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September 2015 Newsletter

Founder's Corner

Roger Moyer



Years ago I worked at a summer camp. Each morning we brought the canoes down to the beach for the day and returned them in the evening for overnight storage. The path from the beach went up a slight incline and through an opening in the woods. One evening we tried an experiment. My fellow worker and I picked up a canoe, faced squarely in the direction of the opening in the woods, turned the canoe upside down and lowered it over our heads. Being in the lead position, it was up to me to take us in a straight line to the opening. I could see about five feet in front of me, just enough to find good footing for two or three steps. We walked for a while then checked our progress. The path through the woods was a good distance off to the right and we were headed for the trees. It seemed like an apt illustration of myopic decision-making. If we are going to make the best possible life decisions, we need two things: a reliable reference point that transcends the scope of our limited vision and the will to receive its counsel.
It should come as no surprise to hear that our nation, by and large has lost its moral and spiritual moorings. When is the last time you heard a serious reference to God in the halls of political debate? How about the corporate board rooms or the evening news? Every subject imaginable is fair game on the afternoon talk shows – everything that is except a serious moral perspective on the subjects under discussion. If God’s counsel is not an integral part of our daily decisions, there is no determining where those decisions will ultimately land us. For if God’s counsel is ignored, there is then no reliable grid for assessing anything. Everything becomes possible – everything, of course, except what personal opinion dictates and that which we have decided should be illegal. If life is to continue and thrive, the culture needs a reliable reference point. Self-interest, majority opinion and the wisdom of the moment do not make for good outcomes.

It’s easy enough to be critical of institutions and people who make bad decisions, and it's easy enough to feel superior because we may not do what they do. But judgment begins at home. For me, among other things, I need to give continual attention to my attitude and initial reactions to people on the street who don’t meet my myopic view of what is sensible, appropriate or decent. Part of the spiritual growth endeavour of every Christian is to overcome our tendency to act on unexamined beliefs and feelings and to bring our decisions and behaviour under the scrutiny of our Creator who knows the purpose of our being and what is good for us. Our point of reference must be situated far beyond the five-foot view in front of the canoe. 

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path" 
(Psalm 119:103)

CCO Pembroke Divisional Office

With the growth in the number of clients in Pembroke and the Valley, we have expanded our CCO office capacity!  Effective 9 September, our therapists will see clients at the Robbie Dean Centre, which has been re-located to 315 Pembroke Street East, Pembroke, Ontario K8A 3K2 (former Algonquin Campus).  Initially Kelsey and Daniel will see clients on three Wednesdays and one Friday a month.
Meet Daniel Parker, our newest counsellor/therapist.  Daniel holds a BA Honours in Psychology and earned a Master’s in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University.  His undergraduate thesis focused on determinants of the declining state of Aboriginal mental health in Canada.

Daniel has worked with Aboriginal clients and has assisted the Robbie Dean Family Counselling Centre’s crisis clinic since May 2014.  He is a general member of the Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists and a qualifying member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.

Outside of his formal education Daniel also holds certification with the RedPath Mobile Addictions Treatment Program. When he’s not in the counselling office Daniel can often be found assisting in the development, facilitator training, and facilitation of Christian youth programs and Diocese Marriage Preparation or fishing.

Board Business


Welcome the new Director/Treasurer!

Jon Fish joined the CCO Board in July 2015.  He was appointed Board Treasurer in addition to serving as a Director.

Jon graduated with honours from the Algonquin College Accounting program in 2011.  He currently works as a senior accountant at Converge Financial Inc.  His experience also includes over 15 years of retail management. 

Jon and his family are activity involved in their home church.  He knows that life can sometimes be difficult and believes that CCO has an important role to play in the community as a place to bring hope and healing to the hurting.

See the Grammy nominated Southern Gospel

Group Triumphant Quartet live and in concert!


Friday October 23rd, 2015 at 6:45 pm

Cedarview Alliance Church
2784 Cedarview Road Ottawa

Tickets are $20 in advance and can be purchased on our website On the website, follow the link to the Eventbrite site or call CCO at 613-729-8454 to purchase regular tickets.

Note: tickets at the door will cost $30.  All proceeds will go to support Christian Counselling Ottawa.

From the Therapist's Desk

Sandra Bernard



The death of a loved one, the betrayal by someone close to us, the loss of something or someone in life can be like a "tsunami".  Whether you see it coming or not, it can feel sudden and most of us are not ready for it. We can feel overwhelmed and unable to function as we did the day before the tsunami.  It's important to remember that for a while this will be our "new normal" and the things we did, thought and felt will not be exactly the same.  
We may lose interest in our daily activities or the things we once enjoyed doing. We may have questions:  "Who can I trust?", "Why did this happen now?", "What did I do to cause this?", etc. We may have feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. We may be impatient or disappointed with others and ourselves.
All of these are normal responses to an abnormal event.  We need time and space to process these things. Avoiding them would delay or prolong the processing experience that we need to do in order to move forward in our life.
When we make room for processing the tsunami we are:  
  • putting time in our life to look at our thoughts and feelings without judgment;  
  • talking to trustworthy and patient friends and family members who will allow us to talk through these thoughts and feelings without judgment; 
  • connecting with groups so we can again talk and, also, listen to others who have been hit with a tsunami (similar/different) to/from our own; and
  • learning to turn to God with our mixture of thoughts and emotions.
It's important that we don't try to go through these things alone even though we may feel alone. It takes more than one person to rebuild after a tsunami, and it takes time.  
If you have experienced or are experiencing a tsunami, give yourself the attention and time that's needed to heal.  It's the best way to recover.

Thanks to Church and Ministry Partners

Thank you to all our church partners for your ongoing prayer and financial support for the CCO Ministry.

This month, we specially thank Lead Pastor Richard Agnew, Associate Pastors Tim Roddick and Paul DeGraaf and the entire congregation of Calvary Baptist Church for their kindness in allowing CCO to use their church facility as our Counselling Office since CCO re-opened in Pembroke.

Prayer Partners

Please pray for our clients, therapists, support staff, the CCO Board, other volunteers, donors and other partners in ministry.

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