mediated chiral spin textures (GMAG/DMP)

10.1.8: Low-dimensional and molecular magnetism (GMAG/DMP)

16.1.2: Predicting and Classifying Materials Via High-Throughput Databases and Machine Learning (DCOMP/DMP)

16.1.7: Materials in Extremes: Bridging Simulation and Experiment (DCOMP/DMP/GSCCM)

19.1.4: Optical Spectroscopic Measurements of 2D Materials (GIMS/DMP)