"I think it's very important that brilliant women step out and be hot babes." - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie @ The Schomburg 

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So, when I'm not exchanging Anti-White-Supremacy-in-Diasporic-Culture tweets asking where is the balance with a Pitchfork editor, or instagramming my beloved Staten Island, or working on the new Los Rakas project which is out on Tuesday (new visuals in Complex Magazine today), I'm definitely writing a lot more! Tune-in with me.

Peep some of my latest writing, but most importantly, let's engage, re-frame and re-imagine together, because THERE IS NO OTHER POINT TO THE INTERNET RIGHT NOW. We must amplify voices that are under heard, nah mean? 

I also just finished a piece about DIY makers in Staten Island for Cluster Magazine (can't wait to share it!) and working on a post about current climate of Latinos in US Hip-Hop culture. So stay tuned, you'll be hearing from me!

Hugs and Kisses from mi conrazón!

Ps - Stop Telling Women To Smile & Don't Be A Music Biz Perv, K?


El Agua Corrio: Wrote this in-depth piece about my 2012 visit to Cartagena, Colombia for "El Mercado Cultural del Caribe" - I highlighted all the great talent I heard! It meant a lot to me to visit the region, as it's where my father is from. #FutureRoots
"Society is missing something with the lack of woman voices being A PART of the discussion.” In this piece, I highlight artist Nisha K. Sembi and her work with Kalakari Collective.

Is it in the imbalance where we'll find the root of all this current chaos?
“You see, we need radicalism for radical times. (…) We have to name it to dismantle it.” – 2008 Vice Presidential Candidate for the Green Party, Rosa Clemente, who gave the Keynote to the White Privilege Conference last month. Sign me up for next year, yo! Hip-Hop generation, salute!
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