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aim & power of the images

Galleria Michela Rizzo, Venice
6 September, 5 pm

talk with
Luca Bendini
Daniele Capra
Martina Cavallarin
Viana Conti
Laura Cornejo
Francesco Jodice
Mauro Ghiglione
Andrea Morucchio
Carlo Sala

Galleria Michela Rizzo
Giudecca 800q
+39 041 8391711

about, around & within

Galleria Upp, Venice
6 September, 6.30 pm

catalogue launch & finissage of the show

works by
Johanna Binder
Manuele Cerutti
Matteo Fato
Tiziano Martini
Jochen M├╝hlenbrink
Valerio Nicolai
Andreas Plum

Galleria Upp
Giudecca 282
+39 328 4643887

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Daniele Capra
31015 Conegliano (Tv)
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