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Ayurveda Notes December 2014
  • A New Book on Breathing
  • 100 plus teachers
  • Social Media
  • Travel
Book on Breathing
It has been a super 3 months on Vancouver Island.
A few days ago I completed a book on effective breathing which I’ve sent to an editor. Those of you who would like to do a pre- read while the book is being edited see the section at the end of this newsletter titled Pre-read.  I’m looking for feedback on the book as well as input on a title. The book will soon be available  quite soon both as an ebook and paper copy.
In addition The Aging Reversal Course is undergoing an edit and will be available in both e format and paper.
100 plus Teachers
When I left Vancouver Island last Fall one of the things I left behind was teaching The Aging Reversal Course at VIU Elder College. I had taught the course at the University 11 times and many times in workshop format to over 500 people, but it seemed as though the teaching of it at VIU was over. Enter serendipity. Years ago I had met a young woman and her husband for lunch and when she heard I was leaving the Island she called inquiring about the course. She has a 300 hour certification in Ayurveda and has great passion for Ayurveda and teaching.
Currently she is completing teaching the course at VIU to rave reviews. In addition she has set up a course at the Comox college which filled up in a week with 40 eager students. As things unfold it is becoming clear that the course ‘has legs’.
What I have been asking myself is why couldn’t this course be taught throughout the English speaking world? True, this person currently teaching the course is one in a million but there are many millions. To explore idea of teaching see below One in a Million.
Social Media
Many readers follow me on social media. Those that have ‘liked’ The Aging Reversal Course on facebook enjoy recipes, articles and so forth. I will be posting numbers of freebees – chapters of the new book etc.  Much of what I post finds its way to my Twitter and Linkedin pages. If social media works for you are most welcome to follow along.
As many readers are aware I’m in a travel mode for a few more years though I do have a strong sense that I will end up back on Vancouver Island.
In this regard I have a fairly persistent sense that I may spend some time near the equator this winter. Waves and ocean seem to be involved. A quiet banda on a beach would be most welcome.
My very best wishes to you, and to your families during the Holiday Season and throughout the New Year.
Paul Colver
November 28, 2014
Qualicum Beach, B.C.
Unquestionably the main focus in creating health seems to be diet. Diet is important but what has been largely overlooked is the importance of proper, natural breathing. Without effective breathing assimilation, hydration and rest are disturbed. Life and daily living are disturbed. I was simply amazed when this relatively simple insight became clear to me – proper breathing support everything – improper breathing hinders everything . Headaches, worry, anger, toxicity, lack of energy, poor sleep, all stem from improper breathing!
The book offers up an understanding of how the breath is integral to Life being circulated throughout physiology, as well as how the breath is key in removing toxicity.
Of course the book is not just theory: there are dos and don’ts as well as numbers protocols and breathing exercises.
If you are interested in doing a pre-read and providing feedback I will send you an e- copy.
The book is only about 15,000 words.
In addition I am considering titles.
I like the book title The Four Agreements, so in the running are the first requisite; the four requisites; the first requisite, the breath; the first pillar, the breath. Or proper breathing in place of the breath, or natural breathing.
Also names such as the breath is the pulse of the mind; or the pulse of the mind, or the pulse of the mind: the first requisite. I’m sure the right name will show up – but it hasn’t yet.
One in a Million
Are there one hundred plus Ayurvedic practitioners with a passion for teaching scattered throughout the English speaking world?
I’ve spent about 2 hours with the person teaching the course at VIU. She is not only talented and passionate she is a self starter – and the simplicity of what she has done is beautiful.
  • She has kept the course name The Aging Reversal Course and uses the book as the text for the course. The advantage of this approach is that when she approaches a university, college or continuing ed program proposing to teach she has both a university as a reference (where the course has been one of the most sought after courses) and second, she has the gravitas of having a book.
  • While the book is used as the text for the class, once the main themes are covered the course content may be modified to suit the class participants and to suit the teacher’s interests.
  • The value of teaching is primarily that the teacher is giving service, but there is also the opportunity to build a client base for workshops, cooking classes, consultations and speaking engagements.
  • Sale of the book to those who wish to purchase it provides income. (Students who do not wish to purchase a book can be sent one of the early e copies – and VIU has a paper copy in their library as does the public library – though there is a  waiting list of 20.
I am well aware that this person who orchestrated all of the above is rare find. But is it unreasonable to imagine that there may be another one hundred and eight passionate, knowledgeable teachers throughout the English speaking world? Surely in cities everywhere - Atlanta, Winnipeg, Miami, Toronto, Kamloops, Omaha etc etc etc there is opportunity.
Is there a need throughout the world for the knowledge and practices included in The Aging Reversal Course? Yes, definitely, a huge need. So I send this note thinking that it will find its way in to the hands of one hundred plus teachers who are one in a million. Thanks.


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