March 17, 2017 • Volume: 2016-17, Issue 28
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Head of School Message

A New Chapter for North Cross

I am excited to announce a partnership that will increase North Cross’ ability to attract high-caliber students beyond the Roanoke Valley. As you may know, establishing a boarding presence is one of the goals established by our strategic plan, which continues to lead our Board and Administration as we seek to improve our school. The impetus to create a boarding program is not unique to North Cross as St.Anne’s-Belfield School, Hampton Roads Academy, and Carlisle School have all added boarding components to their predominantly day schools.  

To that end, the North Cross recently signed a residential contract with the newly formed dormitory program provider Wilson International LLC. Rooms will be available beginning this fall in the newly renovated historic Boxley Building on Jefferson Street in downtown Roanoke, a project being completed by Hist:Re Partners LLC of Roanoke. With room and board available for 24 full-time students, North Cross School will be able to house current—and attract new—boarding students in grades 9-12; international students with F-1 visas and regional high school students wishing to attend and graduate from North Cross School. Read further for my best attempt to anticipate any questions you might have but please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions. 


Campus Update

Roanoke Valley Gives Update

We want to thank the donors who made a point to "give where they live" this Wednesday by making a donation during the Roanoke Valley Gives Day. Our sincerest gratitude to the following families for their support: Moskal, Stanley, Ratliff, Graham, Burtch, Basile, Oelschlager, Nolan, Bankole, Graeff, Cullen and Batzel. A special 'thank you' goes to the donors of our largest gift of the day: The Upper School SCA. We are honored by your support and appreciate all that you do as students—you make the school proud.

A Message from the Parents' Association

Our annual Big Flea sale, coming soon on Saturday, April 1, is a community event, as well as a fundraiser for our school and the Parents’ Association. The Parents’ Association uses proceeds from Big Flea to help students "experience more" at North Cross, such as amazing field trips, classroom equipment, support of Homecoming festivities and Prom, and our family bonfires each season, to name just a few of the events we sponsor. The Big Flea is the Parents’ Association’s main source of funds. Without the money earned from Big Flea, many of the events above, and our donations throughout the year, would not be possible.
With that being said, we need volunteers to help us help all of our children! A LOT OF VOLUNTEERS!   

After-School Programs for Lower School

Register now for Opening Doors; the spring session begins Monday! This season, we are offering Soccer Shots instruction on Mondays for K-2nd grade on Mondays which is in addition to our current soccer offering to ECP students. Registration is easy. Forms were sent home via backpack this week, but you can also register online. Students' accounts will be billed for the courses selected. Spring on!

SCA Sponsors Blood Drive

On March 24 from 9:00am - 3:00pm, North Cross' Upper School SCA is sponsoring a blood drive in the Carter Athletic Center. Students 16 and older are invited to donate, however, those under 18 will need their parent/guardian's permission. The entire community is invited to take part in this life-saving event. To make an appointment, visit Donors will receive a thank-you T-shirt. All donors must have a valid picture I.D. to donate—student I.D.s are accepted.

Academic Update

Honor Roll

Thursday morning, the Middle and Upper School students, family and teachers came together to honor the outstanding work achieved by our honor-roll students this past semester.

North Cross School has two honor rolls: First and Second. Second Honor Roll students must hold a B average during their entire semester, and have no grade lower than a B-, while First Honor Roll students maintain an A average over the semester, with no grade lower than an A-. Twenty-nine Middle Schoolers and 40 Upper Schoolers made first honors while 53 Middle School students and 73 Upper Schoolers made second honors.

Easy as Pi

This Tuesday, 3/14, the Math Department celebrated Pi Day (3.1415926...) with a number of academic and not-so-academic exercises. The Lower School read the story of Sir Cumference and calculated area, diameter and cicumference of circular objects, while in the Upper School, a presentation included several student-created film biographies on famous mathematicians (featuring the students as actors for such characters as Ada Lovelace, her estranged husband Lord Byron, and Archimedes), a student slide presentation on Ada Lovelace, and finally, a quiz contest for the different features of pi and circles in our every-day lives were all part of the festivities.

Perhaps the most enjoyed part of the day was during lunch when the Upper School had a pie-eating contest (Tiger Xu ’18 took the prize—a T-shirt that said "Come to the Math Side, We Have Pi") and a raffle for students to "pie" a teacher in the face. The brave faculty included Stephen Belderes, Josh Kier, Dan Dudek and a very lucky Wesley Clagett whose student decided he just couldn't pie his teacher in the face (he got to pie a student volunteer instead). The day's festivities were coordinated by Upper School math teacher Amy Bagliani and Lower School math teacher Audrey Osborne.

DeHart Speech: The Over-Diagnoses of ADHD

This morning, students in the Upper School listened to senior Shamani Jackson give her DeHart presentation on the over-diagnoses of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, commonly known as ADHD, in children. She argued that, in some cases, children are misdiagnosed and placed on medications that may not be necessary when a different problem may be the cause, such as auditory processing problems, even autism. To listen to the speech in its entirety, visit onCampus' Featured Content Section.

Staff Story: Buck Rhodenizer

Pictured: Buck with his daughter Megan.

Hometown: Roanoke, Virginia
Position: Maintenance and Transportation Manager
Education: Continuing Education in Carpentry; Class A Contractor
Year Appointed: 2013

What’s your passion here? What motivates you to do what you do? I've always been a "hands on" person. Being able to keep the campus running, not always like clockwork ;), keeps me going. I guess I've always had a servant's heart. To be able to do repairs and upgrades around campus is rewarding. 

What was your favorite book you read in school? I wasn't an avid reader during school. In later years, I borrowed some Louis L'Amour novels from a friend. Then, I started reading 'Colt (Chief of Scouts Series)' by Don Bendell. I loved the Old West and his detailed eye to the imagery and landscape of the heart of America. Probably my favorite from Bendell would have to be Eagle


Arts Update

North Cross School invites you to explore art work from the private collections of our families and discover what makes these pieces special to their owners—some of the art purchased nearby, some far away, others received as gifts. Fired clay panels, a metal sculpture, collage, a painted door—even a drawing in ball-point pen. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and visit a new kind of "Open House." 

Behind Closed Doors:
A look into the private art collections of North Cross families
March 20th through April 26th

Monday-Friday; 8:30am – 4:00pm
Special Weekend and Evening Hours:
Saturday, March 25th: 12noon – 2:00pm
Friday & Saturday, April 21 & 22: 5:00 – 6:30pm

Athletics Update

March Madness Takes Ahold of the CAC

Today, our students received a special visit from a special group of athletes: NABC All-Star players. As some of you might know, the city of Salem is hosting the NCAA Division III Basketball Championships this coming weekend. Tonight, the NABC All-Star game takes place. In it, 20 players from all over the country will compete. The players visited North Cross students this morning in a special assembly in the CAC. They discussed sportsmanship, and answered questions from the students. Afterwards they played games with the kids to get them moving.


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