Join us for Sands Films Cinema Club online presentation of G W Pabst's 1925 JOYLESS STREET ( DIE FREUDLOSE GASSE). Dennis Grunes wrote: "If I were to make a list of the ten greatest shots in all of cinema, I would include the long tracking shot on the street outside the butcher’s shop in inflation-beseiged Vienna: an irregular stream of defeated faces. Generally, the tracking shot consists of two contradictory aspects: the sense of extended, even limitless, space—here, ironically, correlative to bottomless human exhaustion; a hard limit, as the moving camera comes to a halt, if only by a cut to another shot—here, correlative to the butcher, who represents humanity’s capacity to exploit the suffering of other members of the community.

If I were to make a list of the ten greatest performances in all of cinema, I would include Greta Garbo’s as Greta Rumfort, the soul of innocence, whom economic hardship nearly drives into prostitution.”

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Tuesday 19th January at 20.00

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During 2020 the Cinema Club presented over 65 films. Since March all these screenings are streamed online. The films remain available for later viewing. Click on the button below to chose from 40 film presentations.

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Special event by The Committee to Defend Julian Assange and the Socialist Film Co-operative

An online screening of “THE WAR ON JOURNALISM” with live Q&A with the director of the film, Juan Passarelli, Matt Kennard, investigative journalist, and Emmy Butlin of the Committee to Defend Julian Assange. There is a war on journalism - Julian Assange is at the centre of that war. If this precedent is set then what happens to Assange can happen to any journalist.

“The Indictment of Julian Assange... is a threat to the press and the American People.” - Glenn Greenwald Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist

"What Julian Assange is being targeted for is the same or similar as many journalists have’s surprising to me that more people can’t see that this case has worrying implications for all journalists” - Alan Rusbridger former editor-in-chief of The Guardian

“Assange is charged with asking for information, with receiving information, and with publishing information. And I don’t mind saying that those are exactly the things that I do.” - Barton Gellman Pulitzer Prize and Emmy Award-winning journalist

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