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Fort Lupton Family Celebrates Miracles and Baptism »  Lexi was special from the beginning. The first child of single mother, Melissa, she was a sweet baby who began to exhibit some puzzling symptoms. She had trouble swallowing and choked easily. Later, she experienced double vision. Eventually, she was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, a long-term neuromuscular disease.
   The young mother also noticed a sensitivity in Lexi to spiritual things, probably the result of time spent with great-grandparents, Cliff and Norma Lewis, members of the Fort Lupton Church.
   When Lexi was four, she told the children’s story at church. “God made this beautiful garden,” she explained, her eyes wide with wonder, “and put Adam and Eve in it. They’d still be there, she said ruefully at the end of her story, “if it weren’t for that nasty snake.”
   She was baptized when she was six.
   As symptoms worsened, Great-grandmother Norma became especially concerned when doctors said there was nothing more they could do. At church, she approached Pastor Ted Williams, asking, “When can we anoint Lexi?”
   “How about right now?” he responded.
   Lexi immediately went into remission. She was eight.
   As the years passed, Lexi’s mother became acquainted with Chad Aragon, a Christian man who had given his heart to Jesus as a teenager.  Soon, Chad and Melissa married and Pastor Ted continued to study with them every week, but Chad was certain that the Sabbath was an unnecessary complication.
   Lexi was persistent in sharing her faith with family, including Chad when he joined the circle and when evangelist David Steward held meetings at the Fort Lupton Church in 2016, Chad and Melissa attended regularly.
   Gradually, as the Holy Spirit worked on hearts, the family came to a place where they all desired baptism. On April 1, Chad, Melissa, and Lexi waded together into the baptismal tank with Pastor Ted.
   “God is all about family,” Pastor Ted explained.
   As head of the family, Chad was baptized first. Together, Pastor Ted and Chad baptized Melissa. Lexi, now 12, was baptized by all three. Assured of God’s forgiveness and love, their faces glowed with a heavenly light.
   Lexi’s years’-long prayer was answered.

[Carol Bolden; photo by Amanda Thomas]
Campion Student Leaders Witness Wildfire   »   We learned a vital lesson from our Wildfire student-led evangelistic series: never underestimate what God can do through young people.
   From February 17-24, Campion Academy, along with Campion Adventist Church, and Loveland Adventist Church partnered together to hold Wildfire: a youth-led evangelistic series.
   The team consisted mostly of students, but also staff and church members. Seven students preached powerful, Christ-centered messages: Cassandra Carr (salvation), Jake Graybill (Second Coming), Diana Miranda (state of the dead), Nathaniel Sanchez (Sabbath), Ashley Halvorson (judgment), David Marroquin Jr. (health), and Chantelle Bravatti (heaven). We were stirred by their Spirit-filled passion and contagious enthusiasm.
   We'll never forget when Ashley and Chantelle made appeals for baptism. They had never made public appeals before, much less calls for baptism. But with much prayer and unflinching faith, they invited people to come forward. And to their amazement, they watched as several people paced slowly to the front. Six souls (one adult from the Loveland Church and six students from Campion Academy) made decisions for baptism.
   Let's never stop believing that God can do great things through our youth.
[Ardis Stenbakken; photo by May Forshee]

Leadership Accomplishments and Life Changes in Nepal   »   Life in Nepal is challenging for many–especially rural women. By their teens, many are married with children. In addition to being a wife and mother, they work hard in the family fields, often until old age. These women’s bodies are put through hardships that we can hardly imagine.
   For Ram Pyari Tumang, this lifestyle is all she’s known.
   Now 65, this sweet, tiny woman married and had her first child at the age of 16. Right away she began to notice pelvic pressure, but couldn’t take the time to recover after the birth of her child. She was needed in her husband’s fields to contribute to the family income. Over the years, her symptoms became progressively worse, especially after the birth of her second child. She suffered from constant loss of urine and lived in continual embarrassment.
   Then the Nepal earthquake of 2015 hit. Ram Pyari fled from her home, where she feared she'd be buried, to seek safety in the fields, but the powerful earthquake was unforgiving. It tumbled her head over heels, leaving her with injuries to her head, knee, and pelvis. With devastation everywhere, there simply weren’t enough resources available for her to seek medical help. After two months of worsening symptoms, she developed paralysis on the right side of her body.
   At last, her family was able to take her to a hospital where she was treated for a skull fracture. After three months of recovery, she was able to walk again.
   Though her head injury was healed, Ram Pyari's pelvic symptoms continued to worsen. She reached a point where she nearly wished to die because it affected every part of her already-challenging life.
   Around this time, her son heard about Global Health Initiatives performing pelvic prolapse surgeries at Scheer Memorial Adventist Hospital. He took her to the team of urogynecologic doctors and nurses from Colorado who repaired her severe pelvic organ prolapse without any cost to her family, thanks to generous supporters like you!
   Ram Pyari is "so very happy to have her life back" and, along with her family, has committed to following the detailed post-operative instructions and getting the rest she will need in order to have a sustained recovery.
   There are many other women in Nepal who are desperate for the same healing. Thankfully, you can help. It just takes $650 to provide life-changing surgery for someone else like Ram Pyari. That amount covers transportation, lodging, and food needs for the woman and a family member who will help support her through the surgery and post-op.
   To find out more about how you can help women in Nepal like Ram Pyari, or to make a donation, contact Kim Kennedy or visit us online. You can also watch a video about how another woman's life was forever changed thanks to the kindness of others.
   Thank you for making a difference!

[Kim Kennedy; photo by David Watson]
New Roof for Craig Church Prepares Way for Evangelistic Meetings  »
The current Craig Seventh-day Adventist Church home was purchased by its members from their Mormon neighbors. “It’s a huge facility for such a small congregation,” shares volunteer pastor, Tobin Dodge, mentioning that they have an average of only 12 members attending weekly. “We’re trying to get it fixed up, and filled up,” he explained.
   In need of updating, remodeling and repair, they are working on several projects and plan to replace the roof in May. It’s been leaking for some time and is “in really bad shape,” says Tobin.  Their determination to repair the roof stems partly from their desire to hold evangelistic meetings in the fall. We couldn’t do it “with water leaking into the lobby,” he says wryly.
   The roofing estimate was $50,000, a large amount for a small group of people to cover. Instead, they plan to complete the task using volunteer labor, which will save them about $25,000.
   We are so blessed to have a resourceful pastor in Tobin Savage," says RMC ministerial director Craig Carr. "He is pulling together this roof project with a combination of God's grace, member and community support, professional know-how-- all with the talents God has given him."

   Maranatha International, working in May on the Grand Junction project, hopes to send someone to help with re-roofing and the owner of a roofing company in Iowa has volunteered to come help. So far, they have five capable workers confirmed, but will need eight serious workers on the roof, along with assistants on the ground.
   The little town of Craig, Colorado, lies about 50 minutes west of Steamboat Springs. It’s population numbers around 10,000 and it claims to be the former stomping grounds of the infamous Wild Bunch outlaws.   
   In preparation for the fall meetings, Craig Church members plan to mail fliers to Craig residents with an invitation. According to Tobin, they plan “to incorporate modern adult-education theory as the basis of their meetings, leading off each night with an opening story illustration. Then, in small groups, they’ll read the primary text together and formulate questions based on their reading.
   The presentation of the night’s message will be followed by questions prepared by the small groups. Information handouts will go home with those who attend.
   Meetings will be available in three locations – the Craig Church, along with Hayden and Rangely, Colorado, where they will enjoy two-way communication.
   “We’ve been blessed because God has been bringing people together at the right time to accomplish something we couldn’t do by ourselves,” Tobin says in appreciation.
   Volunteers will enjoy a rafting trip down the Green River as a thank-you for their efforts. For more information, or to volunteer, call Tobin Dodge at 970-683-8625.
[Carol Bolden]
Children's Ministries Leaders Receive Certification  »   More than 65 children’s ministries leaders from Colorado attended the Children’s Ministries Certification Seminars March 31- April 1. Justo and Rosa Morales, North-American Division Children’ Ministries trainers traveled from Illinois to present the Level 6 Certification: Ministering to Parents.   
   The seminars covered various important topics such as Teaching Sexuality to Children, Developing Christian Values, Cultural Diversity, and more.  In the midst of the certification seminars, there was a demonstration of the VBX program: Cactusville.  
   It was a great blessing to have leaders from around our Conference learn how to better serve our children.  It was a great privilege to have Hubert Cisneros, Children’s Ministries Director of the Mid-American Union support us by attending our event.
   The next Children’s Ministries  Bilingual Certification Event is April 22, 2017, in Montrose, CO.  For more information, visit:
[Vanessa E. Rivera; photo by Ruben Rivera]

   Thousands of homes in the Rocky Mountain Conference continue to be blessed by the Student Literature Evangelism ministry, which is nearing its 27th year. What follows is a request from Pastor Joe Martin:
Dear Student Literature Evangelism Friends »   The Student LE ministry is supported through your financial faithfulness. To continue this ministry another year, your financial support is needed. We currently have enough to continue until December 2017. We praise the Lord that, through His faithfulness and yours, our financial needs have always been supplied.
Here's why this ministry by our youth deserves support:
  1. Many student and community lives have been changed by experiencing Jesus through this program.
  2. An average of 35 student missionaries go door-to-door every year spreading the gospel message.
  3. 80,000 Steps to Christ are given away every year.
  4. Thousands of well-known books are sold each year, among them Desire of Ages and Great Controversy.
  5. Our LE youth have a positive spiritual influence on our Christian campuses. 
  6. Young people are baptized when they experience Christ through the LE ministry.
  7. More than $60,000 earned by students goes to our schools each year in tuition. Students also receive matching scholarships from our schools.
  8. The LE Ministry provides employment for our young people at Campion  Academy
   There is no way to place a dollar value upon this ministry by and for our youth that God has used for nearly 27 years. Ellen G White wrote: “By the canvassing work, the truth is presented to thousands that otherwise would not hear it” (Letter 21, 1902).
   Please, make this a matter of prayer and give whatever God directs you to give.  May the Lord continue to bless you in your personal walk with Jesus. 
Donations can be sent to:
                                        Pastor Joe V. Martin
                                        1214 N. 3rd St.
                                        Johnstown, CO 80534
   Make checks payable to the Rocky Mountain Conference  and mark them Student LE
You will receive a tax-deductible receipt from the Rocky Mountain Conference.
-- Joe V. Martin

The March 24 NewsNuggets reported that there would be a likely closing on Campion's industrial warehouse within the next 60 days. It would be more accurate to say that Campion's industrial warehouse will likely be under signed contract within the next 60 days.


   The Rocky Mountain Conference Prayer Request line is up and running! You are invited to leave a voice mail prayer request at 303-282-3618 or email your request by clicking "Submit a Prayer Request" on the home page. Requests will be shared with our prayer team who will pray over them. We would like to expand our prayer team! Please email the RMC prayer coordinator at to say, "Yes, I'm willing to pray!


Canon City Church  »   “Living in the Final Week” by Dr. Tim Rumsey, is a prophecy series focusing on the life of Christ and the final events of Bible prophecy. Held at 7 p.m. nightly (except Sunday and Wednesday) beginning April 7, it continues through May 6 at the Canon City Church. 
   Learn from the Bible about events in the life of Christ that form a detailed prophecy of end-time events and the practical implications of walking with Jesus each day. Study guides in English and Spanish are available for each presentation.
Dr. Tim Rumsey has taught and lectured on Bible prophecy in the United States and South America. His passion is to share with other people the Bible’s special message for today’s world. 

Let the Light Shine Forth »    Denver South Church will hold a  "Let the Light Shine Forth" Sabbath event which will take place April 8 with Pastor John Davidson presenting the morning sermon at 10 a.m.. Pastor Davidson is president of  Eden Valley Institute of Wellness. Afternoon seminars will be presented by Mark Cromwell, ASIMA executive VP and Adventist United president, from 2-4 p.m. The church is located at 2675 S Downing Street, Denver 80210. For more information, visit

Exile: Easter Through the Eyes of St. John  »    Come to LifeSource for a special one-person play featuring our very own Pastor Tim Cress as the Disciple John at 7 p.m., April 15. See first-hand what it was like being with Jesus through his ministry all the way through Easter morning. You will be inspired! LifeSource Adventist Fellowship is located at 6200 W Hampden Avenue, Denver CO 80227, 303-988-8371.

Widow/Widower LifeGroup  »    Are you a widow or widower? Would you like to connect with others who are experiencing your same journey? We are attempting to connect as many people as possible from the Denver metro area. If you would like to be kept in the loop or be a part of this group, let us know at

Boulder Church  »    Join us April 15 for an all-day celebration of the death and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Family worship includes a sermon by Pastor Japhet titled, "Who Do You Say I Am?" based on Matthew 15:13-24. 
   In the afternoon, there will be an Easter celebration concert and a special children's program (both 2-3 p.m.). This special day will conclude with a family hike up Mount Sanitas (4-6 p.m.) Any child under the age of 12 who reaches the summit by 6 p.m. will be rewarded with a chocolate bunny. Contact Pastor Japhet for more information about the Easter program.

Mile High Academy Kids' University Summer Camps »    Our summer camps provide a safe place for your kids to thrive. Between Fit For Life, Imagine It, Innovation Station and Math Central station, along with our sports and learning camps, your child will learn and grow in creative ways every day. Contact us for more information at or call us at 303-744-1069. Be part of the fun!

Campion's Academy Days  »  A FREE Open House for prospective high school students in grades 7-11 and their parent(s) or sponsor(s) will be held April 21 and 22 at Campion Academy under the theme "Never Stop Exploring." To register, go to For questions, contact Jessica Rios at 970-667-5592 or

FIRE REKINDLED 2017 »  Be REKINDLED by His Word! Join us for an amazing experience at 7 p.m. Fridays, 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. and 3 p.m. Sabbaths through April 22 at Denver West Church or at 3 p.m. at Lakewood Fellowship. Come for Bible-based messages, kids' programs, music and more!
Mile High Academy Peter Pan Tickets Available  »  Soar into adventure with Peter Pan and help children in our own community at the same time! The MHA Upper School is pleased to partner with Centura Health and the Butterfly Program to raise money for families of children with life-limiting illnesses. Choose from two performance dates and times, 8 p.m., April 22 or 2 p.m., April 23. Reserved seating. Get your tickets now!  Find purchase information on the Facebook page @mhapeterpan.

Making Sense of God: A Live Multi-night Event  »  Why should anyone believe in Christianity? What role does faith play in an age of empirical reason? Join us LIVE for five conversations about faith, featuring music, presentations and plenty of time for questions and discussions. If you consider yourself a skeptic or a person of deep faith, we'd love to invite you in. Plan to join us in the LifeSource Cafe from 7-8 p.m., May 5, 6, 9, 12, and 13 or livestream from Facebook or our website and, if you'd be willing to host a viewing party each night, we'll give you a free Roku to livestream the sessions (and you get to keep it!) The church is located at 6200 W Hampden Avenue, Denver CO 80227.

Prophecy Seminar  »  Aurora First Church continues its Prophecy Seminar on the books of Daniel and Revelation at 7 p.m. Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays through May 30. Aurora First Church is located at 11400 E Mississippi Avenue, Aurora CO 80012. All are welcome!

Vista Fellowship  »   Vista Seventh-day Adventist Fellowship is conducting a Prophecy Series presented by David Steward of Amazing Facts. Meetings are held Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays at 7 p.m,. and Saturdays at 6 p.m., March 24 through April 22 at 701 Kimbark Street, Longmont. For more information, contact Tim Jones at

Women's Ministries Leadership Certification  » Women are invited to attend a Level One Leadership Certification Seminar beginning at 6:30 p.m. Friday, April 7, and continuing from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sabbath, April 8 at the Rocky Mountain Conference Office Meeting Room, 2520 S. Downing Street. Carla Baker, Women’s Ministries Director for the North American Division will conduct this seminar along with her team.  Two meals will be provided on Sabbath.
Any woman desiring to enhance leadership in ministry should attend. It will include a series of sessions on subjects such as “Principles of Effective Leadership”, “Visioning and Goal Setting” and more. Each woman completing the seminar will receive a certificate. There is no charge to attend. You are responsible for your own lodging. 
Registration is essential. Contact Ginger Bell at 720-980-9006 or by March 31.

Health Partner Training Retreats  »    Be part of the revolution in health ministry reflecting Christ's character. In just one weekend, you can become a Health Partner and experience a transformation in your own health and in your evangelistic programs. Learn how to help people move from information to real-life changes through effective coaching skills. Form a group of 10-15 from your church, or join another group and gather with us to enjoy a weekend retreat in beautiful Silverthorne, Colorado, while learning, practicing new skills, relaxing, hiking and fellowshipping. Contact Rick Mautz for available dates for 2017 at 303-909-8274 or at

Celebrating Life in Recovery »    Twin Peaks Church is holding a 14-week program presented by Cheri Peters to help with recovery from domestic abuse, perfectionism, alcoholism, drug addiction, anger, dependency, and so much more. Join this FREE program at 7 p.m. Thursdays continuing through May 11. Register at For questions, call 720-890-3767. The Twin Peaks Church is located at 9696 Paschal Drive, Louisville, CO.

Women's Ministry Retreats 2017  »   RMC Women’s Ministries is excited to announce the Area Women’s Retreats for 2017:
Wyoming: Seaside Escape–a study of Sarah and Hagar
                   Mills Spring Ranch on Casper Mountain
                   August 26, 27
                   Contact:  Rhonda McDonald: 307-259-8147
Colorado Western Slope:  Falling in Love Again
                    Speaker:  Darla Sherman
                    Mountain Top Retreat (15 miles from Montrose)
                    October 6-8
                    Contact:  Linda Johnson:  970-245-2294
Colorado Metro, NE/SE:  The Best Is Yet To Come
                     Speaker and Musician: Jaclynn Huse along with
                     her daughter Shelby, age 16 
                     BEGINS SATURDAY NIGHT
                     SEPTEMBER 16
                     WITH FREE CONCERT
                     at Greeley Adventist Church
                     EVERYONE INVITED! -- not just for women.
                     Followed by one-day Women's Retreat
                     Sunday, September 17
                     at Pinehurst Country Club in Littleton                   
                     Contact:  Ginger Bell:  720-980-9006

Cooking at its Funnest!  »   Cody Church is hosting Chef Mark Anthony at 6 p.m., Tuesday, July 11 where you'll enjoy a free dinner and a message on plant-based health nutrition, including weight loss, lowering cholesterol, and increasing energy. Seating is limited. The Cody Church is located at 1608 19th Street, Cody, WY. For more information, call 307-213-5009 or go to


Vista Ridge Academy  »  is looking for a part-time group leader and part-time aide for its preschool program. For more information, contact Sandy Hodgson at 

The Voice of Prophecy is looking for a digital content specialist/webmaster to work at the ministry headquarters in Loveland. For more information, visit


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Friday, April 8, 2017

"Our world is in a race between cooperation and catastrophe. Leaders who are going to be able to bring us together have to be able to heal wounds. They have to be able to build partnerships. They have to be able to inspire hope and change hearts and minds, primarily by vision, and, certainly, by example."   -- Sam Nunn, destroyer of weapons
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