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August 15, 2022

"Love is Patient. Love is Kind."

Dear Friends and Family, 

So I couldn’t help myself — I had to write an extended reflection/devotional. So please check out below a little bit of how the Lord has been teaching me this week. Consider forwarding to a friend.

Start a conversation with your friend by asking a question that comes to mind when you read this.  Here is one question: How has Jesus quenched your soul's thirst his week? Yeah, it's a deep question, but maybe your and your friend need to go deep.   

This is the third week of the CCFS Summer “detour”.   I pray the CCFS Summer Playlists have blessed you. A big thank you to those who have introduced me to new artists.  As I listen to new songs, my heart longs for heaven in a new way. I can’t wait to sing in heaven.  How ‘bout you?? 

A couple updates:

1. I am working on an article on our desires.  I’m titling it: Ideal Desire.  Did you know there is such a thing as an ideal desire?

2. I’ve started my seminary reading.  You can pray that those old muscles get back into action quickly.  Lots of reading and writing ahead :)

See you next week . . . 

Looking to the risen Christ


Summer Personal Reflections

I love the Word of God.  I know you do as well.  And it happened again this week where after one of my morning readings, the Word was applied to multiple counselee's that day.  Friday was one of those days.  I was in John 4-6, but the verse that surfaced twice throughout the day was John 6:35

Jesus said to them, "I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.
John 6:35 (ESV)


Two clues we might hungry or thirsty: 

1. We care too much about what others think of us. 

The simplest test to know whether we care too much of what others think of us is whether we compare ourselves to them.  Have you ever wondered if you would ever be 'found out' to be a fraud; that you're really not qualified for your job; or you're not as smart as you'd wish others would think of you. Or maybe so-and-so is a better Christian, prettier, more wealthy, better connected professionally, a better counselor, a better mom or dad, a better (  Fill in the blank  ).  These are clues into your soul that Jesus isn't quenching your hunger or your thirst. 

2. We do not forgive others for the pain they have caused.

You've heard of situations where adults still struggle to forgive their parents for the pain caused while growing up.  Maybe this is you.  Perhaps your dad abandoned you or used you. Perhaps your mom abused drugs or was just angry all the time.  Or maybe your former boss was a jerk, or a close friend betrayed you.  Perhaps you nurse a grudge (Lev. 19:18) as evidenced by the fact that you can't get certain thoughts out of our head.  In the end, you not only fail to love through forgiving them, but you fail to feed and drink from Jesus because the anger and pain you are holding onto makes you not want to come to Jesus at all.

There are many more ways we find ourselves going thirsty or hungry.  We do these things, however, because we are inherently weak and needy, and we are very prone to sinning against God and each other more readily than we give ourselves credit for.  As Jack Miller is fond of saying, "You are worse than you think."  But there is hope...he would also say, "You are more loved in Christ than you possibly imagine".  

Sometimes it appears the pain and wounds we endure on this of heaven are too deep such that healing is beyond hope.  But this is not true.  The fact of a resurrected Lord proves that not even the sting of death is beyond healing.

So may you look to Christ today to feed and drink from him.  May you actually come to him.  May you see your need and sin more clearly as you come to him.  May you find peace and satisfaction by believing in him in such a way where his promise finally rings true for you...that when you come to him and believe in him, you will never hunger or thirst

August 15-21, 2022
CCFS Summer Playlist

"Love is Patient. Love is Kind."

(1) Love is Kind
John Lucas

(2) All I have is Christ
Sovereign Grace Music

(3) His Mercy Is More
Matt Papa
(4) Come and See (Psalm 66)
Shane & Shane & Kingdom Kids

(5) Oh, The Deep Love of Jesus - Epic Version
Simon Khorolskiy

(6) My God Is Still The Same
Sanctus Real

(7) Satisfied in You
The Sing Team

(8) Look and See
The Village Church

(9)Messiah, You Have Come
Skye Peterson

(10) Hymn Of The Holy Spirit
Pat Barrett

(11) Find Rest
Rich and Lydia Dicas

 (12) How I Love You
Christy Nockels
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