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In this bar chart race, The Lowy Institute uses data from the International Monetary Fund to paint a picture of global growth, dating back to 1995 and projecting into 2023.

Press play to watch these superpowers fight it out on the leaderboard—the top 20 countries are ranked by their annual gross domestic product (GDP) in both nominal and PPP terms. In particular, it's mesmerizing to watch China's rapid ascent through the 2000s.


U.S. Stock Performance

How the Smartphone Market Has Changed Since 2010

Dashboard: Where Does China's Economy Stand?


The Making of Angela Merkel

Chart of Interest
For many years now, China’s economy has been rocketing “up and to the right", with much of that growth fueled by urbanization. While China was the first country to recover in the wake of COVID-19, the growth engine is showing signs of stalling. The recent Evergrande fiasco exposes one of the biggest risks in the Chinese economy – an over-reliance on construction and real estate.

It’s estimated that construction and real estate combine to make up a staggering 15% of China’s GDP, and there are now an estimated 90 million empty apartments – enough to house every single person in Germany. Further complicating matters is the fact that key urban markets in China have price-to-income ratios that even blow red-hot markets like Vancouver and Sydney out of the water.

Beijing’s efforts to cool down the housing sector are sure to have impacts beyond Evergrande, and the world is watching to see how those actions spill over into the global economy.
Stuff We Like
Mapped: Theories of Everything
It can be hard to keep up with the field of fundamental physics as it defines the world around us, but Quanta Magazine's Theories of Everything can help follow this complex field of study.

The interactive website lets you select from a collection of physics theories, giving basic explainers on everything from how quantum gravity works to the basics of dark matter. Links with more information are provided as well, for those wanting to dive deeper into certain topics.

With concise descriptions of complex ideas, this interconnected network of theories reveals some of the core theoretical concepts that underpin everything around us.
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