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Peter Ablinger & Stian Westerhus 

Noise, water, electronics and more: Hear how the next big Borealis commission will be written...

photo by: Siegrid Ablinger

As the autumn rains arrive with a vengeance making up for the last rays of late summer sun, we can announce a special edition of the Borealis Listening Club! Austrian composer Peter Ablinger and Norwegian guitarist Stian Westerhus will join us to discuss their new work REMOVE TERMINATE EXIT, that Ablinger is in the process of writing for BIT20 Ensemble, Stian Westerhus and Experimentalstudio Freiburg. Peter Ablinger has a very visceral connection to the quality of sound, and we'll be asking him and Stian to demonstrate some of the new work, tell us about the compositional process, reveal what they have in their record collections, and tell all about a transformational listening experience in the 1980s by a field of corn.

Join us Tuesday 31th October, 20:00 at Hordaland Kunstsenter.

Also this month you'll get our usual Borealis Recommends, an update on our recent project with Icelandic composer collective S.L.Á.T.U.R., and news of a discussion event we'll be taking part in!

See you at the special Borealis Listening Club!
Peter & Tine

Radical Hospitality

Last week Icelandic composers Áki Ásgeirsson, Bergrún Snæbjörnsdóttir, and Páll Ivan frá Eiðum spent a research week in Bergen as part of our Radical Hospitality project. A year long project it aims to question the transactional nature of music performance today, and interrogate a way of creating culture outside of its existing infrastructures. They'll be back in March with a series of events as part of Borealis 2018! See the photos from their week here.

Come work with us

Our 100 volunteers are the key to a great festival – and we are looking for the right person to recruit, coordinate and motivate all these amazing people. You must have an interest in and understanding for working with people, and we look forward to have you as part of the Borealis team, as our new Volunteer CoordinatorDeadline 16th October. Read more (Norwegian only).

Borealis Recommends

It's always good when people meet and come up with new ideas during the festival, and John Chantler and Johannes Lunds did just that at Borealis 2016 when they both composed new works for BAS. Endless sky is their new cassette release for saxophone and electronics (also on digital for those who threw their walkman away!) 

Borealis is very proud to have an equal gender balance in its programme and we're really happy to see this great interview with anthropologist Georgina Born about how the conversation is developing around a more diverse and interesting new music community.

An explorer's guide

Borealis artistic director Peter Meanwell will be joining the BIT20 Ensemble and their artistic director Alwynne Pritchard on the 17th October at Storelogen, Det Akademiske Kvarter, to discuss what experimental music means and how to take first steps in listening to it.

With live music from BIT20 Ensemble as well as a discussion of how and why people make music with graphic scores, join us whether you're an experienced listener or a new one! Read more.
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