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Richard and I are heading back to Brazil in a couple of days to take care of the boys on the Horses for Orphans base until the end of March. Several team members will be joining us on this trip and we are planning to restore the third house on the property as well as teach the boys English, life skills, horsemanship and love them into life.

For the last two months we had a wonderful couple from Sweden (Tommy and Kerstin Ydreborg) living on the base and pouring into the boys.

We do not have a permanent leader yet on our farm and would be very grateful if you could help us find someone. Richard and I will be leaving Brazil at the end of March and we need a base leader to take over from us.

If you are interested in coming either for a short-term or long-term stay with Horses for Orphans on our beautiful base near Anapolis, please read the mission opportunity below and contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!
Much, much love,
Ingela & Richard

Long term and short term mission opportunities in Brazil for singles or couples who are called to orphans and at risk to be street children.

Horses for Orphans is seeking people who carry the Father’s heart and are called to minister the Father’s love to orphans and at risk to be street children as well as equip and empower teenage boys to reach their destiny as beloved children of God and help them develop life skills.
1. Critically needed position: Base leader(s) for the last week of March 2017 until the last week in June 1017:
Horses for Orphans currently has a long-term opportunity for a single person or a couple to come and stay at the Brazil base for 3 months, starting on the 23rd March to take care of our Brazilian sons Douglas (orphaned at 1 years of age, now 17 years, photo below), Valdemir (lived at an orphanage since the age of 4 years, now 16 years, photo below), Caique (orphaned at birth, now 15 years, photo below) and Regynaldo (been with the project for 7 years, now 26 years) while Richard and Ingela will be out of the country. The base in on a small farm about 15km from Anapolis, Brazil. There are also 3 horses, 1 dog, chickens and a permanent care taker living on the farm.

Basic Requirements for long-term missionaries:
  • volunteers must have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ
  • walking in God’s love
  • teachable
  • culturally adaptable
  • the ability to work without direct supervision, while remaining accountable to the directors of Horse for Orphans
  • willingness to work under the Horses for Orphans vision and values
  • willing to serve and share daily responsibilities
  • able to receive directions
  • positive attitude
Support for long-term missionaries
Long-term missionaries are responsible for their own financial support and come to Horses for Orphans to volunteer. Food and lodging will be provided.

2. Opportunity for short-term missions:
A short-term mission involves a two to three week visit to Horses for Orphans. You will have the opportunity to serve by:
  • hugging children and teenagers
  • teaching English
  • cooking, cleaning, washing dishes
  • various farm projects (painting, roofing, fence building)
  • helping teenagers with their homework
  • taking care of horses (if you are experienced)
  • teaching horsemanship (if you are qualified)
  • playing football
  • help with admin
  • praying for children and youth
  • sharing the love of God
Basic Requirements for short-term volunteers:
  • must have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ
  • walk in God’s love
  • must have a heart to serve
  • plan on being as self-reliant as possible
  • teachable
  • culturally adaptable
  • willingness to work under the Horses for Orphans vision and values
  • willingness to share daily responsibilities
  • able to receive directions
  • positive attitude
  • visitors must be at least 18 years old – unless traveling with a parent or a team leader

Contact information:
Richard&Ingela Larsson Smith








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