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As 2013 comes to a close, we want to thank you for your continued support of our programs, including Urban Leaders Academy (ULA). Without your generosity, we could never have provided our 150 Urban Leaders with innovative, holistic enrichment services in a safe, supportive environment that transforms them from struggling adolescents to thoughtful young people who strive to achieve their goals. Read on to hear how ULA has impacted our participants' lives and for more of our program updates.

Aylia's Story

"ULA showed me my boundaries and how far I can push myself when it comes to doing something more challenging, like school work or out of school work. ULA has impacted me to stand up for myself because I have a voice."

–Aylia, 14, Urban Leader Participant

D'Andre's Story

"Urban Leaders Academy (ULA) has had an impact on my attendance...because this after school program is fun and I don’t want to miss out on anything, this is why I come to school. This is a fun and exciting afterschool program that motivates, that convinces you to be here." 

–D’Andre, 13, Urban Leader Participant

"I was very arrogant at times," Joshua says, of the period before he joined Urban Leaders. "Now I feel more humble. I think ULA offers a door of opportunity for becoming a leader because what they talk about is very special. It has shown me respect, it has shown me humility, and it has shown me who my true friends are." 

–Joshua, 12, Urban Leader Participant

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We wanted to thank you, for helping us continue doing what we do for greater numbers of youth in need of support. That means the world to us. We hope we can continue to count on you over the coming years, to help these young people fulfill their promise and achieve a better quality of life. All donations are tax deductible. Please continue your support with a donation of $50, $75, $100 or more.

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Urban Leaders Academy: Out & About

ULA Drama Share at Junior High School 78
On Tuesday, December 17, ULA students at JHS 78 facilitated a Drama Share for an audience of their peers to culminate a productive unit of Dramatic Arts at Urban Leaders Academy. At the beginning of Unit 1, Drama instructor Ellen Brown led students through a series of workshops to brainstorm and identify issues in the community that were important to the group. As a collective, they decided to write and perform a piece of drama around the theme of ‘Bullying’. This student-led dramatic sharing encouraged the audience to consider possible scenarios and outcomes for the issues presented in the piece. ULA students were able to grapple with self awareness and devise constructive methods for resolving conflict.
ULA Peer Exchange: Figure Skating in Harlem
On Tuesday, December 17, ten ULA girls accompanied by staff from MS 381 and IS 14 embarked on a journey uptown to Riverbank State Park on 145th Street in Harlem to participate in a Peer to Peer Skating Exchange with girls from Figure Skating in Harlem. The girls got to know each other and learn about their respective programs, watch a synchronized skating rehearsal, and then they took to the ice for some peer to peer instruction to learn the basics from ‘how to lace up skates’ to beginners' skating techniques. The staff even took the opportunity to learn a few moves! Thanks to Rachel Greenburg, GGE MSW Intern and FSH Instructor for coordinating such a successful exchange. We hope to partner again with Figure Skating in Harlem to continue to build upon our new-found friendship and bring youth development opportunities to the girls and young women in our communities!

Girls Against Violence: How Girls Address Gender-Based Violence in the US

Earlier this month, the United Nations’ Working Group on Girls and the US Mission invited Girls for Gender Equity to be part of “Girls Against Violence: How Girls Address Gender-Based Violence in the US”, one of the culminating events for their 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Campaign. 

Kisma Herman, Sisters In Strength Youth Organizer, was invited to speak on behalf of our work in the realm of “Changing Cultures of Violence.” Kisma provided a unique lens to the panel identifying and addressing school push-out as part of the culture of gender-based violence in schools.  She highlighted the experience of Black girls in schools, in which “gender social- stereotypes kept in learning environments are…harsh on [female] students. Many are reprimanded for being ‘unladylike’, and they are categorized as either a ‘good’ girl or ‘ghetto’ girl.”, as researched in Dr. Monique W. Morris’ study entitled "Race, Gender, and the School to Prison Pipeline: Expanding Our Discussion to Include Black Girls."

Kisma was in good company amongst several other teen girl activists from organizations including Girls Learn International, SPARK Movement, Garden State Equality and Safe Schools Network, and Global Kids. We were honored to be part of the panel of girl activists who discussed topics such as trafficking, the sexualization of girls in the media, and sexual harassment. We’re thrilled to provide our unique perspective to all discussions of gender-based violence, as we name the problem and strategize solutions. 

Girls For Gender Equity Joins the National Campaign to End School Push-Out

Girls for Gender Equity (GGE) is continuing to grow as a strong voice for gender equity and justice. We are excited to announce that GGE has been accepted as a member of Dignity in Schools, a national coalition dedicated to ending school push-out. School push-out refers to factors that contribute to the prevention of a young person completing their education in a timely manner. Far too many young people are pushed out of school because of gender based violence. This is seen every time a young woman is sexually harassed to the point that she is too depressed to attend school. It is seen when a young man stops attending school because he is tormented due to his perceived sexual orientation. It is also seen in the gender stereotypes and perceived hyper masculinity of Black and Latino young men which shapes an educational professional’s view of a student and leads to harsh punishment for minor incidents.  

Since gender based violence is normalized within schools, GGE works to make the invisible, visible by developing youth leaders who actively organize around gender justice and ending gender based violence in schools. GGE is currently developing a campaign to address school push-out through a gender justice lens and is excited to further lend our voice and skills to national movement!

Looking Forward: 2014

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Best wishes for a magical 2014.

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