North American Dragon News June 2014
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Project Boats

Periodically someone finds a Dragon (or inherits one) and looks at options for restoring it or selling it to someone who is interested in a project boat. Some of these boats have an interesting racing history, some were family cruisers. The condition of the boat often depends on how it was stored, and how long ago it was last in the water. Wooden Dragons left outside and exposed to the elements can deteriorate quickly. And like all renovation projects, what you can't see adds risk to the project. Be prepared for it to take twice as long (and cost twice as much) as you think. But don't let that put you off! These restorations can be rewarding projects, if you have patience.

One of the first decisions you need to make is what's your final intent for the boat - do you want to race it, show it, or cruise it? Racing needs a stiff hull and modern rigging. Showing may require restoration to original build specs. And for cruising you want to make it sea-worthy and good to look at. Then you need to decide if you want to do most of the work yourself, or if you want to hire someone skilled in working on wooden boats to do the work for you. No matter what you do, get a copy of the Class Rules and Plans and study them carefully. To be a registered Dragon, you need to conform to the Class Rules. And, if you need help, contact us. If we can't answer your question, we can find someone who can!

Two recent project boats that are available in the Pacific North West are Tjep, CAN32 a 1949 Abeking & Rasmussen from Germany, a former RVYC Dragon, and Marion, USA32, a 1952 Kolbjornsvik from Norway. Contact us for more information on either of these Dragons.

2014 Events

This past weekend in Vancouver was, by all accounts, some of the best Dragon racing in recent years. There were 5 or 6 races when the first 6 boats finished within a minute of each other in a fleet of nine. There were good breezes both days and lots of sun. Ebb tides pretty much all day which meant that one could gain on the outside rather than the usual reach to the beach. Great times and a good party at the Taylor's on Staurday night.  Eagle first, Ayrborn second and the mighty but humble Curmudgeon was third.

Next up is Founders Regatta at the Royal Canadian in Toronto on the weekend of June 7, 8 followed by Cleveland Race Week on June 14, 15. Things are shaping up for a good Dragon turnout at CRW, with a Dragon dinner planned for the Saturday night.   Let us know if you plan to attend, so we can manage the numbers. Everyone is welcome. Come help us celebrate 85 years of Dragon sailing.

2015 Events

It's not to early to start planning for next year! On the West Coast we're making plans for NOOD Seattle 2015. We need six entries to make a Dragon fleet and we have four commitments from Vancouver so far. If we can match them with four Seattle Dragons we will have some great racing on Puget Sound in mid May. Check out the 2014 photos in Sailing World and I think you'll agree this would be great publicity for our growing Dragon fleets on the West Coast. 

85th Anniversary

The swallow-tailed Burgee (see image) with the Dragon 85th logo and the IDA magazines were mailed out to Members in mid-May. 

To celebrate the 85th year of the Dragon, NA Dragons are holding a lottery for Members every three months. Details on the next prize draw are on the website.


Dragon branded sailing gear is available from a couple of sources:
Coral Reef Sailing Apparel
Make Graville Island
North Flags
All of them offer the standard Dragon logo and the 85th Anniversary logo. All ship within the US and Canada although there may be extra fees for cross border shipping. If you want copies of the logos, contact us. 

New Members

Welcome to new CDA Member Peter Boorman. Peter sails with the Vancouver Fleet on Lorelei CAN133

National Sailing Authorities

The ADA is a Class Member of US Sailing. ADA Members get a 20% discount on individual membership.
The CDA is a Class Member of Sail Canada.
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