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July Newsletter

Can you believe we have already started the second half of 2015?! It's been a great year so far at KMI, with tons of events and students improving their fitness and building their self defense skills.

In the coming month, we continue with the elite training opportunities that you have come to enjoy from Krav Maga Institute, including a four day Graduate Training Intensive. G-Camps like these are hard to find in the US, especially one where you get direct training from an Israeli with over 30 years of Krav Maga teaching experience!

We've also made some schedule adjustments, including Sunday classes in Santa Clara! Read on to find out what else has been refreshed in our schedules.

Mark your calendars with the rest of our Krav Maga seminars for 2015: Anti-Carjacking in August, Ground Fighting vs Experienced Fighters in September, Low Light in October, Multiple Attackers in November, and Military Krav Maga in December. Have a special request for a seminar for 2016? Just hit reply and let us know!

Upcoming Events

Aug 8 Anti-Carjacking Santa Clara
Aug 20 Graduate Training Intensive Santa Clara
Sep 12 Ground Fighting - The Unexpected: Experienced Threat Oakland
Sep 27 STOP! Women's Self Defense Series: Mugging SF

Applied Tactics Division Event Highlights:

Aug 16 ITPS Pistol 1 Refresher: The Draw
*Proceeds donated in memory of Craig Bock*
Twin Sisters Range, Fairfield
Aug 16 ITPS Pistol 1 Refresher: Malfunctions & Speed Reloads Twin Sisters Range, Fairfield
Aug 22 Applied Tactical Shooting Santa Clara
Sept 19 FIRST Pistol: Intro Firearms for Women Santa Clara
Nov 7 Armed Intruder Response (Krav Maga + Firearms) Santa Clara

See the full Upcoming Event calendar online.

Schedule Changes

KMI Santa Clara has Sunday classes! You can now train 7 days a week at three locations. We are also adding a 5:30pm BJJ Fundamentals, and more exciting offerings are coming in August to our BJJ program.

KMI San Francisco also has a refreshed schedule with more options for sparring on the weekend. Check out our schedules online for the latest updates.
We also close Friday August 21 for Instructor Training. Every 3 months, we take a Friday from our regular classes to ensure that you get the best instruction possible. Our instructors stay invigorated and up to date on all the material. This is why KMI is the best in class when it comes to Krav Maga instruction!

Anti-Carjacking Seminar

The next seminar in Santa Clara is our famous Anti-Carjacking self defense seminar. Learn how to defend yourself in and around your car, against an armed or unarmed attacker with Krav Maga master veteran Danny Zelig.

Member of the Month

Our Member of the Month is Egle C. of KMI SF. Egle joined the Krav Maga Institute in 2014. As a little girl, she wanted to to participate in Martial Arts, but was not allowed. She has been making up for lost time ever since! When Dr. Egle is not busy researching Multiple Sclerosis at UCSF, she spends her time biking around the city and kicking butt at KMI San Francisco. She even biked 50 miles from SF to the Applied Tactical Shooting seminar at KMI Santa Clara last month! Egle's spirit and dedication make her an asset to KMI and we look forward to watching her progress.

Israeli Tactical Point Shooting

Please join us at Twin Sisters next month for a pair of ITPS Pistol 1 Refresher courses. These refreshers are open to anyone who has already completed ITPS 1. Save the date: Kfir returns to the Bay Area in January 2016.

On behalf of Krav Maga Institute and IzDan Security Academy, we express our sincere condolences and share in the deep loss of Craig Bock. We were at Twin Sisters when Craig was taken away too soon. It was a privilege to work with him and we continue to keep his family and loved ones in our hearts. In honor of Craig's memory, all proceeds from our next event at Twin Sisters Gun Club ITPS Pistol Refresher: The Draw will be donated to the Bock family.
In the second of our Krav Maga ground defense series, we focus on defenses against a trained grappler. It's one thing to know how to get off the ground quickly, but what happens if your opponent has a great ground game and wants to keep you there? What is the Krav Maga response to an arm bar? Learn this and more in September at KMI SF.
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