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Welcome back to Trust the Process. Here’s some of what’s in today’s newsletter:

  • Scroll down to see why we’re introducing platform protection

  • CPMs decline over the past week

  • Watch how community member Pashion Footwear is growing

  • Why holiday shopping might already be soaring

The Marketing Markets

Google ad spend is starting to tick up across the community, with that number now hitting 37%. Here’s what else the Trust community is seeing:

1) Facebook CPMs

Facebook CPMs had a substantial pricing drop and then increased. The week over week net impact is a double digit percentage decline:

Week over week: -11.1%

30 day high: $12.74

30 day low: $8.76

2) Instagram CPMs

Instagram CPMs had a sizable swing. The 30 day high and low both occurred within the same week:

Week over week: -17.9%

30 day high: $9.50

30 day low: $7.04

3) Snap CPMs

Snap CPMs largely stayed flat, but pricing is significantly higher now compared to a month ago:

Week over week: -2.9%

30 day high: $9.95

30 day low: $4.00

4) Pinterest CPMs

Pinterest’s CPM pricing remains the steadiest of the bunch:

Week over week:

30 day high: $6.80

30 day low: $5.45

One final pricing tidbit: Google admitted to a CPC error over the weekend. They acknowledge the problem here.

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Community Conversation of the Week

Haley Pavone started her business when she was in college. Fast forward years later and Pashion Footwear has successfully been able to reimagine the heel. Haley talked with us about how TikTok and Instagram are working for Pashion Footwear, and why she decided to air ship product this holiday season:

Haley: We're doing a lot of pre orders from our website to be honest with you and just pushing as hard as we can to get product in quickly. We're negotiating with suppliers to try to get special treatment and we are going to be air shipping in the majority of our orders, which, unfortunately is expensive, but we're willing to take that hit in order to make sure our customers have a good holiday season. But I would definitely advise consumers to do your holiday shopping early this year.

Click here to watch more about how Pashion Footwear is growing smarter.

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Trending Across the Trust Community

Google and Youtube Move Deeper into Video

Youtube is now making its push into live shopping, following the lead of several of the other major platforms in recent months. Youtube says viewers can now buy products using onsite checkout or by visiting a retailer’s site while the video is uninterrupted.

“We built the shopping features so that you can easily learn about products in the video or discover new products that you might love,” a company executive said in a blog post.

Google, Youtube’s parent company, also announced it’s trying to make video campaigns more shoppable for advertisers. Google says advertisers who add product feeds to their video action campaigns achieve over 60% more conversion on average, and do so at a lower cost.

Online Retail Sales Surge in October

Forecasters have been projecting yet another record holiday shopping season, and it appears as if retailers have already gotten off to a solid start. According to the Commerce Department, retail sales jumped 1.9% in October, compared to September.

Online sales, though, beat that figure, hitting a 4% month over month jump. This October was stronger than October 2020 for online retailers, as the year over year gain nationally was 10.2%.

However, costs continue to increase for businesses. The Labor Department also reported that nonfuel import prices are up 5.5% year over year.

Did you know you the Trust community is now eligible for platform protection?

We’re excited to announce today that platform protection is now available to businesses in the Trust community. If an outage occurs at Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snap, Twitter, or Pinterest, and revenue is significantly impacted, businesses will receive credits to their Trust account. Platform protection is another way businesses in the Trust community can focus on growth, and grow smarter. To learn more, keep reading here.

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