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"My facial cleanser is also a nappy cream!"

Dear Aroma Fan,

Yes, you did read well.
Since I am a mum, I have been using my facial cleanser as a nappy cream too!

During consultation for skin issues, I always tell that conventional skin care products, even recommended by skin specialists, just damage the skin.

Then, my clients ask me:
- "But what do you use yourself????"
- Well, not much... A facial cleanser with a floral water and a facial serum. Thats it! :-)

I often tell, if they have young children at home they can use the cleanser - which is a liniment - as a nappy cream.

Here the explanation.

What is a liniment?

A liniment (or embrocation) is a medicated preparation for application to the skin. 
They have been around since Antiquity.

Liniments are of a similar or lesser viscosity than lotions and are rubbed in to create friction, unlike lotions, ointments or creams.

What are the ingredients?

Liniments are made from 2 ingredients:
  • A carrier oil, usually olive oil
  • Some limestone water, often used by gardeners to get rid of worms :-)

But limestone water causes skin burns?

This is true. DO EVER USE limestone on its own, unless you want to severely burn your skin!

BUT when you blend limestone water with a carrier oil, you actually create a super-fatted liquid soap which is a very powerful care for sensitive skin.

That is why it is a multi-purpose care.

How a care can have such different purposes?

Liniments are well known in France, especially in the Southern where olive trees grow. They have been used as a make-up remover and also nappy creams for ages.

Liniment is a type of super-fatted soap with cleansing and hydration properties. This is a perfect care to cleanse all types of skin but especially sensitive, fragile, dry and hyper-reactive ones!

Liniment has a basic/alkaline pH (10 on average) that fights skin acidity leaving a nice protector layer of hydration at the same time.


How to use this cleanser?

For a facial care use:

  • Apply all over the parts you want to clean using a cotton pad or a cloth
  • Be gentle, do not rub, just remove the surplus
  • Do make wonders to remove heavy waterproof mascara and make-up :-)

Skin has an acidic pH (6 on average) and to leave the liniment/cleanser on it, could change the acidic pH of your skin to a basic/alkaline one.

  • Rinse it with some floral waters that have an acidic pH

Your pH skin gets back to normal when using liniment & a floral water afterwards :-)

You can also use a mineral water with very little minerals into it.
I do not recommend the tap water. It contains a massive cocktail of chemicals :-(

For a nappy cream use:

  • Apply all over your baby bum with a cotton pad or cloth
  • Be gentle, do not rub, just remove the surplus

Do NOT rinse it.
Pee and poo are very acidic, sometimes causing very severe nappy rashes. The liniment pH is alkaline.
It is actually is a wonderful natural protection barrier very helpful for the changing!

You will say, 'Bye, bye' very sore red baby bottom :-)

How to make your own?

This is very easy to make a liniment. We only need 2 ingredients. And the formula is as simple as that: you need the same amount of each ingredientFor instance:
  • 100ml Olive oil
  • &
  • 100ml Limestone water

Tools to proceed:

  • 2 glass bowls
  • 1 glass bottle with a lead or a pomp
  • 1 soup mixer or a whisk
  • 1 marise or spoon

How to proceed:

  • In 2 different bowls, separately measure your ingredients
  • Poor the limewater into the olive oil bowl
  • Mix it well, at least 3 minutes
  • You can use straight away


  • This is no stabiliser agent, so if you notice the ingredients get separated, just shake your bottle before to use
  • You can use it straight after it is done
  • Keep it away from sun and heat in a dark place
  • Lasts 6 months at least without preservatives :-)
You want to learn more?
You are welcome to join us in November for the skincare workshop in Naduir, center for holistic health in Furbo to learn more about how to make cleanser, serums, body cares and more.

You want to buy a facial cleanser ready to go?
Call up in Naduir center for classes, garden day or just to say hello and buy your soothing facial cleanser. We have 2 different floral waters to go with:
  • Lavender water (acne & oily skin)
  • Rose water (ageing and dry skin)
And this is more on shelves! Grab what you need :-) 

You have a specific skin disorder?
We provide one to one consultations to find out what suits you the best to the aim to tailoring therapeutic skincares especially following your specific needs.
Our t
herapeutic oils can treat emotional, physiological, energetic and spiritual issues.

Feel free to share with friends and tell them to subscribe if they are interested in aromatherapy, essential oils and wholesome skincares!
Thank you, dear aroma fan.

Happy facial cleansing ans napping!

With Love & Gratitude,

PS1: One to one consultation are provided in Furbo and Inverin
PS2: Next workshop "Skin cares for skin back into balance" is on 21st November

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