Proposed Webinar’s

<<First Name>> We would like to seek your input from some of our suggestions. We hope this will be something you are willing to help us with.

African Surveyors Connect is planning to conduct Webinar's and Virtual Class Sessions ranging from multiple and diverse fields that come from the Geomatics sector or work directly and in-directly with the field of Geomatics.

To do this, we need your opinion on a few issues that we think and believe will help us better strategize the resources and material that will be delivered during these planned sessions including the delivery method.


  • All information collected in this survey is strictly confidential

  • Neither the staff or anyone outside African Surveyors Connect will even know who responded to what

  • All records and responses will be taken into consideration in order to deliver the best experience for our community.

We have constructed this short and brief survey to gather your input. We promise it will not take you more than two minutes.

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