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Grand Junction Church and Academy Sell Current Property and Buy Prime Land  »   After at least five years of negotiations, the Grand Junction Seventh-day Adventist Church, along with Intermountain Adventist Academy, who share the same property, will sell to Colorado Mesa University and move to a prime piece of property approximately one mile from their current location.
   Little Lambs Learning Center (LLLC) also shares the land, but rents from the church.
   The property should close December 1, although the church, academy, and daycare will lease from CMU for varying lengths of time, the academy remaining in the current building until the end of this school year (June 2017), the church until December 2017 and the daycare until March 2018.   
Now sharing 2.3 acres, the three entities will move to a $1.1 million, 11-acre site with water and easy access on the corner of 25 ½ Road and W. Orchard Avenue (see photo). It is “the best piece of development ground available in Grand Junction today,” according to Rich Krohn, a real estate lawyer for the past 40 years who is working on getting the approval needed to develop the property. It's flat, making it easy to develop. There are existing streets on two sides. There is a nice view to the west. It has mature trees on the south and west and is zoned R-12, meaning it can de developed to a high level, Rich explains.
   The new church sanctuary will seat 200-plus worshippers and will be attached to the academy, sharing a doorway, kitchen and gymnasium. Although the new academy will be somewhat smaller than the current building, it will easily accommodate the current enrollment of 32 students and provide room to grow.
   Little Lambs Learning Center will rent its own building on the new property with a larger square footage, giving them the ability to increase enrollment without having to hire more staff. The church will pay off the current mortgage for LLLC and refinance, taking a new mortgage.
   The green space in front of the building site creates a nice park-like area and provides an attractive setting for the church, academy and daycare, a space neighbors can also enjoy. “We want to be a community church,” states Grand Junction pastor Randy Mills, “so we’re talking to our neighbors and starting Bible studies with some. We want to serve our community.”
   The church is using Maranatha’s architect who is working on blueprints for the new construction, which should begin by year’s end.
[Carol Bolden; photo of new property from GoogleEarth]

90-year Old Adventist Hospital in Iquitos, Peru Celebrates 10-year Partnership with Global Health Initiatives  »    A celebration of two anniversaries by Clinica Adventista Ana Stahl (CAAS)--its beginning 90 years ago and 10 years of involvement with Centura's Global Health Initiatives (GHI)--brought 1,500 participants to Iquitos, Peru representing the Seventh-day Adventist faith community, former patients, civic leaders, leaders of sister institutions from Lima and Juliaca, as well as representatives of GHI from Denver, Colorado.   The celebration on October 8 featured patients and their stories of how their lives were changed through the assistance of CAAS medical professionals and hundreds of volunteers from Denver hospitals. The event also introduced Total Health, a new initiative moving GHI’s efforts beyond treating disease and facilitating best practices in healthcare, to promoting prevention and lifestyle changes through “the best hospital in the region,” as Clinica is regarded by the area municipal authorities.
   Though he visited Iquitos and was involved with the medical needs of Clinica Adventista Ana Stahl, Dr. David Watson explained the importance of elevating GHI’s involvement by introducing a Total Health concept. “We are looking at populations from a Total Health standpoint instead of just a disease [angle], but also psychological, preventative, nutritional, and more,” he said.
   “We are continuing the good efforts done with surgical teams, with education, [and] we are looking toward an exciting new partnership with the endeavor surrounding Total Health,” he added.   Commenting on the celebration, he said that he “felt a great deal of satisfaction and pride in the tremendous work that has occurred in the last ten years with the population and how they have partnered with their colleagues in Colorado. I also felt a tremendous desire to move forward as they progress into the next 10 years.”
   The seven-member GHI team visiting Peru included Greg Hodgson, GHI director; Stephen King, vice president for mission integration for Centura Health South Denver; Dr. David Watson, GHI chief medical officer; and architect Steve Carr.
   As the Total Health project is in its infancy, their presence was important in evaluating the needs as well as proposing a recommendation to build new facilities in Manati I Zona village, an hour by boat from Iquitos, on the Amazon River. The village has 500 inhabitants and is the largest in the immediate 1,500-strong vicinity of scattered villagers.   Meeting with a group of excited and engaged villagers, the GHI team was joined by regional civic leaders from Indiana District, as well as Dr. Milka Brañez, CAAS CEO and hospital personnel.
   “We will be the winners. After all, we will be first to have this project established here,” Hermoyenes Horales Ramos, president of the village council said to the applause of the villagers. Much of the time in Manati was spent in selecting a site for a medical center.
   Steve Carr, who has been involved with designing medical facilities for several decades, said the proposal needs to reflect the indigenous character of the area. For him, it was important to come and “see the people and understand the culture, the way they live, and come up with ideas that can be community-driven, and not imposing ideas on them that won’t work.”
   Before recommending an architectural solution, along with processes, work flow, and where they will live, “it is important to listen first. They are helping to choose what they want. [We need] to understand the craftsmanship that exists in the area, and indigenous ways that work for them.” Watching the architect take pictures of the patterns and textures reflecting the area and cultural values, Carr is expecting to propose solutions early next year.  
   "In reality, our mission to extend the healing ministry of Christ does not recognize borders," said Greg Hodgson. “During the 10 years of GHI mission, 1,800 volunteers performed medical services and GHI assisted in strengthening health systems in several countries, including Nepal, Rwanda, and Peru.”
   The GHI anniversary report about its mission reveals that nearly 48,000 individuals have been impacted and medical teams have performed 2,082 surgeries, treating nearly 44,000 patients. As the GHI efforts focused on partnership with Dr. Milka Brañez and her staff, Hodgson noted the support extended to CAAS by sister Adventist hospitals--Juliaca American Clinic and Lima's Good Hope Clinic--whose leaders participated in the Iquitos celebration.
   “Helping each other and celebrating the success of one, we celebrate our joined efforts,” said CAAS staffer.   Recalling the GHI engagement with CAAS, King commented that, “when we came here with Greg in 2005, we saw a hospital that had not developed much over the years. What we discovered was an abandoned MRI machine which had been sitting there for years, not much equipment, and they had only six patients and maybe 15 rooms. But we were so impressed by the mission and the spirit of the leaders and the hospital staff.”
   Addressing the Iquitos celebration, King congratulated CAAS on the first 10 years of progress for the Iquitos hospital, and the stories each patient represents, stories of lives that have been changed. Looking at what Clinica represents now, King described “an amazing transformation, with its modern lab, modern imaging equipment, and excellent surgical services.”
   Doctora Milka, as everyone calls Dr. Brañez, agrees. During her five years as CEO, she notes the progress made, the result of their partnership with Centura Health and its Denver hospitals, especially in the training and services they provided to the community, especially in the poor areas of the Amazon basin.
   “The work we have been doing together has been very productive. What was missing was increased modernization, and the addition of an intensive care unit. Today we have 40 beds and 230 medical personnel and staff. GHI has helped us to grow professionally and has extended social services to the community. They became an example for us to follow,” she added.
   As cooperation expands with Colorado Adventist hospitals and Centura Health, whom Dr. Brañez regards as “big brother, teaching us what to do and how to do it,” she is thinking ahead and dreams of new hospital facilities with an emergency room.
   As one observes the dedication and engagement of all involved, Clinica Adventista Ana Stahl is well on its way toward accomplishing their dreams.
[Text and photos by Rajmund Dabrowski]

Prison Evangelism Certification and Training Conference Held at Rocky Mountain Conference  » Rocky Mountain Conference prison ministry devotees met the weekend of September 30 through October 2 for a conference providing certification and training in prison evangelism, some coming from as far away as Crownpoint, New Mexico.
   “Inside the Criminal Mind,” “Relationships Inside: Keeping Them Appropriate,” “Staying Safe Behind Bars,” and “Hostage Situations: How to Survive Them,”
were just a few of the topics presented by Daniel McManus, president of the *Alliance of Prison Ministry Organizations and Affiliates and the featured speaker.

   Other speakers included Ted Williams, Fort Lupton pastor and prison ministry leader, Enid Almeida, RMC prison ministry director, and Ed Barnett, RMC president.
   “For over 42 years,” says Daniel McManus, “I’ve facilitated Bible study groups and conducted worship services behind bars. Some of the most hardened criminals came to those groups or services and I watched them grow to become humble, faithful and obedient servants of God.”
   By conference end, on Sunday afternoon, attendees had become acquainted with other like-minded individuals who will serve as network partners in future prison ministry endeavors.
   *Alliance of Prison Ministry Organizations and Affiliates (APMOA) has been in existence since October 2005, having evolved from the original organization, Adventist Prison Ministries, which came into being in 1989.  Created as a self-supporting ministry, it is a training and consultation resource for all levels of the world-wide Seventh-day Adventist Church. 
[Carol Bolden; photo of Daniel McManus by Katrina Hart]

ACS Joins Other Colorado Agencies in Bringing Relief to Victims of Beulah Hill Fire  »   Adventist Community Services Disaster Relief opened a donation center in partnership with two other relief agencies on October 8.
   Working with Colorado’s Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office, the trio’s donation center is located on the Colorado State Fairgrounds in the 4-H Auditorium in Pueblo. They are currently accepting donations for those impacted by the Beulah Hill Fire.
   Located 15 miles southwest of Pueblo, the Beulah Hill Fire reached 95 percent containment last Saturday and officials believed it would be fully contained by last Sunday.
   The blaze has destroyed eight homes and six outbuildings.
   The donation center is providing bulk items of food, along with clothing, kitchenware, blankets, clean-up kits and other items for the Beulah Hill Fire residents.
   Cash assistance for Beulah Hill Fire relief is being collected by Pueblo United Way. Volunteers may also sign up at
[RMCNews with the Pueblo Chiefton; photo courtesy of Denver Post]

Daystar Students, Parents and Staff Interact at PIE Night  »    Several times each year, Daystar Christian School in Pueblo holds PIE Night (Parents Involved in Education) to encourage parents and children to learn, have fun together and gain new ideas for parent-child interaction.    Apple, pecan and cherry were a few of the favorite pies during the last PIE Night held October 4 with a literacy theme, featuring word games, a literacy craft, a local librarian appearance, occupational exploration and lots of books.
   “I had a great evening with many bright kids who were eager to learn [about] what family doctors do,” said Dr. D.J. Dutton, family practice doctor in Walsenburg, Colorado. Students loved exploring the stethoscope, otoscope and reflex hammer.
   A nurse practitioner and a taekwondo instructor also answered questions about their professions, reading story books to the students showcasing their specialities.
    “I had a fun time at Daystar,” said Jaclyn Baros, librarian for the Pueblo County Lamb Library. “The best moment was when a child said that reading was her favorite subject and that she loved the library.” Baros brought books for students and parents to check out, along with puppets, free bookmarks and information on upcoming library programs.   “I liked all the different stations that were set up, such as the games and the hands-on activities with the medical personnel and the crafts. We also loved eating the pie as well!” said mother Lisa Black.
   “My dad and I were able to give each other tips during the craft and I also got to play MadLibs with my parents. We don’t usually get to play games together,” said Isabella Kilfoy, 5th grader at Daystar.
   “Bringing parents and children together to interact and learn is a win-win situation,” states principal Michelle Velbis. “Research shows that when we do activities like this, we increase a child’s self-esteem and academic success and we also improve parent-child relationships.”
[Michelle Velbis; photos by Wayne Nazarenus]

Grand Junction Pathfinders Honor Veterans  »    The Grand Valley Prospectors Pathfinder Club recently donated an American flag to Whitewater Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in the Grand Junction area.    
   Located on the bluffs north of Whitewater, about ten miles southeast of Grand Junction, this 50-acre cemetery given through a land patent by President Taft, has graves as old as 200 years, including four veterans from the Civil War, one from WWI, ten from WWII, one from Vietnam and 47 unknowns.
   The cemetery board (representative Sue Campbell pictured accepting the flag with board member Mike) was grateful to receive it from Pathfinders (l to r) Malhi Hernandez, Ryan Conley and Megan Conley.
[Megan Conley; photo by Phyllis Conley]

Note from the Editor: As an institution of higher learning in the Mid-America Union Conference, NewsNuggets will feature an occasional article written by student reporters and published in The Clocktower, their school paper. 
Chris Blake Retires After 24 Years at Union  »    To say 2016-2017 is an eventful year would be the understatement of the century, largely due to the fact that, aside from Kobe Bryant's retirement, Chris Blake, associate professor of English and communication, will retire from Union on May 31 after 24 years.
   Blake currently teaches writing, along with public speaking/editing classes, as well as several Union Scholars classes.
   During his time at Union, Blake created the Conflict and Peacemaking, Critiquing Film in a Global Context (with Dr. Robison) and Local Literary Wonders classes, the Amnesty/Tiny Hands Club, the Blake Family Peace and Social Justice Award and the Peace Sculpture Garden.    
  He's also helped sponsor senior class gifts such as the gazebo and the electronic student missionary display in the Everett Dick Building lobby. Blake has enabled scores of students to get published in magazines and, for some, even a book or two.
  If you're saying to yourself, "Why is Blake retiring? He looks so young," you're not alone.  
  Believe it or not, Blake will be pushing 66 years in May, at which point he will have completed 40 years of working, 24 at Union College. One may conclude he served his time.  
   Blake goes on to say retirement is a misnomer. He speaks of plans to step aside from classroom teaching and concentrate full-time on writing books. He believes "the process of writing is somewhat agonizing . . . the good kind of writing is difficult, but the bad kind is easy."  
  In the past, he's written hundreds of articles and several books, including Searching for a God to Love (published in five languages) and Swimming Against the Current.  
   If you haven't gotten to know him yet, plan to. He's happily married (celebrated 40 years this summer with a trip to Europe), has two sons, two daughters-in-law and three grandchildren. A few of his activities include lifting free weights, elliptical and ab workouts, disc golfing and mountain biking the precipitous peaks of Lincoln.
   Did I mention he's a pun master?  
   When asked what he will miss about teaching, he responds, "I will miss a lot of aspects of teaching, I will not miss grading. You know what? I don't like grading. In fact, I loathe grading. However, as a wise person has noted, "The sign of maturity is doing what you need to do when you don't feel like doing it."
   Although grading leaves much to be desired, he will miss "the students and my colleagues."
   When asked what his most memorable experience was within the last 24 years in Lincoln, he speaks of the time when training for a team triathlon six years ago.
   He fell from his bicycle onto the concrete bike path, broke his femur, and nearly died from pulmonary emboli 11 days later. Although not quite the experience most would see as enjoyable, it certainly is memorable.
   As he prepares to start a new journey as a full-time writer, he would like students to keep three things in mind: "Go with God; enjoy the journey. The journey is much more enjoyable with God, read 'It's the cracked ones that let the light through' by Paul Moore, and remember communication is the key to life."
   Although Blake is retiring from teaching, don't fret. He plans to stay in Lincoln for at least a year afterward, so we will still see his smiling face around.
[Sean Hendrix; photo from Spectrum]


Copper Mountain Lift Tickets Available at Highly Discounted Rate  »  RMC's Youth Department is once again brining SDA constituents the opportunity to ski or snowboard at Copper Mountain at unheard-of rates! Lift tickets are now available at the following prices:  
Adult (ages 13=) $65 each
          $2 off per ticket for purchases of 5-24 tickets
          $5 off per ticket for purchases of 25= tickets
Child (ages 6-12) $58 each flat rate
   There is a flat mailing fee of $3 per order or you can pick them up at the RMC Conference office free! 
   You are buying certified Copper Mountain Lift Tickets for the 2016-17 ski season. These are day passes. You will receive the actual lift tickets that you purchase (not a voucher for pickup at a later date). These tickets are transferable and are not subject to any blackout dates. Use them on any day of the ski season!
Ticket supply is limited, so order today!
To purchase tickets, visit
No internet? No problem! You may also place your order by calling the Youth Department office at 303-282-3664. Please leave a message if no one answers. We will hold tickets for 7 business days. If payment is not received within 7 business days, the tickets will become available to other buyers.

Glacier View Ranch  »  Check out GVR's updated website to see what's happening at the camp --

NewsNuggets Archive Now Online »  The NewsNuggets archive is now online, and can be found at

Worland Church »  Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University will be held weekly at 6:30 p.m., beginning September 21 and continuing through November 16. If you are looking to improve your financial situation, eliminate debt, plan for retirement or your children's college, buy a house or make any type of financial transaction, this class is for you. The church is at 660 South 17th Street, Worland WY 82401. For more details or to register, visit or contact Kathy Weigand at 816-872-5619 or It's not too late to sign up or attend!

Cheyenne Church »  A five-session Connections seminar will be held from 2:30 - 4 p.m. October 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29. The seminar will help individuals determine their spiritual gifts and how to use those gifts for your local church and community. A fellowship dinner will be provided at 1:30 p.m. For more information, contact Lee Steele at 307-220-0532.

Loveland Church  »  Revelation Speaks Peace is coming to the Loveland Church beginning at 6:30 p.m., Friday, October 14 and continuing through November 19. For a schedule and topics presented each night, go here. The church is located at 950 Cleveland Avenue, Loveland, CO 80537.

Campion Church  »  "No More Fear," is coming to the Campion Church Fellowship Hall starting at 6:30 p.m. October 7 and continuing through October 22. Each night will  begin with free, light supper at 6 p.m. 
This free series of community seminars and conversations about how to live without fear will be led by Pastor Nestor Soriano and will present answers to the many fears we face today.
"No More Fear of the Future": is the opening night topic through which you'll discover a prophecy that reveals our future.
These interactive seminars will provide many Bible answers. Invite your friends, neighbors and former members to enjoy Bible answers and inspirational music. Study materials and childcare provided. Pre-register at or call 855-972-9127.

Give Them Hope Health Summit »  Join us in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado October 13-16 for a health training program that will change your life and your ministry. Learn how to prevent and even reverse Type 2 diabetes. Many are calling Alzheimer's Type 3 diabetes because of its close link to insulin resistance, the main cause for Type 2 diabetes. Learn more on our website at It is not too late to register, but you must contact us soon to save your place. You are welcome to join us for the weekend, but we must know if you plan to eat with us. Call Rick at 530-521-7429. 

LifeSource Adventist Fellowship  »  Calvin Taylor will present a piano concert at 5 p.m. Saturday, October 15. This gospel music recording artist is featured weekly on 3ABN. This is a musical program you and your family will not want to miss!

Agape Haitian Church »  Hurricane Matthew has added more despair to the list of unpleasant conditions in Haiti. Many Haitians are homeless and many Coloradans have family members affected by this disaster. A special prayer day will be held at 11 a.m., October 15 for the victims of this tragedy. Please join us in prayer for Haiti. Donations for victims are gladly accepted at the church address: 14701 E 21st Avenue, Aurora, CO 80011.

Chapel Haven Church  »  Dr. Calvin Taylor will share his music, "Holy Scripture--Alive with Sounds of Music" at 11 a.m. Sabbath, October 15. Chapel Haven Church is located at 9911 Huron Street, Northglenn, CO 80260, 303-451-1800. For more information:

Financial Peace University  »  If you are a young adult interested in gaining relevant financial guidance and connecting with other young adults in the Denver area, Rocky Mountain Conference's Youth Department is holding a nine-week class at the conference office for you. The class will meet each Tuesday from 6:30 to 8 p.m. beginning October 18 and continuing through December 13.
The cost is $93 for materials and membership and the first 15 people to register will receive a 50 percent discount. For more information and to register, email or for an overview of the class, go to The office is located at 2520 S. Downing Street, Denver CO 80210.

Twin Peaks Church  »  Spend your Sabbath afternoon, beginning at 2 p.m., October 22, with Jeremy Hufman who served his country on two tours of duty in Iraq. He'll share stories of his experiences with the people, both friendly and hostile, the dynamics of the country, and how God led and protected him during his 1-year and 15-month tours. The church is located at 9696 Paschal Drive, Louisville, CO 80027. For more information, call 720-890-3767. 

Contemporary Critical Thinking at ADU  »  "Everything we do starts with a thought. If you can improve your thought process, you can improve everything else about your life" (Dr. Ndala Booker). Learn how to deepen your decision-making process within any context for all age groups. You are invited to join Dr. Ndala Booker, Director of the Center for Academic Achievement at Adventist University of Health Sciences (ADU) and co-founder of Changing Spaces, for a fun and interactive presentation from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, October 25 at the ADU Denver campus, 950 E. Harvard Avenue, Suite B80, Denver CO 80210 (adjacent to Porter Adventist Hospital). Please RSVP by emailing Katie Shaw, Executive Director of ADU Denver, at Light refreshments will be served.

ADU Denver Education Expo  »  Adventist University of Health Sciences (ADU) Denver campus is hosting its Healthcare Education Expo from 4-7 p.m., Wednesday, October 26. ADU Denver educates future healthcare professionals with the mission "Healthcare as Ministry" and offers programs in Nursing, Radiography, and Sonography in a personalized, nurturing environment. The campus is located adjacent to Porter Adventist Hospital. Learn more and RSVP by visiting

Campion Church »  The Larimer Chorale of Fort Collins, a 110-voice group with four Adventists, presents their first concert, Sergei Rachmanifoff's All-Night Vigil, an a capella masterpiece, at 7:30 p.m. Sabbath, October 29, at the Campion Church, 300 42nd St SW, Loveland CO 80537.
For discount tickets and group rates, contact Roxanne Goodrich at 970-222-8930 or before October 1.

La Vida Mission Supply Drive »  A non-profit mission to the Navajo Nation with the goal of reaching the Navajo children for Jesus, La Vida Mission is dependent on the generosity of caring people to supply their needs. A truck heading to La Vida Mission with donations will stop at churches around the conference to pick up your donations. See the schedule here.


Daystar School in Pueblo is looking for a part-time aide for K-3 for the 2016-17 school year. If you are interested in finding out more about this position, you can contact Michelle Velbis by email at or call 719-561-9120.

Voice of Prophecy: The Voice of Prophecy is looking to fill three positions: gift planning departmental assistant with accounting experience, digital content specialist/webmaster, and a donor relations coordinator. For more information, visit





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