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Share the Light 2014

They say the kids who need the most love will ask for it in the most unloving ways.

He was uncooperative and a little dirty behind the ears. He was demanding and didn't listen well in the group. He was stubborn and evidently used to getting his own way…and this was only Monday. A few of us felt as if we were being held hostage by this eight year old whose mischievous grin and freckled nose were only missing a sly wink. His counselor struggled to help him make friends, to help him feel like a part of the group, to help him fit in – wondering if the boy ever listened to anyone. We felt uncertain when it came time for this boy to leave. We knew he was headed home to long, boring days hanging out in the apartment with Gram. Had we done our best? Had we shared the light of God’s presence? Had he felt God’s love and acceptance here at camp?

Donors like you helped that young boy come to Camp Wightman. You provided the opportunity for him to be cherished by this community for just being himself. Gram couldn't provide a camp experience for him – it was out of her reach. His parents? They’re not involved. A local church connected with Gram and helped her find Camp Wightman. But you made the difference. Because of your caring and giving, we were able to offer this family a campership that will have lasting eternal impact for this young man. Check below for the rest of the story.

We work with lots of kids just like this boy. Because of your generosity we have been able to share God’s light and love with hurting kids and with adults with special challenges. We were blessed with a successful summer camping season in 2014 – one which saw an 4% increase in camper participation! Here’s what our camper parents are saying:

  • “My teen daughter was happy to know there are many young ladies there that felt the same way she felt. In school it was not comfortable with her peers because they consider her a NERD (her word) because she does things that are honoring to the LORD -- in the way she acts, dresses, and carries herself. She felt very isolated in her school. She came home with a fresh, exciting look on things…This was a life-changing experience for her…! She is looking forward to many years to come in attending the camp!”
  • “Our children never felt like the faith aspects were being pushed on them or were overbearing in any way. After each and every week they would…relate the new things they had learned from the Bible and ask us questions. They enjoyed the songs, the groups, and the time they had to become closer to God through the Bible time with their bunks and chapel each evening. I think it was extremely positive and I wish many more children had the chance to experience it.”
Here’s the report from the friend who drove that boy home – “He talked about everything he did ALL the way home. ‘I loved archery the best and the caves. I went to both of them because I love hiking. I’m gonna get more beads next time. I got a Bible Exploration bead because I was the only one who knew the Joseph story and I told the whole story. I love that story, it’s my favorite one! I like the Old Testament and the New Testament. Did you know the Old Testament is much longer than the New? I still believe them both.’ It was a great ride home.”

Yes, your gift can have an eternal impact…

#GivingTuesday is the beginning of Giving Season '14! That's right, it's time to think about end-of-the-year giving. Your gift makes it possible for less fortunate families to afford the camp experience and for the Wightman program to grow and improve every year.

Plus if you give online on (or if you schedule your donation to be given on) Tuesday, December 2 (that's this week!) Camp Wightman will be eligible to win additional funds from, the online giving platform we use. Razoo is a safe, secure way to donate to Camp Wightman online. Click on the graphic above or right here!

You can help in one more way -- would you let your online friends know you are giving to Camp Wightman? Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest...whatever social networking sites you frequent. Use #GivingTuesday to be included in the worldwide conversation.

Share the light of God's love and Camp Wightman's campfires with the world!

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