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Greetings <<First Name>>, welcome to this week's newsletter!

What a Sunday!

This Sunday we baptised my son Matthew during our service in the Level. The honours were done by my good friend Reverend Razia Aziz, an inter-faith minister, the service was attended by family, friends and a few passers by stopped to watch and listen. Matthew was incredibly well behaved and didn't even mind being anointed with oil then splashed with water. The music was lively and the smiles broad. That is what worship is about, JOY!

The feeling in the service was incredible and it drew people in from around the park. It was another reminder of how vital it is for a church to be out in the community, a part of the world around them not set aside, out of sight but right there amongst those they seek to serve. 

Following the service our good friends at the Level Cafe provided food and refreshment. Incredible pizzas, luscious salads and an atmosphere that everyone really enjoyed. A venue we will be using in the future for sure. 

One last thing to say about the day, which really nailed it for me, was that prior to the service I bumped into one of the street guys who was telling me he hadn't eaten much that day, largely because he is a vegan, the others all got food from the monthly market but there was nothing he could eat. I told him that we would be having Vegan pizzas after the service and I would see if I could grab him some. So, later on after the service and socialising, i took a vegan pizza in a take away box and went in search of him. I found him the other side of the level and the reaction was amazing. He was so grateful, he clearly did not expect anyone to take that much trouble, he then asked if he could speak to me the next time we are at the Hub. 

Again, being a true part of the community is, to my mind, the very basic essence of being a community church and community means everyone, no-one should be excluded, as we keep on saying INCLUSION WITH NO PRIORITIES!

It doesn't take huge gestures to change a life.

Have a truly blessed week.



Have Pride In Yourself

Happy Pride! Because of our participation in Brighton Pride and LoveBN1 Fest we didn't have a service at the Level last week. To listen to our other sermons, click here for our Youtube channel.

"Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn!"

In a world where the prevailing pressure is to conform, Pride is a much-needed place and time for people to be truly authentic, to be themselves...and to be proud of who they are. It's a place for people to feel confident, as a group, to be loud and in-your-face about being L..G...B...T...Q...I...A...or anything that is sexuality- or gender-nonconforming; and until LGBTQIA+ people can feel free to...just live...the rest of the year; until we can turn on our computers, phones, TVs etc, without reading or hearing about yet another homophobic or transphobic attack, whether physically, mentally, or (church, I'm looking at you) spiritually; until that time Pride events are needed, for that safe space for you, us, me, to have pride in ourselves.

Straight, cis-gender people who complain about the lack of a Straight Pride have clearly never thought about what it's like to live as someone who ISN'T straight or cis-gender.

I pray for the day when the whole world will live as one.
(Hang on, that sounds like a good song lyric! ;) )

Blessings and love,


Heavenly Creator, help us to be one with you, and to be agents of harmony in the world, so that we can be one with each other too. Help us to work with others in harmony and cooperation so that our differences may fall away.

We open our hearts to love, asking to be blessed with peace, joy, and goodwill.

May we, in seeking to be loved, seek also to love others as they are, not as we would want them to be. May we, in loving others, seek to help others to be the best that they can be, and not try to force them into shapes molded by ourselves.

In the many names of God we pray,

If you have any ideas for worship songs,
readings, sermon themes, or study topics,
please drop us a line at
Please send your suggestions for an MCC Brighton Social Programme to Philip.
All ideas are welcome. There is some funding available.
Click HERE for our Google Calendar.


MONDAY 12th-
Pastoral Availability- Mondays are Pastor Andrew's day off, please do not contact him except in an emergency.

Worship Planning- Our Worship Planning team will be meeting at Andrew & SJ's to look at worship themes, readings, and songs. See Andrew or Philip if you would like to join them.

The Hub- Salvation Army Congress Hall, Park Crescent (by the Level), 8.30am until 1.
An advice & support chaplaincy for the homeless & vulnerably housed, with free food. Volunteers always needed.
Street Church- Old Steine Gardens. 4pm until 6pm.
Informal worship & communion for everyone. Help with setup from 3.30 always appreciated.

Community Office Hours- Alcampo Lounge, London Road, 12pm until 5pm. 
Pastor Andrew is available for advice, chat, and prayer. Please contact him first as he does get busy!
Bible Cafe- Bible Cafe will return in September.

FRIDAY 16th-
Street Church Hastings- Wellington Place, Hastings, 4pm until 6.
Informal worship & communion for everyone. Help with setup from 3.30 always appreciated.

SUNDAY 18th-
Worship Service
- The Level, 6pm. This will be the first of a two week series on Taking Responsibility and Andrew will be speaking to us about Ministry.


Board Meeting-
Alcampo Lounge, London Road, 5pm. This is an open meeting and all are welcome to observe.

MCC Brighton Pride Season- Hastings Pride. See Philip or Andrew for more details about the day.
Worship Service- The Level, 6pm. This will be the second in a two week series on Taking Responsibility and Philip will be speaking to us about Love & Service.

MCC Brighton in Hastings- The Quaker Meeting House, South Terrace, 4.30pm.
We are launching our Hastings worship service, do come along!
For the launch service only, transport will be provided for everybody from Brighton to join us. Please speak to Philip if you are available.
Following the launch the service will take place on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month. It will be a informal blend of Bible Cafe & our Sunday service. All are welcome.

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