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Ayurveda Notes March 3rd, 2015
Seeking Teachers with Training in Ayurveda.
Traveling in South America.
As many readers know I am traveling in South America until July.
I’m blogging on where occasionally I write about the tons of fresh, wholesome food available here (in Ecuador).
There is lots of uproar (expressed often on Facebook) about more and more discoveries of ridiculous things that are being done to North American food. It seems there may be a shift coming for the better. For those of us practicing AV in our kitchens it is likely that the berserk foods are not much of a concern for us and our families specifically though we are concerned for the general population.   
On the blog I comment that in Ecuador fat folks and sick folks are not often found. The people here are shiny eyed, shiny skinned, solid, well built, healthy people. Lots of Kapha and Kapha-Pitta and a few Kapha-Vatas. Not much Vata as one would expect given the altitude, dryness, coolness and rigors of living here.
I hoped to include some Ecuadorian food recipes for you but I haven’t. One of the best meals I’ve eaten came with a soup that had avocado slices in it (the soup was cooked but the slices were not cooked and had been added at the last minute – super tasty and the hot and cool were quite pleasant together.). The meals, as I report on the blog, are heavy and dry with lots and lots of potatoes.
The main question in this newsletter though is something I’ve been pondering: how to set up classes of The Aging Reversal Course throughout North America and the English speaking world. A minor undertaking I’m imagining.
I’m asking for referrals and your ideas.
When I ‘left’ Parksville (I return for 3 months each Fall) I thought ARC was finished as a course at the University. I’d taught it 11 times and it was the most attended course at Elder College but who would teach it?
Enter Kasandra Manering.
Kasandra phoned and asked what was going to happen with the course. From this call she ended up teaching ARC at Parksville Elder College where she is currently teaching it for her second time – again her class is full with a waiting list. Kasandra also initiated teaching the course at NIU campus to a full class of 40. She is well known in the area but clearly the course has ‘legs’ (The first of two football metaphors).
The thought came to mind: Are there another 106 teachers in the English speaking world who are capable and would like to teach this course? Yes, very likely there are.
Do you know of a capable someone who could teach this course?
The person would need to be a self starter. Have an excellent understanding of Ayurveda - a certification would be helpful, and they need to have dharma for teaching.
Kasandra and I spent possibly only an hour on the phone over 2 or 3 phone calls and then she picked up the ball (the second and last football metaphor) and ran with it (woops). She has a 300 hour certification in Ayurveda. She is a great teacher. She fits the bill perfectly – a self starter, certified in Ayurveda, who loves to teach. This is the type of person I am looking for – and for none other.
Out of a billion English speakers on the planet there must be 100 or so who would enjoy teaching this course.
If you know of someone who is capable I would love to talk with them. The kind of people I am looking for will very quickly see how this is a great opportunity for them.
And the second question: How do I find these people?  (Other than through your referrals.)
If you have an idea as to how I would best make contact with these folks your ideas are most welcome.
Email is
Best wishes,
Paul Colver
March 3rd, 2015
I’ll be in the Parksville area again in the Fall. I will teach three workshops related to the book High Energy Breathing which is currently at the editors and should be out in both paper and ebook soon (I keep saying). Where will I teach these workshops? Wherever I’m placed in front of the largest number of people.


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