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Horses for Orphans Brazil urgently needs a base leader for the month of April 2017. The days are flying by and the end of Richard and Ingela's current stay at the Wild Horse Farm is nearing. Everybody is working hard to get the pastures ready for the horses, full of nice tall grass. With hopefully another month before the rain stops, this will succeed.

The great news is that a base leader has been found for the months of May and June! Her name is Tobi Elliott and she is a close friend of Richard and Ingela's. Tobi is also a film producer at Arise Enterprises and is in the process of making a documentary about Horses for Orphans, called 'Wild Horses'. You can check the trailer out at:

Tobi Elliott

The not so good news is: no base leader has volunteered for the month of April yet.

It is of vital importance that someone for this period is found soon, as the boys can not stay on the farm by themselves.

What are Richard and Ingela looking for in a base leader?

They are looking for a person or couple with a heart for empowering and encouraging orphans and underprivileged children. Ideally, this person/couple would have a pastoral heart as well and be called into ministry by God the Father, though this is not a strict requirement. Most important is that they love to serve and love to motivate, encourage and guide orphans and at-risk to be street children to enable them to reach their destiny and develop important life skills.

Speaking English is a requirement, speaking Portuguese is of course helpful, but not essential. Horse experience is also not a requirement, but great to have, especially natural horsemanship skills.

Richard and Ingela would like to spend a week with the new base leader to train him/her and equip him/her with the necessary knowledge and skills for the work. The ideal arrival date is March 23rd 2017.

The priority for the base leader for the month of April is to look after Richard and Ingela’s two Brazilian sons as well as oversee the daily life on the farm. Regynaldo (26 years) and Douglas (orphaned at 1 years of age, now 17 years) are excellent horsemen and take care of the project’s three horses and dog. Douglas goes to school in the afternoons. Regynaldo and Douglas are pretty much fluent in English and can translate well. Both boys love Jesus and are open to receive help with their life issues. There will be no other boys living on the base for that period of time, except maybe the new intern Tjago (19 years old). There will however be children (8-12 years old) from a local orphanage that come and take part in the horse project once a week.

Horses for Orphans is located on a small, peaceful farm, 15km from Anapolis in the State of Goias.

In addition to looking for a temporary base leader for April 2017, Richard and Ingela are also looking for a permanent, full time base leader(s). This will provide stability for the boys and give Richard and Ingela the opportunity to move the project ahead and open it up to more orphans who want to do an internship at Horses for Orphans to study horsemanship, English and go deeper with God.

Applicants, please email:

For more information on Horses for Orphans, please visit:

Minimum requirements for any base leader:

> a heart to help orphans and underprivileged children
> the ability to work without direct supervision
> the ability to take responsibility and stay accountable to the project’s directors
> the ability to speak English
> sufficient funds/pension to provide for themselves (food and lodging will be provided during their stay here, but not personal items or flight costs)
> the providing of one reference (family/friend/(previous) employer) concerning their character
> the providing of their CV upon request

Contact information:
Richard & Ingela Larsson Smith

Much, much love,

the Horses for Orphans Team








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